Catnap Patchwork Pillow

I’ve got to say, it’s nice when you can sew something for your “tween” son and feel like supermom. It doesn’t happen all that often. My son will be turning 11 next month (yikes!) and loves cats. When I told him that Lizzy House had a line of cat fabric coming out he begged me for a pillow. Now, some of the fabrics in the Catnap line are a little more on the feminine side so I had some strict rules. I could only use the fabrics you see in the pillow above! And I needed to fussy cut the cat floating from balloons and make it the centerpiece of the pillow.  I received a FQ bundle of this colorway courtesy of Andover Fabrics last week and spent a few days mulling over the design.

I decided to work on something similar to an X and+ block.  So I drafted a design with a plus in the center so that I could fussy cut the cute cat floating from the balloon. I used the dimensions needed to fussy cut him nicely to figure out the rest of my patchwork piecing. I bordered my plus with little rows of mice, again based on their dimensions because I wanted to fit in their whole height.  They are too cute!  I made sure that they all faced right side up too because my son would notice that for sure.  I used the cat faces to finish out the plus. I deviated from the X and + block on the corners and made quarter square triangles using two more prints from the collection.

Catnap Pillow quilting detail

I decided to quilt the top heavily, just for kicks, with lines spaced every 1/2″ in both directions in a diagonal grid.  As it turns out, my son actually noticed that detail and thought that the quilting was “cool.”

ZipperI finished it off with an invisible zipper from Zipit.

I am happy to report that the pillow was very well received. He loves it! Phew! Now I can use my scraps to make a fussy cut mosaic block for my growing collection (my ulterior motive for making his pillow so promptly!). I also can’t wait to sew with some of the other colors in this collection, like the coral, without any restrictions from my son!


  1. Mona Keegan says:

    Amy, You are a super-mom! Beautiful pillow. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So cute! I really love invisible sippers. My son is now 19 and deems everything I sew “Um, weird.”

  3. Amy, Timothy must think you are the most amazing Mom…..but what will he think of next?? It is nice when they give you very specific rules on how to make something……but that makes it even more special…..brilliant job!! Now, what will those little mosaic blocks look like??

  4. Nicely done and so glad he liked it. The invisible zipper is so, well, invisible! I’m working on a pillow for a gift and should really give that a try.

  5. Sooooo cute!

  6. that looks great. but im afraid you have made me feel v guilty for letting my daughters butterfly quilt sit unfinished for MONTHS now!!

  7. Gorgeous pillow. I love making things for my son. I made him a batman quilt for his 18th which he loves.
    Can’t wait to see your blocks with the scraps.

  8. What a good kid, to notice and comment on the “cool” quilting. One of the many reasons he is so loved!

  9. It’s lovely, well done you. It’s always nice to make something they love, but it’s harder to please boys when it comes to handmade I think. As I mentioned before, I’m doing a bird-themed quilt for my eldest (he’s ten too), as he’s obsessed with birdwatching. I hope it will be similarly well received.

  10. I am so excited for this fabric line – this pillow is fantastic! Great colors & details :)

  11. Always good to have a customer that knows exactly what they want, and well done on delivering to spec :D

  12. Kathleen OGrady says:

    What a great mother you are! I love, love love this pillow! I love hoe you quilted it, giving it depth and texture, how fun! Wonderful job!

  13. Love the way the cuts in the centre fit together!

  14. That is so adorable! Great kids fabric for a boy pillow. I love your invisible zips!!

  15. Beautiful block, love how you used the fabric. Glad it was such a hit for you son too ~ they can be so picky!

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