New Sweet Tea Pattern

Sweet Tea Pattern by Amy Friend for BasicGrey

I have been designing patterns for BasicGrey for awhile now. However, while my quilts have gone to market, I have not! So, it was very exciting for me to see my quilt design hanging in the BasicGrey booth this year and to meet a staff member from BasicGrey who I first started working with about 5 years ago now, for the first time.

Sweet Tea Pattern by Amy Friend for BasicGrey

This is my new pattern design featuring BasicGrey’s soon to be released collection called Persimmon. I love both the fabric and the quilt design. It sews together easily yet the design is interesting and fun, with a modern feel. The quilting accentuates the modern feel. It was done by Abby Latimer.

Sweet Tea Pattern by Amy Friend for BasicGrey

The folks at Moda also made a version of this quilt to hang in the main section of the booth which was opposite the BasicGrey display. I love the quilting on theirs too; it results in a completely different feel to the quilt. I sort of stalked this booth throughout market because a gentleman from Moda was sitting in front of the quilt meeting with customers and I wanted a picture. I finally explained myself on Sunday and asked him politely to move. The Moda rep next to him laughed and said that’s why he wasn’t sitting in front of a quilt. Apparently, they get asked a lot!

Sweet Tea Pattern by Amy Friend for BasicGrey

The pattern will be released with the fabric collection in September. The pattern will be on sale at BasicGrey in both paper and pdf. Both the pattern and the fabric will be available in the Fat Quarter Shop.  Also look for the pattern and fabric in your local quilt shop.



  1. Kelly O. says:

    I love this pattern and the fabric it is made with!

  2. Ruthann says:

    I love the Persimmon line…such soft yet deep colors. Love the pattern too!

  3. Very pretty quilt and fabrics. I love the look of the fabrics, soft but still strong.

  4. That’s a great pattern! I hope we get it in the shop…if not I know where to find it!;)
    BTW…I like how your’s is quilted better!:)

  5. Jeannie says:

    As always I love your quilt designs!

  6. I saw the photo of the quilt and immediately wanted the pattern! Waiting until September, ack, how horrible, but so worth it. Great job on such a lovely project!

  7. That’s too funny about asking the man to move! Glad you got to be at Market and see your work in person. Fun, fun! Congrats!!!

  8. Love the pattern and the quilt and the fabric line!! I can’t wait to get my hands on pattern and fabric.
    BTW – any idea on info for the tree/bird quilt there on the left of photo??

  9. Alicia Key says:

    Gosh, Amy,that last line….the patterns & fabrics will be available in LoTS of quilt shops.

  10. It was great to meet both of them!

  11. Great work, Amy! That’s really exciting – and totally jealous that you got to go to Market – but you deserve all good things headed your way!

  12. Congrats Amy! It’s a beautiful design, and amazing how different the two quilting styles make the quilts look!

  13. Wonderful pattern! Simple, but so unique and modern!

  14. Mary Truax says:

    your pattern complements the fabric perfectly. just enough piecing to showcase the fabric. would also be a great stashbuster. thanks for the pictures from quiltmarket.

  15. Can this pattern be made with a layer cake (plus additional yardage)?

  16. What about the quilt in the background. What pattern is that/

  17. Im in the process of making this quilt with the same fabric and its coming together like a dream. Love the pattern and the fabric so much so Im making a couple of different quilts out of it too. However, I love the bird/tree quilt beside the main picture and am wondering where I can purchase it? Any ideas….anyone!

  18. marilyn jade says:

    Nice to find you Amy just started useing computers love your site. Nice to see someone from ma, like me will enjoy checking in often be safe this winter mj

  19. kathy buckland says:

    I bought the Sweet Tea quilt pattern a while ago and just putting it together now. But I have misplaced the background fabric( 1 7/8 yds) I’ve been trying to find it on line but not sure exactly what color it is in the “grunge” collection. I have it narrowed down to: parchment, ivory or roasted marshmallow.

    Thank you!

  20. Deanna Tobias says:

    I have downloaded your Sweet Tea pattern. I am searching to find Basic Grey Persimmon fabric. Do have any suggestions where I could find the fabric? I will be so disappointed if I can’t get it. Thanks.


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