Busy, Busy!

Paper piecing stack by Amy Friend


I haven’t been blogging very actively lately but it isn’t because I haven’t been sewing. It’s just one of those times when I can’t share what I am working on.  I will show a few sneak peeks though!  The above is a stack of paper pieced blocks for an upcoming pattern. I chose a soft, pastel palette for this one!  It’s quite time intensive and precise.



Meanwhile, I am working on a second pattern. In stark contrast, this one is an easy sew, jelly roll pattern.



I’m using Persimmon by BasicGrey.  They are both coming together nicely and I look forward to sharing them!



I’ve also been keeping busy in the yard.  Our berry patch is doing nicely this year!  I think that this is year three and it seems pretty well established now.  We have also started a vegetable garden in addition to the herb and berry garden that I already had.

GardenMy perennial gardens have been keeping me busy too; there’s lots of weeding, mulching and watering going on!

It’s also nearly the end of the school year here so I have been attending lots of end of year functions at the school, planning school parties, hosting Brownie and Cub Scout events, and going to softball games.  And my daughter turns 5 this weekend which can’t go unnoticed.  We are planning a “tropical” themed party for a bunch of little girls.  Things certainly aren’t dull and I am looking forward to a breather in a couple of weeks!




  1. Great shot of that cool planter with the grass hair!

  2. Nancy P says:

    Nice tease for the new patterns!! They look really interesting. Your strawberries are way ahead of mine!!

  3. Do you have any tips for keeping your berries from getting eaten? Love Persimmon.

  4. Melanie says:

    At least you have been able to sew! I haven’t sat at my machine since gardening season started and the quilt pieces on my design wall are starting to call out for some love and attention, as is the dress hanging lifeless on the dress form. But, I do love my gardens! Your garden photos are fun! I started my new berry patch of raspberries and strawberries 2 years ago; I just picked my first ripe strawberry yesterday and it was bliss. I will have tomatoes ripe before the end of June, too!

    On a different subject: My quilt magazine subscriptions are up for renewal and I’d like to try some different publications; would you mind sharing your favorite magazine titles? I never know what is consistently good and could use some suggestions. Thanks, and have a gorgeous day!

  5. Vicki Lou Hoffman says:

    Those side angle shots of pieced squares soooooo intriguing! Can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

  6. Jeannie says:

    I want your garden but not the work! I do not have a green thumb. Those strawberries look wonderful!

  7. Tease 😉

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