Selvage Whirlwind Complete!

Selvage Whirlwind by Amy Friend

I am so excited to share my completed Selvage Whirlwind quilt today.  It turned out just the way I had hoped and I love it!  I think shots of quilts blowing in the wind are pleasing so I had to include this one.  Is it just me?

Selvage Whirlwind by Amy Friend

The finished quilt measures 52 1/2″ x 60″ and is backed with DS Quilts prints that I had in my stash which worked out perfectly. It is bound in the same Kona Putty that I used while piecing.

Selvage Whirlwind by Amy Friend

Humor me…I am going to show close ups of some of my favorite selvages….do you see the row of colorful bees here?

Selvage Whirlwind by Amy Friend

I love the bow ties here in the navy block!

Selvage Whirlwind by Amy Friend

I love this one too with the woman in the high heel and the row of bows.

Selvage Whirlwind by Amy Friend

I was able to fussy cut so that I could include the anchors from the print in the blue block and put the seashell selvage next to them. In case you were wondering if my piecing was random or not; it wasn’t. It was pretty carefully considered throughout. I fussy cut many selvages to include fabric names in their entirety or a favorite designers name, or a certain bit of the actual fabric design that I wanted to show, etc.

Selvage Whirlwind by Amy Friend

And yes, I am continuing to collect selvages!  I think I have at least one more selvage quilt in me!

Selvage Whirlwind by Amy FriendIt is spring in New England…the snow is mostly gone but there is no green yet and these are dry leaves left over from the fall!




  1. Nancy P says:

    Amy, great post, especially sharing close ups of your blocks. This is really such a cool looking quilt!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

  2. melissa says:

    Looks great!

  3. This quilt is so beautiful! The wind blowing the “Whirlwind” quilt! How cool is that :-)!

  4. Spectacular! I’ve never been one to save selvedge, never knowing what to do with them, but I’ve never seen such cute designs on mine. Perhaps you’ll start a trend with this quilt!

    I’m so glad to discover that spring is finding its way to you. My trees are budding and my spinach and peas are popping up, it’s eye candy! I hope it greens up quickly for you.

  5. Love! Especially windy quilt shots, it gives them so much life. And I loved staring at each pic to try and remember which ones were mine. 😀 I am definitely going to keep collecting selvages, but I might save them for myself now.

    This is such an amazing, wonderful, [insert lots more adjectives] quilt Amy. Truly, truly awe-inspiring!!!!

  6. OMG, OMG!!! It is AWESOME!!!

  7. Love the quilt, I’ve seen a lot of selvage finishes recently and think it’s a hint for me to dig out my collection and make something – finally.

  8. I LOVE this!! It is simply perfect and I love how you coordinated each and everyone. 🙂

  9. Margaret says:

    Oh WOW — it’s simply amazing!! Congratulations on a beautiful finish!

  10. This is so beautiful!! I’ve loved watching it come together block by block. I’m so glad you included some detail shots and talked about your favorites. I think that is what I love most about selvage projects.

  11. OMG Amy! This makes my rainbow loving heart do an extra beat! I tell you it’s absolutely spectacular!!

    Amazing details and I love how you used all the prints and colors!!

  12. These are really nice photos, Amy. You did a great job on this quilt. I love everything about it. Of COURSE the placement wasn’t random! 🙂

  13. It is really awesome, Amy.

  14. Oh wow! This is simply amazing, absolutely gorgeous!!!

  15. Looks awesome! Great job!

  16. Oh I do love this!

  17. Judy Tucker says:

    Awesome! Really like the way you decided to quilt it!

  18. It is gorgeous Amy. Love looking at the close ups and how you placed the selvages : )

  19. I love LOVE this quilt! It has been so fun to find that some manufacturers are taking special care with selvages and adding fun little surprises. This is fabulous!

  20. Wow, did this ever turn out beautifully. I love the colour play with the different salvages While I am collecting them! I have no idea when I’ll use them!

  21. Jeannie says:

    You did such a wonderful job as usual! You are perfection!!

  22. Tammy Vasser says:

    FANTASTIC! I adore it! You’ve inspired me!

  23. Great pattern! Wonderful quilt! Congrats on an awesome finish!

  24. This turned out sew beautifully! I loved seeing all your close up pictures. I cannot stress enough how much I love this idea. You have definitely inspired me to start saving all my selvages. Love the idea of having a piece of every quilt one has made in one special quilt (especially since so many quilts get gifted)! I think this is probably the most inspiring quilt I have seen! 🙂

  25. What a spectacular quilt. I have seen other people collecting selvedges but it has never interested me. Yours is the first project I’ve seen that I’ve thought, ‘wow, I’d like to make that’!
    Beautiful work!

  26. Barbara says:

    Its beautiful, Amy…and it makes me want to dig out my big bag of selvages and play!

  27. Such a beautiful quilt ~ makes me want to make one! I’ve got a whole grocery bag full of selvages!

  28. WOW!!! I just love how this came out… you did amazing job highlighting all those little details. This would be the greatest quilt to just curl up with and love all those fabrics:-)

  29. Fabulous! Your quilt is absolutely fabulous!

  30. So beautiful. Who would have thought the selvedge could produce stunning quilts. I do like the putty colour you chose. It is perfect

  31. Beautiful finish

  32. It’s spectacular Amy! I’ve been wondering what to do with my growing pile of selvedges, and this is so inspiring!

  33. This is a really stunning quilt. Lovely at a distance and close up. I can only imagine how long it must have taken!

  34. Why isn’t this part of the Pilgrim-Roy collection and hanging in the MFA right now?! It is obvious you put much thought and consideration to the arrangement of the selvedges. It is just amazing. I have been trying to figure out how you created the pieces with the selvedges. Are you going to provide just a bit of a tutorial. NEVER give this away and if you sell it make sure you get 6 figures!
    XXOOOOO, Cat

  35. Amazing!

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