Ruby Star Rising Viewfinder Sampler Complete!

I finished my husband’s quilt, a sampler featuring fussy cut Ruby Star Rising Viewfinder in blue. If you are interested in reading more about the fabrics or blocks, please see the last several posts.

As you can see, I completely changed my mind about using Kona Bone for the sashing with scrappy setting blocks. Instead, I used 100% black slub linen. I absolutely think it was the right choice and love the way that it looks but it really made basting and quilting a challenge. The slub linen is much finer than regular linen and terribly shifty. It also ravels easily. It was really a nightmare to work with for a quilt.

I used the Word Play Cream Lines print (my background fabric) for the setting blocks and the binding. I pieced a section of the aqua linen textured fabric into the binding, matching it up perfectly with the length of one block.

I made a big push to complete the quilt because there is a beautiful field full of sunflowers nearby that are about to pass by. I thought that it would be great to photograph the quilt in the field. Sadly, the weather didn’t cooperate all that well. We fit in a picture before the rain but there is no blue sky.

My husband took this picture as we left the field.

Here is the obligatory quilt roll shot.

The back is pieced. I used a strip of black slub linen followed by a row of scrappy squares, a strip of Kona Bone, a 1/4 yard section of the mustard print and then more slub linen. In the Kona Bone strip, I stamped my label. It reads “To Mark I enjoyed the creative process you enjoy the quilt Love Amy.” The finished dimensions are about 44″ x 58.” I quilted with straight lines 1/4″ to the inside edges of the sashing and with diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines through each block.

I hope Mark will enjoy using this quilt while watching movies this fall/winter. He has a big white canvas stretched across one end of the second story in our barn. He sets up the projector and shows movies in there for our family and friends. We had to abandon barn movies for the summer because it was way too hot up there but it’s about time to resume our schedule. It will quickly become too chilly up there and he will want this quilt!


  1. Wow! It looks great, and I’m so glad you reworked the top right block. It looks fantastic with the others.

    Maybe you tried it, but I’ve found it makes a huge difference to starch the linen before cutting and piecing. In fact, it’s the only reason I’ve ever bought starch.

  2. if you don’t count grade-school paper mache

  3. Gorgeous! I love this quilt and think you made all the right choices putting it together! I’m sure your husband will love it!

  4. WhooooHOooooo! Another great project finished with mucho love!;)

    Love that shot of you!

  5. Love the barn movie idea. Love the quilt. Really love the picture Mark took of you carrying the quilt!

  6. wow amy. what a lucky man! its mark-tastic!

  7. It looks lovely 🙂 I adore the black slub linen! It was worth the headaches, I think! I am sure Mark will love it for many years to come.

  8. Great job, Amy! Hubs is sure to love it to death! Happy movie watching!

  9. It’s gorgeous! I’m sure your husband will love it. And how lucky are you to have that second story over the barn for those movies! How fun!

  10. It’s awesome! My favorite picture though is of you walking away with the quilt. You really should have more photos of yourself on your blog! You’re adorable 🙂

  11. Wonderful work and beautiful photos. Another of your projects rocks 😉

  12. You have such a great eye for detail! Another lovely quilt is finished!

  13. It’s lovely! The colours work so well together, and I am amazed by the speed you work at!

    Pomona x

  14. Beautiful! Lovely masculine touches and rather delicate ones too with the sashing solids and word play lines. The stamping is lovely!

  15. lovely quilt and lovely barn movies – Yum!

  16. Wow! Stunning! You are so fast!

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. This looks fantastic and I cant believe you whipped it up so quickly! Im also seriously jealous of your barn movie theatre, what a brilliant idea

  19. You finished it beautifully! And in such a short time! I’m sure it will be well loved!

  20. It turned out great! The dark sashing looks great…it really makes the blocks “pop”.

  21. Wow, this is great! I was really looking forward to seeing the finished product, and you didn’t disappoint! Love the fussy-cut squares, they really tie everything together. And the linen was a great choice. Fantastic job!

  22. Whoa! That turned out awesome!

  23. Oh, the finished product is so beautiful. I love the sashing choice, it is perfection.

  24. Lovely and dare I say, masculine too. Perfect for your hubby!

  25. Every time you make something I think it’s the best but this time it really is the best.hah.aa.h.a It’s awesome. I love the mix of blocks with your selection of fabric. This is a super fun quilt!

  26. Love the idea of watching movies in a barn. Too fun. I can’t believe you’ve finished this, quilted it, and everything. How do you get it done so fast?!

  27. This turned out so beautifully! I bet Mark loves it! I also love that you show movies in your barn! How fun is that!?!

  28. I love love LOVE this quilt!! I’m so behind in blog reading (because of Mark’s surprise BD party last week) so I’m reading every last archived post that I missed so I can catch up on this quilt!

  29. Amy – This quilt is fabulous and it’s perfectly MANLY! I love it. Great photos, terrific backgrounds. That linen was so the right move. I really like your use of the background fabric in the setting blocks and the binding. This quilt will make for some fashionably cozy movie viewing this fall. Beautiful job!

  30. Looks great! I really love the colors in this top!

  31. Wow you are so fast!! The quilt is wonderful and the dark linen adds that manly touch. I love the scrappy addition to the back too. Great quilt Amy! I hope you guys have lots of snuggle time under it :0)

  32. Great balance of old and new. Lovely!

  33. I just love this quilt – missed this post before! Great decision regarding the fussy cuts. Absolutely fabulous!

  34. This is such a beautiful quilt. I love the dedication you wrote to your husband. I often think that men are difficult to craft for, but this quilt seems perfect.

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