Bathtub Gin Quilt

I made this quilt using the new Sizzix 8″ tumbler die and Bari J.’s Splendor 1920.  Since the fabric evokes the 1920’s, I named my quilt “Bathtub Gin.”  There’s no other reason…it just seemed like a fun name. 

I thought that the large tumbler shape was a great way to really show off the fabrics in this line since they didn’t get chopped up very much.  It also turned out to be a very efficient use of fabric.  I used a fat quarter set of both colorways, 20 fat quarters total, and used nearly every bit.  If you fold a fat quarter in quarters and run it through the Big Shot Pro, you can cut 4 tumblers.  

Instead of laying the prints out randomly, I grouped the prints in pairs to make sort of elongated hexagonal shapes.  The rows alternate between the two colorways.  I did find that the Grandeur Mist print in the Exuberance colorway was too close in color to the Elegance colorway so I removed that print and exchanged it for Nighttime shaded cotton.

I quilted with a mustard colored thread in my bobbin exclusively.  I changed the top thread a little bit though. For all the Elegance colorway rows, I used a mustard thread for the quilting and used basic swirl quilting pattern.  Since that was pretty dense, I used a wavy line for the Exuberance colorway rows, spaced about a 1/2″ apart.  When the fabric had a lot of cream in it, I changed to a cream thread.  In the two navy shapes, I felt I needed to use a navy thread but feared that no matter how much I tried, the tension might not be perfect enough to pull that off with a mustard bobbin thread.  I changed to straight line quilting for those sections and it worked.

I like the way the alternating sections of dense and sparse quilting look on the back.  I used Pure Elements Honey for the backing along with a pieced strip of 2″ squares left from cutting the tumblers.

The binding is Pure Elements Tile Blue, a pretty peacock blue sort of shade.

This picture shows the texture nicely, my favorite part I think!

The completed quilt is a nice lap size, 62″ x 63.”


  1. This is so gorgeous! Such a great way to showcase a great collection!

  2. This came out great – I love tumbler quilts!

  3. I love this! And the cute name! You are doing so well with your FMQ! Jealous!

  4. It looks great! Your quilting is so good! And the name is fun. I could use a big gin and tonic and a hot bath right now.

  5. Lol, love the name, it looks great!

  6. Love the name. Think it fits:) I also really like the first photo where the bottom corner of the quilt is blowing in the wind. Gives the pic a nice flavor.

  7. Love the quilt! I like the way you paired the tumblers to make the barrel shapes.

  8. Wow! This is just amazing!!! Love!

  9. Just beautiful! I love how the binding pulls the color. The quilting balances everything!

  10. Love it! You know I cut out some tumblers and arranged them that way, too, and really loved it! I have to cut out way more so I have it on hold-its rotary cutter for me unfortunately! I got the inspiration from some fabric I have from a while back that is small scale and I’ve used for binding-I believe it was an old Kaufman line.

  11. This is beautiful, I love it!

  12. I may just have to make this…I love it!

  13. Love your tumbler quilt!

  14. Oh it’s a stunner Amy! The fabrics are fab, aren’t they?

  15. This is such a beautiful quilt, Amy. Love the way you laid out the tumblers. A little envious about all the fabulous things you do with all your sizzix dies.

  16. I love it. Wow. Really looks great!

  17. Gorgeous!! And I really love the name. : )

  18. This is my current favorite lone and I think you showcased it beautifully. Thank you for sharing all the details about your process and decision making. As a new Quilter I appreciate these kind of posts the most.

  19. Lovely quilt Amy! Your FMQing looks fantastic!

  20. Beautiful colors of fabrics and perfect quilting.

  21. This is really gorgeous! Once I know enough to make a quilt this will be my second!!

  22. So beautiful!!! I love your swirly FMQ it adds so much depth and that bright binding pulls it all together:-)

  23. Love the fabric and the tumblers.
    My Dad used to make bathtub beer when I was little ~ nice memory.

  24. I am so very taken my this quilt!!! I was in love with this fabric from the first time I saw it and I think you created the perfect quilt for it. Really beautiful work…it really speaks to me.

  25. patchworkdelights says:

    Love the fabric and love the tumblers being upside down! How clever!

  26. This is a lovely quilt Amy and the title made me smile! The idea of orienting the tumbler blocks that way gives a great look – I haven’t been overly fond of the tumbler block but may have to do a re-think now. Your free motion quilting looks great, you must be very happy with your progress!

  27. That collection is so gorgeous, and this shows off the colors and prints so well! I totally love it. Makes that collection sing!

  28. Lovely… what a great collection of fabrics – tumblers were such a great idea for it. The quilting is beautiful too.

  29. I agree – beautiful quilt and a fabulous name!

  30. It IS a fun name! Great quilt – and refreshing in its colour scheme.

  31. Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts says:

    Love the name, Amy! The prints and tumblers are great!

  32. I especially love the color choices and texture of the quilting!

  33. Haha, love the name. Looks like you had lots of fun!

  34. Awesome quilt, Amy…you obviously have an amazing eye for color and design!!!

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