Courthouse Steps Quilt Complete!

Forgive me, there are going to be a lot of pictures. I enjoy taking pictures of completed quilts as much as I enjoy making them. My husband and daughter and I took a walk this morning at a local state park. Because it was so cold, we had the place to ourselves so we didn’t feel too silly taking quilt pictures! Above is one of my favorites. The quilt is hanging over the roof supports of an old greenhouse that is dug into the ground. Mark hopped in and took the picture.

Here is the obligatory quilt roll shot. You can see the binding here. I am really happy with my binding choice. I love polka dot bindings and the greys in these dots work so well with the quilt. The fabric is Juicy Blossoms Grey Dot.

The backing is pieced. I used the full width of Echo and then a strip of Kona Mustard with an improv pieced strip to fill out the width.

I mentioned that I asked Rita for her opinion on the quilting. She suggested turning the quilt so that the colors are in vertical lines rather than horizontal. When I hung it on the barn, I hadn’t really thought much about direction. I was more anxious to get back inside where it was warm and to get a picture before the quilt blew away. Since the quilt measures 60″ square, it doesn’t really matter. But I did need to pick a direction since my backing print is directional. I looked at the quilt both ways and I decided to go with Rita’s suggestion because it makes the grey a more even player when it is hung this way. She suggested straight lines through the colored sections. I did this and also varied the width of the lines as I did the width of the steps in the piecing. I used a light grey thread on the top and a mustard thread in the bobbin.
The spray basting worked well with the shifty materials and there are no puckers, front or back. I may be a convert.

I promised a list of fabrics. This is nearly complete:

Kona Azure
Kona Aqua
Kona Ice Frappe
Kona Mustard
Kona Raffia
Kona Medium Grey
Kona Ash
Kona Coral
Cross Weave Aqua
Cross Weave Red Yellow
Kaffe Fasset Shot Cotton in Tobacco
Kaffe Fasset Shot Cotton in Galvanized
Alexander Henry Heath grey
Alexander Henry Heath black
Art Gallery Pure Elements in Ash
Robert Kaufman Quilter’s Linen Grey
Circa 1934 Gold Solid
Aqua Essex Linen
Orange Essex Linen
Aqua Linen Texture by P and B Textiles
Juicy Blossoms Grey Dot
Echo Florine Brass Mesh

I found the majority of these fabrics at my go to source for solids, Marmalade Fabrics, where Tammy was kind enough to help me find the Orange Essex Linen and Red Yellow Cross Weave to coordinate with the Kona Coral. The other fabrics were purchased from the Fat Quarter Shop, Fresh Squeezed Fabrics, Sew Modern and Fresh Modern Fabric.


  1. It’s barely 2012 and I think this will be my absolute favorite quilt of the year! I LOVE it so, so much!!! Pinned it! (a couple times πŸ™‚

  2. I really loved reading about your quilt. You must be very proud of it. I’m drawn to the yellows, The colours you have used complement each other so well. Very inspiring.

  3. Looks great!

    I am definitely a spray-baster when I am quilting on my sewing machine. It requires you to be a little fussy getting it sandwiched smoothly (but then, pinning is a tedious job, too), but then it stays put so nicely.

  4. Glad the spraying worked out for you! Your quilt looks fantastic and I love all of the photos. It’s always interesting to see just how many different fabrics are present in a quilt like this. One would never guess that many!

  5. What a happy quilt! I love to photograph my finished pieces too…fun!


  6. Ooh that looks absolutely gorgeous! Lucky you weren’t mugged for it in the park…

  7. It’s stunning, Amy. Might be my favorite of yours to date!

  8. amy!!!! it’s amazing! just amazing. I love how it turned out and holy moly you are the fastest ever. oh and I’m probably really slow on this, but your pic on the blog is so cute. πŸ™‚

  9. It’s gorgeous! Isn’t that funny how a quilt looks completely different when turned a different direction?

    I’m a spray baster… welcome to the club!

    Jennifer πŸ™‚

  10. That is one GORGEOUS quilt! you got beautiful pictures too πŸ™‚ I now need that grey dot fabric! πŸ˜‰

  11. This is such a gorgeous quilt, Amy! Love the colors and all the different textures.

  12. The quilt and photoshoot are gorgeous!!

  13. Gorgeous quilt. I love lots of pictures πŸ™‚

  14. What a stunning quilt and shown off perfectly in a wonderful photoshoot!

  15. The quilting is very effective, I love the way it travels over the greys- backing and binding are spot on!

  16. This is tremendously beautiful. I’m very impressed!

  17. Oh this is awesome Amy! Love everything about it. Way to go!

  18. Really gorgeous quilt! Great photos too!!

  19. Amy, it’s incredible! It looks so squashy and cozy too. I want to see a full photo of the back!

  20. It turned out absolutely gorgeous. I love the pieced part of the back – a lovely contrast to the front.

  21. Great job. I like how it turned out.

  22. Lovely!!

  23. beautiful quilt – the colours are fantatstic and i love the echo range – perfect backing

  24. YES! Well done Amy. The pieced back is just as fabulous as the front, love the interest it adds. And the polka dot binding is a wonderful complement to the overall quilt. Are you planning to hang this beauty? If you’ve run out of wall space I could lend ya some!!

  25. So so pretty. Love it!

  26. It’s a stunning quilt, Amy! Did you ‘collect’ fabrics for this over time, or did you just buy them all in one shot? Just curious as I usually collect fabric over time to get the right ‘mix’ so to speak. Very, very nice work. Enjoy it.

  27. It’s beautiful. How about a full on shot of the back?

  28. Totally gorgeous!

  29. Such a fantastic quilt. It is so beautiful and the echo print on the back is perfect! So inpiring πŸ™‚

  30. What a fun photo shoot for your beautiful new quilt! Looks like you really had fun both in the sewing, quilting and taking pictures. Is there anything better??? It’s all in the process…..

  31. Beautiful job! How do you finish your quilts so quickly? Thanks for sharing your inspiring work!

  32. It finished beautifully!

  33. An absolutely beautiful quilt!!!

  34. love, love, love this quilt.

  35. Good for you!! It turned out great, love that quilt!

  36. Beautiful! Great Job!

  37. Absolutely beautiful Amy. What a creative and talented gal you are. Thanks for the pictures. I so want to make a courthouse steps quilt someday and yours is a great incentive to start planning one.

  38. i love all the colors together – wonderful quilt!

  39. Beautiful quilt – love the colours and fabrics you have used!!

  40. beautiful!

  41. It is stunning. Love the pictures too and the one of you at the top!

  42. It is lovely Amy! And the photo shoot at the park was a great idea, the photos are wonderful.
    I am a died in the wool spray baster except for very large quilts, those get sent directly to my favourite long arm quilter. So glad it worked out for you.
    So…where will this quilt live??

  43. Just popped over from JS’s …

    the bathtime team x
    (we have linky parties)

  44. Damn typing … it was meant to say MJ’s, lol

  45. it’s simply beautiful Amy!

  46. its beautiful! i love to see how you used the grays.

  47. I’m catching up on your blog. This is a great quilt! I loved the back, too. Well done!

  48. Oh no, I’ve missed this awesome quilt! This is a wonderful block that you have made new again. You do that so well!!

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