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Mosaic Block

I am continuing to recklessly chop into the middle of a piece of fabric for the perfect fussy cut and having a lot of fun doing so.  I used Lizzy House’s fabric here for the fussy cut and it made me start humming music from Aladdin so I added the musical notes fabric.  Yes, bear with me, I am going to share my stories for each block again.  Making up these stories is what makes the blocks so much fun for me.  A few readers have told me that they like the stories which is all the encouragement I need to continue sharing them!

Mosaic Block

My story for this block is that a woman finished sewing herself a dress and is sitting in her sewing room, still surrounded by her pattern pieces, washing instructions and iron, questioning, “Does it look homemade?”  “Can I really wear it out in public?”

Mosaic Block

No fussy cut quilt is complete without one or two of Aneela Hoey’s figures.  I have Red Riding Hood here and will probably add a girl on a swing too.

Mosaic Block

This block makes me laugh the most due to a family joke.  It’s a bit of a story but here goes.  When I was working on the “To Boston with Love” project, the MFA asked me to come into Boston on the day they announced the plans for Boston Strong on the museum’s front steps. I was supposed to bring a short string of flags to hold when the Museum Director mentioned them.  So, when the time came, I held up the flags and was suddenly overwhelmed by this photographer who got right up in my face with his huge camera. I am sure I looked shocked and like I wanted to bolt because he kept repeating, over and over and over, “It’s OK, I’m from the Herald!” as he snapped picture after picture.  To make it funnier, we never did see a picture in the Herald so it has us wondering a bit!  So now whenever someone is trying to take a picture, my husband and kids keep saying “It’s OK, I’m from the Herald!” because they thought it was the funniest thing ever.  So, here is the photographer, surrounded by city fabric because we were in Boston, and then by newsprint because supposedly, the photographer was from the local paper!

Mosaic Block

This barn belongs to a gardener who is also fond of quilting. So the block has flower/garden themed text, and quilt block text to symbolize the barn quilt she had painted on the front of the barn.

Mosaic BlockThere’s no story for this one but I did use a tea text print to go with the creamer.

Mosaic BlockThese little chicks with their hairbows and chatter flitting about remind me of little girls out at recess.  So the red gingham is for their lunch cloth and the script fabric because they are learning their letters in school.  The strawberries are in their lunchboxes, of course.

Mosaic Block

I love this sweet house. It is surrounded by storybook creatures who live there, their lace curtains, and then Hometown text since it is a house.

Mosaic BlockI don’t have a story for this little fairy house either.  It’s just cute!

Mosaic BlockThen we have some more birds who are singing.  The text print is called Junk Drawer and it reminded me of a magpie because they like shiny junk.  Then that reminded me of one of my blog readers who told me that she was like a magpie because she liked collecting shiny things….are you still out there Luba?  I hope you are reading today.  My mind seriously wanders when I make these, doesn’t it?

Mosaic BlockFinally, we have a seaside themed block with 100 calorie lobster (clearly before butter), Crabtastic newsprint, kite stings and laundry lines.

I’ve had a few questions about where I am finding my prints.  The majority of my fussy cuts and text fabrics are from Sew Me A Song on Etsy.

And yes, I am sharing the pattern for these blocks! If you would like to download the free pattern you can find it in my Craftsy shop.  Be careful though, once you get started, laundry and housecleaning tend to slide!



  1. These blocks are killing me on a few levels–the awesome fabrics, the delightful stories, and the pure whimsy of it all. Not to mention the jealousy over your stash and creativity :)

  2. I love the blocks and I love sew me a song too……I always send folks there.

  3. Kathleen O'Grady says:

    Your blocks are so awesome!

  4. Just as Bethany said… Gorgeous on all levels!

  5. I love that you think of stories for your blocks. i do this too in my head and it makes them so much more special (and no one ever appreciates the humor quite as much as i do!)

  6. I do love the stories, it feels like heritage in the making. I especially like the story of the gardener who also loves to quilt – that’s me!

  7. Each one is more and more charming! Great blocks and great stories…. I love the photographer one!

  8. Love all the stories, especially the photographer one, but I do have one complaint… I now have Arabian Nights stuck my head – argh!

  9. Thanks for sharing this pattern. I love all your blocks and am now very inspired to start my own scrappy quilt using this block!

  10. These stories are the BEST!! Okay, I have some fabric in my shopping cart at Sew Me a Song. I guess I’ll hit the “buy” button after all.

  11. Wonderful blocks and great stories. Sew Me a Song has the most enticing fabrics, doesn’t she!

  12. I think you are having too much fun.hah.ah.a.ha.aa..
    I don’t know what I like the best, the blocks or the stories!

  13. Looks like you are having tooooo much fun!

  14. I agree with Jeannie, not sure which is more entertaining the blocks or the stories. I imagine you at your machine dreaming of the story behind each little block as you sew….what fun!

  15. These are gorgeous and I love the stories too (although I felt slightly unnerved by the green dress one as that’s essentially me every time I make anything!). You poor thing – that sounds like such a horrific thing with the photographer, but the block to go with it is hilarious. I love that often if a traumatic incident is relayed enough times it becomes something you’re almost delighted happened because it causes so much fun after the event. x

  16. I am enjoying your blocks and stories that you make up for them. Fancy you remembering what I wrote oh so
    long ago! I am flattered you remembered and my name in print officially in your your blog!! Thanks Amy..
    Yes I am reading your blog to see what you come up with next and really enjoying my seam-ripper collection.
    They are nice and shiny…mmmmh, my precious!

  17. I love your blocks, and I love your narratives that go along with them even more! With all the time it takes to make each block, I bet you have plenty of time to spin a good tale.

    I love that photographer print so very much. I checked out every one of the 788 items in Sew Me a Song’s shop. What a great selection, but I didn’t see that specific print. I will look again-I’m hoping I missed it. My husband’s a photographer, and I would love to make him something. Anything. with that print!!

  18. Holy cats! Sew Me a Song has already responded to my question and relisted the fabric. Thanks for disclosing your source :)

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