Patchwork Please! Zakka Along 2: Vintage Pencil Case

vintage pencil case 4

I’m so delighted to be a part of Zakka Along 2 celebrating Ayumi‘s book, Patchwork Please!

Lindsey and Deb have organized the sew-along so well and of course, Ayumi’s book is just fun, adorable, inspirational and everything you would expect from her.
vintage pencil case 1

The Vintage Pencil Case is one of my favorite projects in the book. I started planning my project by grabbing natural linen and a stack of Ayumi-like Japanese prints for the pencils. Then I changed my mind and decided to mix it up a little and use a gorgeous stack of Robert Kaufman Kona pink solids and follow the ombre trend. I chose 5 colors in various shades of pink and ordered them from light to dark. I used Aurifil floss for the hand-stitching on the Essex Yarn Dyed black linen.

vintage pencil case 2

Initially I thought I would arrange the pencils from light to dark but preferred dark to light so I just switched the direction of the panel. I went with a dark pink zipper from Zipit to coordinate with that top pencil. I love the lining fabric,Β Alphabet Song Color 100 from First of Infinity by Kumiko Fujita from Sew Me A Song. I thought it worked well with the whole pencils, alphabet, back to school feel.

vintage pencil case 3

This was such a fun project to make. I hope you enjoy putting your own spin on it as well.

If you make a Vintage Pencil Case this week, make sure you link up on Deb’s blog, A Quilter’s Table.

Sponsors for this week are:


Prizes include 1 yd of Pellon 987F Fusible Fleece (US only)


and a Japanese Fabric Bundle from Sew Me A Song.

patchwork please giveaway

I have some giveaways to offer here as well! If you leave a comment below telling me what you like best about the month of September, you will be entered to win:
-Batting and a charm pack of samples from Pellon
-5 pack of thread from Aurifil
-A fabric bundle from Form and Fabric

I will draw winners’ names one week from today.


  1. My favorite thing about September is Oktoberfest! Lots of dancing and singing and road trips to German towns here in Minnesota.

  2. I love how you did the pencils! It’s really cute. Thanks for the chance!

  3. Nancy Peach says:

    Amy, my favorite thing about September is the weather!! Fall is my favorite time of year….Taylor was born on the first full day of fall just to remind me of that!! Cool, crisp air….warm days, cool night and apples. It is great weather to get some of that sewing done while the children are in school. Your pencil case is adorable. Great choices with all your fabric!!

  4. My favorite part of September is that it is finally cooling off here in Georgia! I love your pencil case colors and thank you for the chance to win.

  5. DeborahGun says:

    My favourite thing about September is that it is the start to a new academic year – so lots of new routines and opportunities.

  6. Johanna Lovering says:

    I love September because the kids go back to school and I have more time to sew!
    Love the pencil case. So cute!

  7. My birthday! And apple picking πŸ™‚

  8. The harvest, the colour changes, the layers and the anticipation of holidays to come.

  9. karen peachey says:

    What a super sweet pencil pouch Amy! Boy, I really think I need to order that book! lol So many adorable projects. I am so loving this cooler weather, burning my fall candles, drinking apple cider & making pumpkin muffins! It doesn’t get much better. =)

  10. I love September for the crisp air and the crisper apples!

  11. I tend to start baking again in September, so I always look forward to it. Had a wonderful time on Saturday. I now have a ginormous pile of fabric that needs attention… πŸ™‚ The ombre works nicely with the pencils and the zipper really makes it pop!

  12. I love the air turning cooler.

  13. I love your take on this pencil case. The varying shades of pink with the dark linen in a great combination. September is a favorite month of mine, the weather cools but is still lovely, early signs of fall are all around and the world seems to “settle in” for another year.

  14. My Favorite thing about Septemeber is that it is only 3 months from Christmas!! Thank you for the chance to win.

  15. Jane @ Hamdiworking says:

    September in Phoenix is still hot summer weather so for me it’s more of a mental switch. I grew up in the mid-west and mountain states so I revisit those days with fall colors and planning ahead for Christmas gifts.

  16. I love the pencil case. I have fond memories of pencil cases!

    My favorite thing about September is crisp apples, cooler days and nights, leaves changing colors.
    It is a great time of year.

    Thanks, Amy.

  17. To be frank, I hate September because it’s when things started to get busy again for me>.< But really, I love your pouch!:)

  18. My fav part of September is the weather! Much more bearable

  19. I always look forward to September’s cooler nights — I love falling asleep under a quilt or comforter. It’s so much nice than July, when even a sheet is too much.

