sewing table

I just got home from our annual guild retreat and found that my husband had not only finished the sewing table he was making for me but he decorated it with a vase of tulips too! I’m feeling pretty lucky.  The table top is an old butcher-block top that was given to us.  He cut a hole in it to sink my machine, sanded it down and refinished it.  He also built the three sides of the desk using beadboard for the panels and painted it all.

sewing table

He made a little shelf recessed to hold my machine with a hole for the cords in the back.  I had ordered a new chair before leaving which arrived and was assembled before I got home too.

My room has very, very little storage, primarily because I don’t have much of any wall space because three of the walls are windows.  So I have pretty much filled the inside of the desk with plastic boxes but it is all hidden from view which is great!

I’m looking forward to quilting my next quilt with my much more comfortable and ergonomic setup.  My shoulders and back will be appreciative.


  1. That is lovely! What a great guy you have. I hope your sewing weekend was lovely, too, and I’ll pretend not to be envious. Can you share details about your chair? I’m in the market for a new sewing chair.

  2. Love it. Lucky lady. Great light & great desk. My husband is not handy at all so i’m kind of jealous. Enjoy your new sewing space.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous!!! I need to recess my machine too.

  4. that is wonderful! good man! enjoy…can’t wait to see your next creation. :)

  5. It looks fab, I want a furniture building fairy!

  6. That’s beautiful. I hope to get a table similar when our house is done.

    I think you need to go on another retreat!;)

  7. SO LOVELY! What a nice place to sew! Your hubby is a gem! My set-up isn’t too different from yours and we added window seat benches (with seats that open up) under the windows and these can hold a lot of fabric. These do not allow you to see what you have esaily, but I just sacrifice that for very clean fabric. I’ve enjoyed using these benches. Enjoy your new Sewing Room!

  8. Wow! He outdid himself – what a beautiful sewing table! Enjoy! Oh, and i hope you have new pictures of the selvage blocks; I like how you are putting them together. Great idea.

  9. So beautiful, what a wonderful surprise!

  10. Wow! That is the bomb! Can he come to my house?:)

  11. Very cool! It’s beautiful and yay for hubby finishing it up while you were gone. Sweet.

  12. Ohhh! I love it! What a fantastic husband you’ve got there!

  13. Sew beautiful! Looks like you now have a very comfortable set up. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I am a tad jealous! :)

  14. you have a beautiful place to sew and create. I love the thought of hiding the mess. enjoy!

  15. That’s beautiful. What a great hubby too!

  16. You are indeed fortunate to have such a talented, loving, thoughtful hubby! He did a beautiful job.

  17. What a nice job! Such a lucky lady. :)

  18. That looks totally awesome! His work is so pristine!
    You will so be having some fun sewing now!

  19. Wonderful! You are blessed, Amy! Hope you gad a great time!

  20. Elizabeth Bolton says:

    Congratulations – what a handsome piece of furniture – love the combination of white beadboard and butcher-block! So happy for you!!

  21. Beautiful!!!! How blessed you are!

  22. It looks fab! Your husband is very talented too. And so romantic! (big plus for tulips:)

  23. Oh, wow! Gorgeous.

  24. What a beautiful sewing table and Eco friendly too!

  25. Kay L Ford-Sollimo says:

    He is a real keeper. Table, plus tulips? What a fantastic man you have.

  26. Wow, what a great husband you have! So thoughtful. And so talented. Looks like you two are well-suited for each other.

  27. Great! I found it. Thanks.

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