A Library Pillow

Who knew that people read what I write and remember it? Awhile back I said that I was going to make three pillows for the office bench that my husband built. I made this one and this one. Well, recently a previously quiet reader left a comment asking if I had made the third pillow and would I share a picture of all three. I then felt compelled to follow through! Sometimes you need that little nudge.
Since the bench is in our office/library, I thought that a book themed pillow cover would be fun. I was inspired by this bee block on Flickr.

It was a fun excuse to use a couple of selvages.

I used a book print from “The Grand Tour” collection by the Victoria and Albert Museum for the backing.

I had the most fun when it came to quilting. I freemotion quilted the word “read” over and over. I think that my freemotion cursive is neater than my handwriting. Pathetic!

I tried to take a picture of the bench but I have not yet resolved the window treatment issue so the light from the windows makes it tricky!


  1. Wow! That looks so great….perfect pillow to curl up with a good book with….:)

  2. Awesome! The quilting is so smart.

  3. Oh that quilting is amazing! how do you get your letters to look so perfect? maybe I’m just too impatient. 🙂

  4. Perfect in every way!!

  5. I love all of them but the book one is my favorite!!

  6. I love this! My mother is a librarian…I’d love to try making something like this for her!

  7. Super cute!!!

  8. Perfect!!! Great light to read by!!

  9. I will try not to gush over the selvages. But you know me, right? amazing!!! And that corner is just perfect.

  10. That’s really cute and I can’t get over the word quilting!

  11. Coisas da Laura says:

    The best pillow ever!!!!

  12. What a cozy looking nook you have now. Have you managed to find time to sit there and appreciate all your (and your husband’s) handiwork?

    Well I love the latest cushion. It’s a perfect fit. Awesome job as usual!

  13. Jeannie says:

    Oh MY!! you did so great with the freemotion!!I love that library book look and it makes a great pillow.

  14. AMKreations says:

    I love it! I should definitely look into making one. What to do with it? no idea…but it’s adorable!

  15. Fabulous! I have been going to make myself a kindle cover much like this…with the same backing fabric too! I have had it sitting in my stash waiting for me to cut into it. Your quilting of words is wonderful!

  16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pillow!! My son is a passionate reader and lover of all books. What a great gift a similar pillow would make for him. Thanks for the great idea!!

  17. What a great pillow!

  18. I’m a book-lover, reader, I write, and I work for a book dealer… This pillow is the most perfect home accessory that I’ve EVER seen!!! And I don’t even like throw pillows! LOL. I LOVE it!!!! If I could get over my fear of sewing machines, I’d be trying to figure out the pattern as I type! LOL

    -Stephanie Grace

  19. Fantastic!!! The quilting is so wonderful, Amy. Your bench is looking very inviting, I must say.

  20. Oooooooh, I’m only just looking into the world of quilting and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pillow! I also have a the same book fabric u used for the back! Would you consider a tutorial?! Pweeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase!

  21. Brilliant quilting! And my man and I are in love with your bench seat with room for books underneath, we’re going to borrow that idea for our new kitchen!

  22. That looks wonderful and I am SO impressed with your FMQ in cursive WOW! Super cute pillow.

  23. Whoa….Maria would just swoon over this…even more than I am!:) I bought that print you put on the back for the back of HER quilt!:) I may need to steal this idea for one of the blocks….if you don’t mind?:)

  24. Wow! I’m really glad you went ahead and made the final pillow – it’s a great idea. How do you freemotion quilt like that? I can just about manage a wavy line!

    All 3 pillows are lovely.

  25. love the pillow- I am a reader (avid) and you have inspired me!

  26. Angela {fussycut} says:

    this is wonderul!

  27. Sooo fabulous! Could I come over for an afternoon and read in your awesomely accessorized library? I love them all and I’m not sure I could pick a favorite! Your free motion quilting is tops. You should enter this pillow in a contest too….what’s next?

  28. Oh my goodness! That pillow is amazing and they all look so great on your bench! The quilting is amazing! I’m not sure how you got it to look so perfect.

  29. Wow, that turned out great! Love it. You need to do your Roman shades so that you can give me your analysis of the project. 😉

  30. your pillow is lovely. the fabric on the back and your quilting are just too too perfect. thank you for linking to my block, too. i spend so much time getting inspired by other’s work yet i’m still surprised if my blocks inspire someone else.

  31. I *LOVE* that quilting! It’s fantastic!

  32. this is soooo cool!!! your quilting really just blows me away every. single. time. Awesome job!!

  33. Wow Amy this is literally one of the cutest pillows I’ve seen!! The free motion quilting is just breathtaking!

  34. Hello- this was from years ago- but I absolutely love this- is there a pattern for this somewhere? I would be happy to purchase!

    Thank you!!!!

  35. Mary Ann says:

    My daughter spotted your photo and would like me to make one or two. Do you have a pattern available?

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