Winged Square Bee Quilt

Winged Square quilt

Well, this finish is long, long, overdue. I received 11 of the blocks nearly two years ago from my Stash Trad Bee members and added a couple. The traditional block is called the Winged Square. I have a tutorial for it here. When I join a bee, I feel responsible for finishing a quilt with the blocks since so many people put their time and energy into making them. So it has been nagging at me that I hadn’t finished this yet. I intended to make it bigger but decided that finishing was good and finished it as a 48″ square baby quilt.

Winged Square

My son asked for the quilt so he’s going to keep it on his bed as an extra layer. I was tempted to quilt flowers in the open linen areas but since it was going in his room, I used a meandering square instead. He picked the green binding. It was amazing how much the linen softened after a wash and dry. I think we probably had all starched the heck out of our blocks and that combined with the weight of the linen made them feel pretty heavy and stiff as I was assembling it, but, no longer!

Thank you to everyone who contributed!



  1. I love all those pops from the fussy cut big squares. They did a great job…the linen is fantastic!

    Smart boy!!:)

  2. What a fabulous quilt, love the colours!

  3. Love this, bet the linen feels wonderful now

  4. sweetfe says:

    I love this quilt! Amazing!

  5. I like this winged square block and all the colors make for a cheerful quilt! That square quilting pattern works well, too. Lucky Timothy!

  6. jeanne e. says:

    this is beautiful. love the colors and the design and everything about this quilt!

  7. Those blocks look so happy! Love the binding and the quilting design. It is a fabulous finish, Amy!

  8. It looks great without any borders. I have two bee projects nagging at me to finish this year.

  9. Woo hoo! This looks awesome, Amy!!

  10. What a fun quilt. Your meandering blocks are great! I think it’s awesome that your son has been putting his dibs on your projects recently. Super cool!

  11. It’s such a beauty! Your son has great taste!

  12. Love this! Definitely worth waiting for!

  13. I love everything about this quilt. It’s beautiful!

  14. I just love this and how the linen tones down the brightness of the blocks. I can see why your son wants it.

  15. Beautiful!

  16. Love! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Jeannie says:

    That is a fun quilt! You picked a good quilting design for it too.

  18. This one is so beautiful! Often times when I see bee quilts you can usually tell the blocks were made by different people. This one seems so cohesive. Quite lovely.

  19. Oh, how lovely!

  20. This quilt is beautiful ~ love making HST’s. It’s perfect for scraps ~ think I’ll have to make it!

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