Knitting Socks Pattern

Knitting Socks by Amy Friend

I was inspired by the knitting project bag I made recently to design a paper pieced block for those who love to split their time between sewing and knitting. I made a sock with contrasting toe and heel to allow for some more fun in the fabric selection process. There are lots of “knit” look prints out there that could be used for the body of the sock. I used a print from BasicGrey’s PB&J line. It’s still available at Sew Fresh Fabrics and the Fat Quarter Shop.

The ball of yarn looks great in a stripe or text print that mimics strands of yarn especially when the fabrics with the text or stripe are placed so that they run in opposite directions on the ball of yarn.

Knitting Socks by Amy Friend

The final touch of embroidered yarn is my favorite thing about the block. I love how it looks on the needles. It almost makes the needles look round.

Knitting Socks by Amy Friend

I’ve added the pattern to my Etsy and Craftsy shops.

Have fun with it!


  1. Hmm, I might need to get this to make for my mum as part of her mother’s day pressie, she spends her life knitting my day kilt hose (ie giant knee socks!)

  2. Such a fun block!

  3. Absolute perfect fabrics! You ROCK kiddo!:)
    That would look great on a tote bag!:)

  4. This is super cool. I love those prints you used for the sock and yarn

  5. Oh, Amy, what a wonderful block! Absolutely perfect! Thank you for sharing the name of the sock fabric and where to purchase it because it’s a wonderful choice.

  6. Darn your good! hahaha pun intended :0)
    Another great PP pattern Amy.

  7. I love it, I might just need to make it for a knitting bag, as I am always knitting, just a lot slower now that I quilt too.

  8. OHW!!! Amazing! This is so gorgeous!!!
    Love the fabrics, love the pattern, love the embroidery!!!

  9. Brilliant block Amy, the fabrics you used were perfect !

  10. Love this!! now if my socks looked as good.hah.ah.aha.ha.

  11. I saw your pattern on IG but didn’t notice the little detail of the ‘yarn’ on the needles ~ this is the sweetest pattern ~

  12. Julie McCluney says:

    You are such a talent. On top of the vintage craze! I think your designs are wonderful someday I plan to do them ALL.

  13. Really, the stitches on the needles just kill me! So perfect!

  14. The pattern is fantastic, I just downloaded it from craftsy but have to find the appropriate fabrics first which is sooo difficult in this part of the world!
    Congratulations Amy!

  15. Amy, it is so cute!! I think I will make a zippered knitting project bag with it!! Just for me!! Thanks again.

  16. lori jones says:

    love it!! and for those of use that do circulars you could embroidery (in black) a line that connects the two needles. like what you did with the “yarn” to the ball! how cool is this!! you did a great job!!

  17. Good grief, Girl! This is SO clever! Absolutely adorable and very realistic! I mean, those knitting needles truly DO look round! And I love the text wrap on the ball of yarn, too! Fabulous!

  18. Wow,that is a great block and a fun one to make for your knitting/sewing friends. Brilliant!

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