Garden Quilt Complete!

garden quilt 1

My garden quilt is finally finished!  I have to admit that I am proud of this quilt because so much work went into it as well as so much of my personality.  I designed each of the paper pieced blocks myself over a period of about a year and a half.  They are all available for sale in my Etsy shop and Craftsy shop. The “pick violets” block is a free download from my Craftsy shop!

In my last post, I asked for quilting advice. I wanted something minimal so that I didn’t have to stitch through the blocks too much. A reader named Marci was kind enough to suggest a quilting design found on A Few Scraps blog. It’s basically a series of slightly wavy lines and every third line has an occasional leaf. The lines echo the leaf shape. I spaced my lines fairly far apart in keeping with my minimalist quilting plan and placed my leaves in spots where they didn’t interfere with the quilt block design. I think it works and I look forward to trying this pattern again with more tightly spaced lines for all over texture on another quilt sometime.

garden quilt back

I’ve had the backing of this quilt planned from the time I designed the first block!  I wanted to use this panel by Blend Fabrics that I got at Sew Me A Song along with the print below the panel. Both are designs by Cori Dantini from her Beauty is You collection. I also used a Denise Schmidt Hope Valley print.  The binding is a new DS Quilts print from JoAnn Fabrics.

garden quilt greenhouse


You know I had to have a little fun with my quilt pictures. I brought the quilt to a nursery a couple of doors down from my house and asked permission to take pictures near their old, glass greenhouse.  My son tried to hold the quilt for me but his arms gave out so I rested it in the open window there.

garden quilt pots

Then we wandered around a bit and found their collection of terracotta pots.  I had to capture an image with my “Pick Violets” block!  I love this shot.

garden quilt 2


And last but not least, I’ve been noticing this old blue pick up parked by the sunflower field at a farm stand in town for the past week or so.  The hope of getting this picture before they moved the truck or the flowers died was what pushed me to get the quilt finished!  I love, love, love this picture!  I grew up next door to this farm which makes it all the more special to me.


  1. Gorgeous!

  2. This turned out so beautiful, it’s amazing, Amy! Both your quilting and photographing are perfect! This is definitely my most favorite quilt you’ve ever shared!

  3. Wow! the quilt turned out so great! I love it. That was the perfect quilting design. Your photos are also amazing. You are clever to go ask those folks if you can do photos there. The last one, with the quilt on the blue truck is outstanding!

  4. It’s so lovely, Amy! A perfect showcase for all your work in designing the gardening series blocks. Love, love your backing fabric too! A treasure for sure! Congratulations on a fabulous finish.

  5. What great photos of such a wonderful quilt! Love it!

  6. It looks fantastic Amy – and your photographs are just wonderful.

  7. LOVE this quilt! I’ve been following along for a while as you’ve been coming up with each new block, your
    Pick violets block was my first paper piecing project:) thank you for sharing it!this finished quilt is so beautiful and fun.

  8. Carolyn Z says:

    Absolutely delightful, I love your garden quilt. You are truly blessed with talent. Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a lovely quilt, and I love the way your quilted it!


  10. I love it all! An absolutely wonderful quilt, and the backing is really lovely too. You are very talented, and you should be extra proud of this one. And the photos are wonderful, you’ve found the perfect spot, it really does the quilt justice. Well done you!

  11. Beautiful photos Amy and the quilt is fabulous. Love the backing too and the minimal quilting

  12. What a great project and the photo shoot location was definitely a fitting backdrop to such a gorgeous quilt.

  13. How stunning! That final photo is particularly amazing and what a happy marriage of quilt and quilting, love Marci’s suggestion

  14. The quilt is so lovely, Amy! And I love the pictures you took; especially the one with the blue truck!

  15. What a super job Amy. I love so many of those blocks. The bee hive at the bottom is one of my favorites. Your venue for your photos is also superb. Glad you were able to get the truck photo. It is perfect. Nice job all the way around.

  16. So lovely! You have chosen great fabric for back. And the photos are amazing! Huge congrats on completing such a wonderful series of patterns!

  17. I love all your picture taking! The quilt and quilting is perfect! I really love what you did with your blocks.

  18. The quilt is really beautiful Amy! The individual blocks are all so clever, and the final convergence of them all works so well!

  19. It turned out to be a stunning quilt – good for you! I was having a hard time visualizing a quilt with only paper piecing blocks, but you pulled it all together beautifully. And the backing is just perfect. You’ve given me incentive !!

  20. what a beautiful quilt – and a wonderful story!

  21. Nancy Peach says:

    It is one amazing quilt. All the fabrics are a perfect blend, the backing looks amazing In the photos!! Another incredible original design….by you, along with all your photos……another piece of art work!!

  22. It is a fabulous quilt, Amy. I love the photo shoot. It is perfect.

  23. wow, Amy, it looks awesome! love the quilting. What a fun photo shoot, perfect for the quilt.

  24. Your quilt is fantastic and the pictures are stunning. Also, I love the back fabric you chose for it.

  25. Love this, front and back!

  26. This is so beautiful Amy. I love that you designed all the blocks to the point of being able to sell them. I bet it took a lot of patience! The quilting is really great too. A perfect finish.

  27. A beautiful quilt and wonderful photography!

  28. Janelle Dunn says:

    Seriously stunning in every way.

  29. Oh, Amy! The front, the back, the photo setting…everything is perfect!

  30. Your quilt turned out AWESOME ! I really like how you photographed it too !

  31. What a wonderful job on the quilt, the quilting, and the photos. Winner all around.

  32. Amy, this is such a beautiful quilt. I can see “you” in each block and it has been fun to watch its progress, as you have given little peeks along the way. And wow, the photography–stunning!

  33. Amy, the quilt is stunning. I love the photos you took, too. It’s obvious you had such fun! The detail is incredible, and the woman holding the flowers is my personal favorite. It’s like a whole bunch of little works of art that play magically off of one another. Congratulations! Now take a nap!!!

  34. Oh so pretty. The quilt and the photos. Such great locations for this photo shoot. I’d love to make this quilt too as I like gardening a lot. I just don’t have the necessary stash and skills (yet.) But maybe one day…
    Greetings from Austria!

  35. So lovely to see it finished! It looks gorgeous – and your photographs are too cool!

  36. This is a truly lovely quilt. The budding branches are just heartbreaking!! I’m thrilled you liked the quilting design – it works thematically and you did such a nice job with it. So glad I got to see it!

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