Little House on the Prairie Sew Along; Mary’s Nine Patch


Mary's Nine Patch

Well, Lily just finished reading the second book in the series, Little House on the Prairie. While she was reading, she took great interest in the fact that Mary was busily working on a Nine Patch quilt. She asked what a Nine Patch looked like and decided to make one and name this block, Mary’s Nine Patch. Laura worked on a Nine Patch in the story too but not as diligently as Mary so we agreed that it should be named after just Mary.

Mary's Nine Patch

This is a great beginner block which makes it perfect for this sew along. I asked Lily to choose two small scale prints, one that was darker and one that was lighter. We cut the nine patch squares 2 1/2″ each and assembled them first. Then we added two 2 1/2″ borders to bring it up to 14 1/2″ unfinished like the other blocks.

Lily sewing

We chose subtle borders so that the nine patch is really the focus. It will also help balance the quilt if some of the blocks are busier.

Lily has her heart set on also making a horse block for this quilt. That one is going to be a bit trickier and will require more patience from mommy. We’ll be back with that one next. Meanwhile, I am trying to get a bit of my own sewing done here and there. I am working on a project with Indelible for Art Gallery that I hope to share with you soon.


  1. I predict in ‘On the Banks…’ we’ll be seeing Laura’s bear paw quilt block 🙂
    I’m seriously loving this project you’re doing.

  2. Judy Tucker says:

    This block looks like the Prairie! Well done!

  3. great work Lily!!

  4. Looking good! I like the red and yellow fabric choices.

  5. Great job Lily…your fabric choices are perfect! I can just see Ma and Pa snuggling the girls in it up in the loft!:)

  6. Colleen says:

    Little House books are favorites of ours too, and your sew along is a great idea! Nice job, Lily! (and, Mom).

  7. Clearly you have a talented quiltmaker in the making! Beautiful, accurate work Lily!

  8. That one looks great, good luck with the horse!

  9. Sweet Nine Patch! About that horse block…perhaps a simple block with a horse print fabric? It would be a perfect excuse to purchase Melody Miller’s Mustang line.

  10. Steph Pearsall says:

    Great instructions. Loved the Little House Books. Thanks for sharing your patterns and skills with us!! 🙂

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