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Have you heard about the FunStitch Studio Summer Camp?  My children and I were invited to join the fun at Sew, Mama, Sew. FunStitch Studio is a children’s book imprint from C&T Publishing focused on supporting kids as sewists, embroiderers, and quilters with quality information and projects.

My two oldest children both picked projects from Forest Fairy Crafts by Lenka Vodicka-Paredes and Asia Currie. The book shares many ways to make various fairies, mermaids, pirates, etc. There is also a felt craft component of the book and that’s what drew my children in right away. They wanted to try a number of the projects but each settled on just one for starters!

Forest Fairy Crafts 1

My son Timothy, age 10, chose the Cat Pocket.  He is cat obsessed. His favorite stuffed animal is a cat and he is currently reading the Warrior book series about cats, etc. so it was no surprise that this project was the one he chose!  He started out by choosing his felt colors to match the fur of one of the cats in the Warrior books (forgive me but I forget the cat’s name!).  He then traced all of the patterns from the book and cut them out.  He pinned them to the felt and then cut the pieces.  I realized that although I teach my kids to use scissors when they are toddlers, I hadn’t yet let any of them use my fabric scissors yet. It was tricky for Timothy to get used of handling larger scissors and cutting further down on the blade, rather than with the scissor tips. But he caught on and did a nice job cutting.

Forest Fairy Crafts 2

The last time I tried sewing with Timothy, it was a trying experience.  I don’t know if he just wasn’t ready yet or he wasn’t interested enough in the project.  But he was very interested in this project and he seemed to settle right into the hand stitching without any issues.  Things just clicked!  He even seemed to grasp the importance of trying to keep your stitches even for a nicer looking project.  He took it to heart and really gave it his best. I was impressed.  He needed very little direction or encouragement.  I showed him how to tie off his thread just once and he got it.  The only thing I had to do for him was thread his needle.

Forest Fairy Crafts 3

And here we have a very happy camper!  He immediately stuffed the pocket with a Lego man and a Hex Bug.  A week or so later, he used this pillow as a tooth fairy pillow.

Forest Fairy Crafts 4

He required a white background shot like Mommy’s projects.

Forest Fairy Crafts 5

My 7 year old daughter, Lily, picked the Mouse pocket (admittedly, she wanted to make the unicorn but it looked a little trickier and we were out of white felt).  She required a little more help than her brother but not by much. She traced her own patterns and cut out the paper.  I then cut the felt for her.  She is a lefty and I don’t think my fabric scissors worked for her.

Forest Fairy Crafts 6

I think that sorting through the buttons to choose eyes was the best part for both kids.

Forest Fairy Crafts 7

Lily did all her own stitching. I think she found the whip stitch easier than the running stitch.  She sometimes got confused on the running stitch and we’d have to take out a stitch and re thread the needle.  She persevered though!

Forest Fairy Crafts 7

She’s quite thrilled with her mouse!

I think I will use this book while planning activities for my Girl Scout troop this year. They really enjoyed the felt sewing I did with them last year where I prepunched holes in the felt and we used plastic needles.  Perhaps this year we can attempt stitching with sharp needles as my kids did with these projects.  I think I will learn from Lily and move to a project using the whip stitch with them next and then the running stitch.  I think it is second nature to want to wrap the thread around the edge of the project.

If you are sewing along with the FunStitch Studio Summer Camp, I hope you have fun making these projects with your kids!  I bet you already have the supplies in the house which is a bonus.

Would you like a copy of Forest Fairy Crafts?  I have one copy to giveaway!  I will draw a winner randomly from the comments on August 15th.  Just leave me a comment telling me your favorite summer family activity to enter to win!


Edited to add:  the winner is

We have lots of fun with scavenger hunts here on our hobby farm. I make them harder and harder and it takes them hours