Little House on the Prairie Sew Along: Lone Star in the Night Sky


Lone Star in the Night Sky

Can you believe that we are up to block 12 in the Little House Sew Along? This is the final block to correspond to By the Shores of Silver Lake. In one of the passages, Laura talks about a star in the vast night sky that is brighter than all the rest. Since the theme of endless prairie skies is repeated in several of the books, we decided it was time to make a star block.

star in night sky

Here are the cutting instructions. When we cut the squares for the HSTs, we went with 3 1/2″ squares which are really oversized but I find that they are more forgiving. Lily tends to turn outward or inward at the end of seams sometimes so it avoids any problem there. We can just trim it down in the most precise spot. That might help the other beginning sewists who are sewing along with us too.

Speaking of which, please send me an email to amybfriend at gmail dot com if you have pictures of your blocks or a single block that you would like me to share on my blog. Maybe I could do a little round up!

Lone Star in Night Sky

I let Lily use my treasured piece of Lizzy House’s Constellations for this block because it seemed too perfect not to.

If you would like to make another block for this book, or want to substitute for one of the designs, there is a traditional block called the Lady of the Lake block that works so nicely with the title of this book too.  Just Google it and you will find directions.  There are a lot of HSTs involved for a beginner though which is why we settled on this block instead.

We are nearly done reading The Long Winter and hope to make the two blocks for that book soon, ideally before school starts up again.


  1. It is just fantastic! Perfect fabrics! I love that constellation one too! XXOOO to both of you! Cat

  2. Love those fabrics and can’t wait to see the final quilt! What a memory you all are making!

  3. Perfect background!

  4. I have been following the Little House on the Prairie with great interest, and I love this block. I am glad you picked up on that bright star in the endless prairie night sky. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the Long Winter which is one of her books that I hold as extra special.

    Thank you for sharing this project! You have inspired me, and my daughter, to think of projects we can do to bring literature, sewing, and her own creativity together.

  5. Beautiful block! The fabrics are gorgeous too and Lily looks so proud. She’s doing a fantastic job!!

  6. Oh wow, she did a great job on those points!

  7. I just recently reread the series but your blocks make me want to do it all over again.

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