Christmas Sewing

Ruched Happy Bags


I return to this pattern every year. It’s always perfect for someone on my Christmas list.  It’s a quick sew and I love choosing the fabrics and coordinating zippers!  I made these this morning while my daughter was in preschool so you still have time! I used my Ruched Happy Bag pattern that can be found in my Etsy shop and Craftsy shops.

The bag in the back has a DS Quilts print for the focal band from JoAnn Fabrics and the rest of the bag exterior is a Jennifer Paganelli print purchased at Marden’s in Maine (I love that place!).  The bag on the right also uses a Jennifer Paganelli print, paired with Tula Pink’s Raccoon in Blueberry print from Sew Fresh Fabrics. I like how the raccoon is peeking through the gathers but then you get to see all of him on the back. This is pretty much the only kind of raccoon I like too because the real ones have started terrorizing our barn, fighting with our cats and generally causing all sorts of problems! I lined both bags with solids I have collected in the last couple of months from Marmalade Fabric’s Around the Color Wheel Monthly Bundle.


The zips are from Zipit. I love, love, choosing fun colored zippers for these bags and then ribbon for pulls.

I think it is about time to move on to baking a bit more seriously now. These were the last gifts left to sew. Phew!



  1. They are beautiful! You have very good reason to make them every year. Beautiful fabrics too

  2. Very cute. I’m sure I have this pattern. Will check. If not, I’m off to your shop. :)

  3. these are really terrific amy…i JUST this week attempted a zipper…i feel like ive just unlocked a whole new world of crafting for gifts!!

  4. What wonderful fabrics, such stunning colours. I can see why this pattern is a favourite. Raccoons sound quite exciting, we don’t have anything like that here. I can imagine the novelty would soon wear off though! Enjoy your baking. Just the thing to do on a cold winter’s day.

  5. I have been sewing purses and bags for the last week, too. I will add this one to my list to try! The gathered fabric just below the band is an adorable touch. And I love Zipit, I have a slight zipper obsession. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the baking!

  6. Such cute bags…and I truly love a colored zipper…there is just no reason to use a white zipper in my opinion!

  7. Oh man! I moved from Maine 15 years ago! Mardens rocks! And Renys!

  8. Nancy Peach says:

    The bags are so cute, I need to make some of these just to have around for that little gift…..just in case I need it. As always ……great ideas Amy!!

  9. Sharon Jones says:

    Very pretty, some one/s will be very fortunate and happy to receive such a beauty.

  10. One of my favorite patterns! These are adorable and I love ZipIt!

  11. Love the peeking raccoons!

  12. They’re beautiful :)

  13. I’ve made a couple of similar bags from a book. Love how you did the zippers ends. Looks great!

  14. Classy as always! Such a nice punch of Color in the otherwise cold, white winter!

  15. Those are super cute. I may need that pattern! I love the way the racoons are peeking out, too. Super cute!

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