Nearing the End

Mosaic Block

That title sounds dramatic doesn’t it? I am sharing a few more of my mosaic blocks and their silly stories today. The stories are made up as I sew to amuse myself. I am planning on making 5 more blocks bringing me to a total of 49 and then I am going to assemble the quilt top!

The center of this block is fussy cut from Catnap by Lizzy House, as are the little mice in the border.  This is the block that spurred me on to finish my son’s Catnap pillow so that I could use the scraps!

Mosaic Block

This is a second block using Catnap in the center.  This little kitty is so content with rosy cheeks because she lives in a house with a sweet little old lady who drinks tea (inner text print) and does cross stitch.  The cross stitch print is from Blend Fabrics.

Mosaic Block

This center print is courtesy of Jenny on Instagram who sent it to me for this purpose!  It’s a Heather Ross print.  I think he looks like a European man who fancies himself a great lover.  So that’s why he has the newprints from Europe surrounding him and all the red and pink; colors of love you know.

Mosaic Block

Here is another Heather Ross fussy cut center, this time sent to me by Melinda.  She is doing the yoga tree pose. I had to cut off the thought bubble that showed a tree so I used wood grain around her to make up for that.  Next there is a cupcake recipe print followed by castles.  See, while she is doing her yoga, she is thinking “My kingdom for a cupcake!”  This is one of my silliest stories but also one of my favorites.

Mosaic Block

This fellow is standing out in the rain.  I can’t imagine doing that for no reason so I think he is either waiting for the bus or for his dog to do his business.  He is surrounded by water puddles and rain drops and a newsprint, because he’d rather be inside reading his paper.

Mosaic Block

The center fabric in this block is called Pop Pop Drops. I saw it in a block made by Elnora on Instagram and with her help and others, I tracked it down and found it on Etsy.  The print just makes me laugh and the word “Corn” actually sparkles.  I surrounded him in basketweave and then in a barcode print because there is a barcode in the fussy cut.

Mosaic Block

And finally, I made a block using this clothespin doll from Heather Ross Crafty Chloe fabric. I have a soft spot for clothespin dolls because we’ve had one on our Christmas tree for as long as I can remember. I decided to go with the “sugar and spice and everything nice” sort of theme for this block.  That translated in fabric to pink paisleys, lace and floral prints.

I can’t wait to make my last few blocks but I spent a lot of this week painting fabric with the second graders at my childrens’ school.  I now need to turn the fabric into 4 pillows for the school auction.  So, there will be a bit of that to fit in as well!

I’ve had a few questions about where I am finding my prints.  The majority of my fussy cuts and text fabrics are from Sew Me A Song on Etsy.

And yes, I am sharing the pattern for these blocks! If you would like to download the free pattern you can find it in my Craftsy shop.



  1. Well, as a yoga teacher, I would gently suggest the girl in tree pose to move her foot off her knee, she’s going to hurt herself! I especially like the suave French guy, he just looks so pleased with himself. Love the stories!

  2. I am so in love with these blocks!

  3. Cute blocks! I love how you choose your center motifs.

  4. These are just so cute and I love your stories with each one.does your sewing room become a complete mess while you are digging up the perfect fabric?

  5. So fabulous and well thought out. I just love a good story, it’s like people watching on a quilt.

  6. it’s so cool that everyone is sending you prints. I would sell my worldly goods to get my hands on the HR coca cola print! I love what you are doing!

  7. Although I have yet to try paper piecing, I must try these blocks – they are so very cute and your stories absolutely make them extra special. I have grabbed the free pattern on Craftsy – THANK YOU for offering it for free! Your creativity is so inspiring.

  8. You and your blocks are just a giant pile of awesomeness!!! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to not think of cupcakes in yoga class.. which might make me giggle and lose my tree pose entirely :) Cannot wait to see the quilt!

  9. Love your blocks Amy. Just may have to make a HR quilt with your pattern. I’ve been saving her prints for eons and this is the perfect pattern. Tks for sharing! xo

  10. Kathleen O'Grady says:

    I can’t wait to see your finished quilt! It is going to be a new kind of awesome! I love your little stories for each block. how fun to snuggle under this quilt with a wee little child and tell them all the stories. great job!

  11. Amy, these are all so great. Can’t wait to see the finished product… the next meeting?? Fabric painting, nice idea and to make pillows for the school auction…..marvelous idea!! Less stressful than you thought it could be for that project……you are a pillow wizard.

  12. Love, love, love these blocks and must try them!! ( I also just bought that adorable kitty fabric).

  13. Hey kiddo….I so love your photos of these blocks…they are almost too beautiful to believe they are really fabric…such wonderful crisp lines!

    We have that Catnap at the shop and it just kills me every time I walk past…I absolutely need to get some but I have to limit myself…but I love tooooo many of them!:)

  14. this quilt would make the best bed quilt! no need for books, just read the quilt!!!

  15. Oh no – don’t stop!!! I love these blocks and until I finish my Amish with a Twist II, I can’t start making some for myself – so seeing yours is a pure treat. Love them all!

  16. Those are all so creative!! I have way too many favorites to count.hah.ah.ah..a
    I always say what you are doing at the time is my favorite but I really have to say this time that this is my favorite!!

  17. Charlotte says:

    Can’t wait to see it all together!

  18. I might have started hearing Frank Sinatra with that title ;)

  19. This quilt will be a story-telling starter for years to come! All of the blocks are so wonderful!!

  20. This is going to be the best story quilt ever!

  21. Susan Jonsson says:

    At the risk of sounding over the top…..I think you are a fabric genius. I simply love each one of your blocks….so much so that I have broken my…”you cannot buy any more fabric” rule……AGAIN Thank you for sharing….I hope to make blocks soon….Sew Me a Song is a fabulous shop…btw….Can’t believe how helpful she was in helping find fabrics like yours!

  22. Amy, these are just the BEST!! *sigh* I tried finding the Pop Pop on etsy. Gone. Do you have any scraps you would be willing to sell? Your fabric choices are impeccable and the little stories are priceless.

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