Selvage Whirlwind

Whirlwind Selvage Block by Amy Friend

I have been collecting selvages for about 3 to 4 years now and have had a little help from my good friend Jeannie who has sent me her collection as well. I have been mulling over what I wanted to do with them and as soon as I would decide, I would change my mind and postpone the project. Recently, a group using the hashtag #selvageblockalong have been sharing selvage creations on Instagram so it spurred me on to put mine to use. I decided to make Whirlwind blocks with my collection.

Whirlwind Selvage Block by Amy Friend

When the Whirlwind blocks are put together, the background color creates a secondary pinwheel design. I contemplated the background fabric for awhile but settled on Kona Putty. I know it isn’t an exciting color but I wanted something with more color than white or off white so that it didn’t blend with the whites of the selvages. And I didn’t want the color to compete with any of the colors in my blocks. So, I think Putty works.

Whirlwind Selvage Block by Amy Friend

I’m grouping my selvages by color for each block. I am so happy to finally use some of my treasured selvages like the BasicGrey selvage above with all the little snowmen. Working with the selvages is sort of like scrapbooking my fabric history for the last few years (with Jeannie’s thrown in too!).

Whirlwind Selvage Blocks by Amy Friend

When I have enough selvages in a given color, I am breaking them down into shades of that color. I have a lot of blue selvages, for instance.

Whirlwind Selvage Blocks by Amy Friend

I have only made a handful of blocks so far but I have all my selvages sorted and am ready to make a bunch more at my sewing retreat this weekend. I will share when I get home!



  1. Sadly I have a bin full of selvedges….with no time to sew!!! I think it might be a retirement project for me!! Only 13 years away!

  2. I love the way you are using these selvages! The secondary pattern and the putty background add nicely to the overall effect. It will be fun watching this project come together!

  3. Amy, this is a splendid idea!!! Maybe you will be able to make it into rainbow pinwheels. Can’t wait to see them tomorrow. Do you need any more selvages??

  4. Awesome! I think the Putty is working really well. So smart to contrast with the white on the selvedges.

  5. Well these are just fabulous!!!

  6. Those are great Amy! I have a ton of them saved too but every time I want to start, I see something else that I like more… and your blocks definitely fit that category! Have fun on your retreat!!

  7. Oh I just LOVE these, Amy!!! (Let me know if you need some more–I have bags and bags!)

  8. Lisa McGriff says:

    These blocks are great! I to am saving my selvages for “one day”!

  9. I love these blocks. I have been saving my salvages too. Don’t have to many but maybe someday I will do something with them.

  10. So fun, I’m loving seeing what you all come up with with your selvedges :)

  11. I just started saving them…have a tiny little bag full, not enough to even think about doing anything with them but that’s fine!

    I really like the putty…at first in the thumbnail I thought it was linen so…yes…I like the putty!:)

  12. Judy Tucker says:


  13. Those are so cute! My selvedge basket is overflowing.

  14. What a great block! This is gonna make an awesome quilt! Perfect “neutral”!

  15. LOve Love Love. Will you provide a tutorial???? Please , cat!

  16. What an amazing idea! I had never even thought to save my selvedges . . . Until now! Love the thought of having pieces from every quilt sewn into a quilt of their own. So cute!

  17. I, too, have been saving selvages for about 4 years and until now have not seen a use for them that thrilled me – this block as you’ve done it!!! I can so see a happy quilt in there. Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. Amy, what a perfect block for salvages!! The putty is perfect!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  19. These are great!

  20. Your take on the selvage block is so pretty. Thanks for playing along and joining my group.

  21. Lori Spaulding says:

    I have just started saving salvages, your cool blocks have given me something to work towards!


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