  20. I love your take on the case!
    September starts the fall Feasts and it’s always a fun time.

  21. Mona Keegan says:

    My favorite part about September is the promise of fall weather with the shortening days. We might even get a bit cooler for a day or two here on the Texas Gulf Coast! And, of course, “back to school,” with all it promises.

  22. Your case is adorable!!
    September is a great time to get back on schedules and enjoy is little cooler weather!

  23. The best part of September is the weather. The crisp air makes me get ready for the long, Minnesota winter with canning, stacking wood, and quilting. Fall is the best. Thanks for the great post!!

  24. Too cute!
    septemeber is when teh leaves start turning adn the temps start dropping… well sometimes:) Living in Texas we never know when it will cool down:)

  25. what a sweet pouch Amy! i love the woodgrain for the pencil…such great detail!
    I think my favorite thing about THIS September is looking forward to getting back to our more scheduled routine…both kids in school now…a bit more time for me to sew! and cook! and keep the house in working order!!
    thanks for a chance amy.

  26. I love your pencil pouch! My daughter asked me to make her a pink one, but I think it’s not turning out very pink. I should try this pink ombre next time.
    In September, I love the smell of freshly sharpened pencils!

  27. I love that it (usually) starts to cool off in Texas in September. That pouch is adorable!!!

  28. Jacklynn Grimm says:

    I love the cooler nights we get in September – we can shut off the air and open the windows! Thanks for the give away!

  29. I look forward to the shorter days as there are fewer activities eating in to my sewing time!

  30. I love the cooler air and snuggling under a hand-quilting project with a good movie! Loved reading about your adorable pencil case!

  31. Great take on the pencil pouch! I love September for canning tomatoes, salsa, peaches, dilly beans…and planning what to sew for Christmas.

  32. September is my birthday month!

  33. I like September because it means back to school for kids, lol. Thx. Love the pouch you created!

  34. The pencil case is do darn cute and I love that you used the ombre colors. How are the sections with the points of the pencils made? Are they pieced, paper-pieced? Just a lovely project. I love fall and September means the beginning of that season for me.

  35. My favorite thing about September is that I will have a new baby!

  36. your ombre variation is stunning!
    I love September because here in the desert the weather is finally starting to feel friendly again, at least around the edges of the day. and my limes are in season!

  37. I love September because it’s that transition month from summer to my favorite time of year — autumn! Only problem is we are having upside down weather here in St. Louis. Our temps have not been super hot all summer and now the last couple of weeks in the 90s! I am more than ready for fall weather.

  38. September brings the beginning of Friday night high school football games! This Friday I’ll get to hear both of our boys playing in the band…can’t wait!

  39. Hey Amy! I am loving these wonderful 70 degree days we’re having! This is definitely how fall is supposed to feel! Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. My favorite thing about September is that my husband I got married on the 18th and this year will mark 20 years of marriage. I love that we have been together this long and raised a family together and although its been 20 years it still seems like yesterday!

  41. I like September because it marks the anticipation of my favorite season, autumn! Cooler weather, apples, pumpkins, mums, brilliantly colored leaves…love it.

  42. Perfect fabric choice for the wood tips of those pencils!

    I love the fact that it getting to cold, wet, rainy weather that’s an excuse to stay indoors and sew (you know, as opposed to the warm, wet, rainy weather that we usually get in the summer πŸ˜‰ )

  43. My favorite thing about September is that we always take a weeks vacation for our anniversary. We don’t always go away, but just having a week free to do whatever is always lovely.

  44. My favorite thing about September is celebrating my little girl’s birthday! She will be 3 this year!

  45. The pencil case is adorable.
    September, where I live, is when tourists are gone, and the beaches are sunny and warm and spacious!

  46. Susan Jonsson says:

    September feels like the beginning of the year to me. I see my new art students and we celebrate my oldest son’s Birthday! Wonderful offerings. Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. I love September because my kids go to school after so long summer πŸ™‚ and because I meet my students at school after long summer πŸ˜€

  48. I love the change of the seasons here in Oregon. I am so excited to hear raindrops and see the birds and animals stir. This sew along has been a challenge this time around. Last years wasn’t as challenging to me. This year im learning new skills and that’s great!

  49. I love the quality of light, crispness in the air and the sense of renewed energy after the lazy days of summer.

  50. The best thing about September is I can start wearing some of my favorite clothes again. I have more fall/winter clothing than summer clothes. I love fall colors as well.

    Love the pencil case Amy. Good job!

    Happy quilting!

