Garden Party Dress in Hope Chest

Garden Party Dress in Hope Chest

I just finished making Penny a sweet spring dress using the new Oliver + S pattern called Garden Party. The fabric is the last of my stashed Hope Chest fabric by Josephine Kimberling for Blend Fabrics. As I said in an earlier blog post, I just love this collection for dresses. This is my fourth Hope Chest dress!

Garden Party Dress in Hope Chest

I am really happy with the way this dress turned out. I made a size 5 and I think that the pattern runs true to size. It fits Penny nicely with some wiggle room. I really like the gathered front bodice and the opportunity to add a bit of coordinating fabric.


There is a great tutorial on the Oliver + S site to help you with the thread chain button loop. It’s such a nice touch and looks so much more polished than an elastic hair band or some of the other quick fixes. Honestly, it is done just as quickly too.

Garden Party Dress in Hope Chest

All in all, it was another dress success!



  1. Could she look any sweeter? And the blue nail polish coordinates with the dress! That is a really pretty dress; I love the pattern!

  2. Adorable! I think I need to get that pattern!

  3. love the dress and the choice of fabric – you have such a beautiful little model as well – congrats

  4. I love it! Penny is adorable! xx

  5. Simply beautiful, and the dress is great, too! The way she is holding her hands while holding the dress out is adorable! The simple pattern design really allows for the fabric choices to be noticed. I love that you make dresses, dresses are my very favorite thing to sew. Mine is currently in the cut-out phase, having finally decided on pattern and fabric.

  6. Superb! It suits her so well! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!!

  7. This dress and your daughter are so adorable!
    She looks a lot like you.

  8. So beautiful! I love that gathering with the ribbon detail!

  9. Amy, the dress is adorable. I think your children wake up each morning cuter than the previous day. Penny certainly does like her new dress…..and the next project is??

  10. Penny looks VERY pleased with her new dress! She should! It’s a beauty. So is Penny!

  11. I love how this dress turned out! I am so torn on what pattern to use now for Loreleis dress. I hope that you don’t mind but I linked to your post about the Geranium dress in my blog post tonight. Your daughters are so lucky to have a mom who loves to sew for them!

  12. OH GOOD GRACIOUS, another CUTIE!!! Beautiful dress and she loves it! Sigh….I wish I could make things quickly…..Cat

  13. Oh my gosh I miss sewing kids clothes! I think this is my favorite!! Fabric is perfect for it!!
    Of course she looks more than pleased.hah.ah.ah.a.ha

  14. ps: I love the fingernail polish :))))

  15. I love your Dress Successes!!

  16. That looks like one very satisfied customer :)

  17. Penny looks so pleased with her new and lovely dress!

  18. Adorable dress! Your daughter looks in it even more sweet:)

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