Felt Wreath Ornaments

Felt wreaths 2
I have always been tempted by the felt wreath ornaments made with lots of colorful circles or squares, like these. I wanted to make something similar but maybe a little more polished looking. I decided to use my Sizzix Hydrangea Die by Eileen Hull to cut lots and lots of green felt blossoms.

Felt wreaths 1
I used the two smallest flower shapes on the die. The smallest flower results in an ornament that is about 2 1/4″ diameter and the middle sized flower gives you a wreath just shy of 3″. I cut my shapes using about a dozen different shades of felt from National Nonwovens. This is a great project for scraps since it only takes tiny pieces but it takes A LOT of tiny pieces. Each of the small wreaths used about 90 flowers and the medium one used well over 100. The die cuts a center hole in the flower which is great for easy stringing. It would even allow a child to string the felt pieces with a plastic yarn needle.

Felt wreaths 4

I just love the texture of felt for projects like this!

Felt wreaths 3

For my second small wreath, I decided to add a tiny red pompom after every group of 10 flowers. It adds a fun bit of color. I am now on the hunt for mini jingle bells to make another. I know I have them somewhere in my house but I can’t locate them at the moment!

I hope you are all having fun Christmas crafting! I will be back tomorrow with my last quilt finish of the year and a great giveaway from Art Gallery Fabrics!



  1. Amy I love your work! OMG these are so great! I’ll bet pipe cleaners would work great for kids to string the flowers on. Thanks so much for sharing this- wonder if I have time to whip some up for Christmas?

  2. OMG those couldn’t be any cuter!!! Love these, Amy!

  3. i love the red pom pom added in! i made the felted wool version of this 2 years ago…unfortunately the weight of the wool has distorted the wreath circular shape….

  4. These are great! I love the irregular edge achieved by using the hydrangea blossoms. Clever use of that shape; who would think “Christmas wreath” and then use hydrangeas to create it?

  5. Cute, cute, cute…guess if I’m really lazy I could cut out flowers and put a pom pom between every one of them so I have to cut less!;)

  6. That’s neat. I have never seen anything like it. I like it a lot!

  7. Jacquelene L says:

    Amy, these are beautiful. They remind me of the Christmas Wreath Cookies I made when my son was little. They were made with corn flakes or rice krispies, food colouring and cinnamon candies. Lots of fun. The wreaths look like a fun project that could be made with children. I will be saving this idea.
    Jacquelene L

  8. They’re wonderful, what a clever idea. And I love the one with red pompoms threaded on as well. Hope you find those jingle bells!

  9. I think I might have to get a sizzix just because of you and all your amazing projects. I want to make each and every one!

  10. Oh my! These little felt wreaths are so adorable! What a brilliant idea! TFS!

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