  51. I love harvesting garden goodies–and eating them of course!–tomatoes, cucumbers, pears, and green beans this year. I also dry herbs for use over the winter, and put up tomato sauce in jars.

  52. Lovely pencil case, Ayumi’s book is great. I love the feeling of anticipation there is in September, battening down the hatches and preparing for winter.

  53. I have a feeling of new beginnings in September, even more so than at New Year. I grew up on a farm so the beginning of the school year was also a time of gathering in and preparing for winter. The smells of fall always make me feel safe and secure.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these lovely prizes Amy!
    I hope the children are enjoying their new school year and being back into the school year routine.

  54. Hmmm, I guess I love days like today – here in Arizona the heat stays way too long, and September rarely feels like September. Today sort of does! Rainy and cloudy, but still some sun and warmth during the afternoon. I really miss autumn in the midwest though, crunching through leaves was always my favorite!

    I can’t wait to start on my pencil case! Thanks for the giveaway β™₯

  55. Margaret Schindler says:

    You will not believe what I am excited about. Sept my husband gets to get Medicare. We have been waiting for this since June. He was dx with terminal cancer and we want to go to Houstan to the MDAnderson cancer center but since we dont have insurance we had to wait. Now we can go. Thanks for sharing.

  56. I love your pencil pouch, especially the pencil tips! My favorite thing about September is a big Wisconsin quilt show! Thanks for sharing!

  57. Love your take on this fun project! What do I love best about September? This year, it’s that I was able to host an 80th birthday party for my dad!

  58. Wow that is gorgeous with solids, I wish I’d thought of that (and now I have an excuse to make a second one πŸ™‚ September? I like the one or two days we get here with a big wind and rain storm, it takes me back to when I was a kid in school and would almost get blown away the first month of school!

  59. Love the pencil case!

    September can be a hard month for me. Kids are back to school which on the one hand is wonderful, but on the other hand it means waking up on time, lunches and for a time, grumpy kids. I want to get so much done, but don ‘t seem to know where to start… I love it when the weather cools and I can walk briskly without breaking into a sweat. πŸ™‚

  60. The months kind of blend together where I live, but I do love the holiday right at the beginning of the month! πŸ˜€

  61. Jessibeth Viera says:

    I have a few of things I like about September…I love the change of the leaves, the change on the weather (Since I used to live in PR, and we all year long have only one weather, HOT{88-100} lol) and I love that is Sewing Month, I just got my machine on February and finally got the trick of it this summer but I’m in love with the sewing atmosphere. And I love how I feel when I sew πŸ™‚ Even if I’m not really good yet lol.

  62. The weather cooling down so I can sit on my deck and enjoy my backyard πŸ™‚

  63. September means we are getting closer to cooler weather.

  64. Sandy Fullmer says:

    I live in PA. I love the changing seasons from summer to fall that we get in September.

  65. I love the sunny days, cool evenings, and the cornfields beginning to dry up and turn brown.

  66. I love the switch to cooler temps. It’s been warmer than normal and I’m ready to say good-bye to the upper 90’s with additional humidity.

  67. My favorite thing about September is apples. Lots and lots of apples! I love the smell, and baking with them, and just about everything! I went to our local grocery store today and there they were, proudly displayed, the Galas a d Golden Delicious and Granny Smiths!

  68. I love the pencil case! September is perfect weather and new beginnings (fresh start if the school year hehe)

  69. Your pencil case is way to pretty to use for pencils. My favorite parts about September is cooler weather and Honey Crisp apples.

  70. I love September because my youngest son, who just turned 24, and my fiance’s birthdays are this month. Cooler weather means sweatshirts, leaves starting to change colors and football season starts!

  71. Elizabeth Bolton says:

    I adore the warm, sunny days and cool nights that come in September (and October!), the high school marching band practicing in my neighborhood, and the dahlias being in bloom!

  72. September is one of my favorite months. Here in Alaska, the air is already crisp and the leaves are turning.

  73. Bonnie Pfrimmer says:

    Nice pencil case…Being that I live in AZ., September means the weather is going to cool down a little. I have had enough of the heat. Thanks for sharing these prizes with us and giving me the chance to win some of that wonderful thread.

  74. Melinda Ehly says:

    My Favorite things about September are:

    1. My birthday
    2. Kids go back to school
    3. The weather cools down
    4. The leaves start to fall
    5. Cool enough for me to start wearing my hoodies

  75. Linda Nelson says:

    September usually brings cool days and cooler nights to Madison, Wisconsin. Waiting…93 expected today. I’m a teacher in an un-air-conditioned building…

  76. I love that September brings the begining of Spring ( Australia) and its my birthday month ! In fact it’s my birthday today ! Love your pencil pouch .

