More of the Same!

Mosaic Block

I’ve been working on some mosaic blocks but am currently taking a little break waiting for the arrival of some fun Heather Ross fussy cuts offered by good friends on Instagram. I only have 12 more blocks to make so I want to use those and then decide where to go from there!

This block will forever remind me of my oldest daughter, Lily. She has adored horses since she was in preschool. For the longest time, playing with her plastic horses and barn was her favorite pastime. She still does that from time to time but her choice of activity has morphed to drawing a bit more. These days she is into anything leopard printed, hence the border.

Mosaic Block

Mosaic Block

Then we have a couple more sewing themed blocks because I really like collecting sewing themed prints. There was some discussion about the bottom fussy cut on Instagram. It is an out of print Kokka Trefle print. I am not sure where I bought it originally but you can still find it on Etsy.

Mosaic Block

Here is another block from the heavily used “tea” category in this quilt.


I love these little Can Can dancers. They are dancing the night away under the chandeliers. These were a last minute stash addition from Sew Me A Song because I decided I needed them for this quilt.

Mosaic Blocks

These two blocks are sisters of sorts because the center fussy cuts come from the same print.

Block Mosaic

And finally, we have Mr. Owl. He is surrounded by a dictionary print since he is a wise owl, of course.



  1. Amy, these are just so cute. So, you had to buy more fabric to make these… strange?? I thought these blocks were scrap busters?? I can’t wait to see the final project….it will be adorable, I am sure. I really do like the sewing fabrics…..I will have to check and see if I can find some.

  2. Just so much fun!

  3. Have you noticed how the text print on the final corners make the whole thing pop? So cool!! This is basically becoming a memory quilt!:)

  4. I love these blocks. Especially the stories you create with them. Sooo cute!

  5. Ha, you know you’ve got it bad now you’re shopping specifically for this quilt :D Love the stories, as always!

  6. Beautiful blocks, I especially love the fabric with text on it and the sewing themed fabric. Wonderful. And the owl is lovely, I’ve got lots of owl fabric for a quilt I’m making my bird-obsessed son, but I don’t think I’ve seen that one.

  7. Loving these blocks!

  8. I too am loving your blocks and the stories. What fun. A great collection so far.

  9. This is going to be so awesome!

  10. I can’t wait to see this put together! The blocks are sew adorable.

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