Quilt Top!

mosaic quilt topI finished my mosaic quilt top!  I decided that I liked my original plan to simply sew them together without sashing.  Using the newsprint for all the corners on the blocks worked as I had planned, keeping things from getting too busy.

mosaic borderI did decide to add a border of the newsprint as well and will bind with some bright color.

Now I need quilting ideas.  Does anyone have any?




  1. Love!

  2. This is so lovely! Those fussy-cut centres are killing me a little. Particularly the matryoshka doll. And the mixer!!

  3. So beautiful!

  4. Ack!!! Just plain Ack!!:)

    I think a simple diagonal stitch starting with the sewing foot lines up on the outsides of the original square and then outside of the third square so like lineup on the seam of the teapot then next row would line up in the middle of the pink. Would be really easy as you have something to follow the whoooooole way!:)

    You are keeping this one right?!!!!

  5. I ADORE this! The secondary pattern it creates is really cool!! Ditto what dolores says about the quilting too.

  6. Kathleen O'Grady says:

    I love your quilt top! I would do some very simple straight line stitching. Something that would not interfere with your fussy cut centers. Can’t wait to see it finished!

  7. Looks great! I especially love the newspaper print on the outside.

  8. Wow! What an awesome quilt this is turning out to be! I too, would be inclined to keep the quilting simple with straight lines so those super cute block centers continue to shine.

  9. I love it, Amy! Nice work!

  10. Love this. The secondary pattern is awesome. I agree with straight line quilting as stated above.

  11. oooooh! This is fantastic. I like the addition of the border too!

  12. Love! No idea on the quilting, but I have an urge to steal is when it’s done ;)

  13. Wow!!! This is so fun, I love how you fussy cut all those awesome fabrics:-) I’d keep the quilting simple… you don’t need to add much to this one…

  14. Now that is sweet! Love the newsprint background fabric. Definitely helps to highlight the fussy cut centers and colourful blocks! What a great quilt top!

  15. I love how these blocks and this quilt has come together. I look forward to seeing how you quilt it. I have a similar quilt to quilt soon, and am leaning to an all over design of some kind.

  16. what an amazing quilt top – its wonderful :-)

  17. I just love this one Amy. The fabric choices are fantastic. It’s going to be beautiful quilted. I’m staying tuned!

  18. Brilliantly executed!

  19. that is seriously beautiful! I would be tempted to hand-quilt with loads of different colours of perle cotton (but that would take forever!)

  20. Amy, it turned out so well, I just love it! And I’m a bit with Charlotte – would be tempted to hand quilt it, using echo stitching (read: big stitching) around your focal fussy centers. Straight-line, not too busy, would be my second choice and if I just caved, it would be hauled to the long-armer for something big and open. Good work, good choices on your border! Am anxious to start one of my own.

  21. Hi Amy, it is beautiful. The newspaper text print does bring it all together….with those pops of color everywhere. Your fussy cut centers are all so amazing, I do love the barn. I am partial to them as I know you are too!! As with all the others, simple quilting to not interfere with all your hard work is the key!! Can’t wait to see it at show and tell next month!! As for your binding….what would be your favorite color out of all of those you used?? It definitely is “your quilt”.

  22. Totally perfect! I love the border and adding a splash of color will pop it!
    I can never help with quilting.hah.ah.a.ha.a.
    I would be looking at that all day!!

  23. Don’t you just love the secondary block ~ it turned out so beautiful!
    I made a snowball quilt with that same secondary block and just did straight stitching and it turned out nice. I’m sure you’ll do something that perfect for this amazing quilt!

  24. mary moon says:

    It’s BEAUTIFUL Amy!

  25. Oh, Amy, its so great! I love the newsprint and all the fussy cuts. I’m with everyone else on the simple straight line quilting… and I cannot wait to see it!

  26. Love the quilt. I agree you need to keep the quilting simple. If I were to quilt it, I would do a chevron pattern by following the non sashing color strips along the secondary pattern.

  27. Wonderful. You are right, it doesn’t need sashing. I like Ann’s idea of a chevron quilting pattern That would be cool.

  28. This is such a pretty, fun quilt top! It is the sort of thing that you can look at over and over again and still notice new surprising details that make you smile. That’s success! I really like the secondary pattern, too. Well done!

  29. I love this quilt top. The cornerstones being the newsprint really made a wonderful secondary pattern.

  30. I’m so busy looking at all the lovely details in the quilt, its hard to even think about what you’ll do to quilt it. If this were my quilt, I think I’d go with an overall, subtle design- there is just so much to love with the piecing and the fabrics.

  31. Such a beautiful quilt!

  32. Love how it turned out! All of your blocks are beautiful! Thanks so much for the free pattern /)

  33. This is fabulous! It was really fun to see the blocks as you made them.
    Thanks for sharing!

  34. Where the heck have I been??!!! This is just SENSATIONAL! I love that you used the newsprint in the corners and on that border and not a whimpy border! The thought that went into each block!!!! A work of art Amy, beautiful!

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