  77. What I like best about September is the return of football! Love your pencil case!

  78. Dixie Eiseman says:

    September weekend day trips to the Georgia Mountains for apples

  79. I used to like September because my kids were back in school. Now I like September cause everyone else’s kids are back in school and it’s a great time for a vacation. (I’m on Cape Cod on vacation). Oh, and I do like the cooler nights.

  80. I love that the season changes and Autumn beckons…..

  81. September always brings SCHOOL! YAY school! I used to love it when school started: new pencils & paper & fresh books. New shoes & maybe a new outfit or two. Back to see friends and have lots to do! Now I love September for the hope of cooler weather! Love your pencil case!

  82. Besides my birthday, my favorite thing about September in the Pacific Northwest is the weather. Warm days and cool nights-ahhh!

  83. First of all, my birthday and wedding anniversary are both in September. But I also love the cool weather and and fall is my favorite season. Being able to sleep with the windows open is the best.

  84. Tommie@Ilene Books says:

    I love fall, although I could do without the football that starts in September.

  85. I like that in September it is starting to cool off a little.

  86. I love your version Amy, I made one earlier in the year as a birthday gift for my niece, not sure my points were as perfect as yours!
    My favourite thing about Sept is the children going back to school, they are so keen to go and while having them at home for more than 6 weeks was nice I’m ready for a bit of peace and quiet!

  87. September in our house brings a new year of school, Boy Scouts, Karate, Guitar Lessons and Bunny shows πŸ™‚ Busy, but fun..and still HOT!


  88. I love the start of the school year, the leaves starting to turn and the evenings drawing in.

  89. This year I like September because it’s the month I’m closing on my very first house! I’m very excited to set up the perfect sewing room. Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  90. Love your little pencil pouch, too cute for just pencils πŸ™‚

  91. I love the color of the pencils. It works perfect. September is the end of summer, and we better get to the beach every chance we get. Thanks for the chance to win!

  92. I looove September because here in Brazil is the beginnen of Spring Time !! And I adore roses and flowers!

  93. I like when the weather starts to turn cool and crisp, although here in Seattle that may not happen until October. August and September are our warmest months.

  94. cute pencil case. i love the cool weather and changing of the leaves. the raking of the leaves, not so much. πŸ™‚

  95. My favourite part of September is cool nights so I can open my windows to sleep and warm days in the sun:)

  96. barbara woods says:

    Cooler weather and the leaves changing color

  97. The pencil case is adorable! September means cooling temperatures in Texas. September brings the new TV season, so I get new episodes of my favorite shows. It’s also time for lots of festivals and starting to think about what to make for Christmas.

  98. My mothers birthday is in sept and it means fall will be here soon which is my fav time of year.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  99. September will bring some cooler weather – hopefully by the third week. I like the pencil case.

  100. September is when I get my canning done and then can get to some holiday sewing.

  101. I love getting back into a regular routine!

  102. My favorite thing is definitely the cooler (relatively speaking) weather. Your hand stitching adds so much to this pouch!

  103. I love that the trees are starting to change and hopefully that will mean that the weather will cool off. We are still having 90 degree days!

  104. Super cute!! I’d like to give this a try…time to dust off the sewing machine πŸ™‚

  105. Hi Amy!! My favorite thing about September are those first few crisp mornings you wake up knowing fall is just around the corner, pies are calling my name and leaves are starting to fall. I love the Fall!!!

  106. That summer is gone and the weather is cooling down!!

  107. Laura Butts says:

    I love that summer is almost behind us in September. πŸ™‚

  108. I love the promise of cooler weather coming soon and the start of school!

  109. Diane Walli says:

    This particular September I loved watching for the first time as my granddaughter got off the school bus and come running to me. Nothing better!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  110. Love your version of the pencil case! September: Autumn’s coming with all the beautiful colours!

  111. The only thing I don’t like about September is the shorter days. I love the cooler weather, school shopping, pumpkin and apple picking, fall colors

  112. I am loving September because the weather is cooling down and I get to plan for Halloween outfits and costumes!

  113. Margaret Schindler says:

    I have to say I love Sept because of the cooler weather. We are just starting to feel some effects of fall here. Thanks for sharing

  114. I knew your pencil case would be awesome, and it is! I hope to have time to make one sometime, myself. I hope I have a little time for messing around sewing instead of stuff that needs to get done!


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