Knitting Project Bag Tutorial

Knitting Project Bag by Amy Friend

Not too long ago, I agreed to a “Pay it Forward” deal where you accept a surprise handmade gift from someone  and in turn, you make handmade gifts for 5 people over the course of the year.  They in turn make gifts for 5 more people and so on.  My Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild friend, Laura, was the first to jump at the chance to join in so I decided to make her gift first!  Plus, I knew what I wanted to make so that made it easy.  Laura likes to knit as much as she likes to sew.  I have an adorable alphabet panel, originally from Sew Me A Song (I think they might be sold out?).  I fussy cut it for the center of the bag along with a couple of phrases from a Japanese text print.  I constructed the front of the bag with a “quilt as you go” method.  The full tutorial can be found on the Therm O Web blog today.

Knitting Project Bag detail


This makes me chuckle.  I picture Laura busily knitting and saying “Mother is busy” to her toddler (not really of course…that’s what makes me laugh).  It was fun to make.  I always welcome a chance to fussy cut.



  1. Such a cute, appealing bag and so perfect for Laura!

  2. Nancy Peach says:

    Amy, this is such a cute bag and so perfect for Laura. I am sure she would be saying something different to Lucy as she knits…you are right, it made me laugh too to read it!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial…..they are always great!!

  3. Margaret A says:

    Lucky Laura!! I love this bag! I need to make one of these for myself as I’m always carting my small knitting projects around in very inappropriate bags :) Love love love the fabrics you chose, and the fussy cutting is SO perfect!

  4. aha, what a clever use of those little details. :)

  5. This is perfect, Amy! I think I have both of those fabrics–don’t be surprised if I “copy” you. :) (with full credit of course!)

  6. You always seem to have the perfect fussy cuttable fabrics!

  7. You’re the reining queen of fussy cuts, for certain!

  8. Can’t get any cuter than that!! And useful!

  9. I love the bag. Your little stories to go along with this project and the mosaic bock are fun. They make me laugh!

  10. This is adorable!

  11. Thanks for sharing this, Amy. I’ve recently started knitting again (after a 30 yr hiatus) and I’ve been carrying it in a too large tote bag. This is awesome!

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