Little House on the Prairie Sew Along; Wheat

Lily Sewing


Lily has finished the 4th book in the Little House series and this is our last block to go along with that book, block 10 of the sew along.  The 4th book, On the Banks of Plum Creek, tells about the life of the Ingalls family after they move to Plum Creek.  They buy land with a growing wheat crop.  Their financial future is really tied to the land and that crop and sadly, a cloud of grasshoppers come and eat everything in sight.  We thought about making a grasshopper block but I couldn’t figure out how to do that simply enough and then I got an idea for a simple wheat block so we went with it!

wheat block with measurements


This 14″ finished block is made up of strips of background fabrics cut the the dimensions listed above and 2 1/2″ finished HST units.  Lily cut those herself using the Sizzix but they can be rotary cut as well, of course.

Wheat Block


After the block was pieced, we placed stabilizer/tear away behind it and used wool Aurifil thread and a stitch length of 3 to stitch the stem and some waving leaves/grasses.  I stitched up free hand and then Lily stitched down working off my stitching.  It was team work.

I hope you enjoy making this block!  Remember to join us on Instagram with the hashtag #littlehousealong.

Lily is just beginning book 5 and says that the print is a lot smaller so the next block might be a couple of weeks out!  Time will tell!



  1. What a wonderful project for the two of you!

    I have fond memories of sixth grade, when each day after lunch our teacher would read to us from the LIttle House books. I believe we made it through pretty much the entire series.

    I’m enjoying following your progress; you’ve come up with such creative blocks.

  2. I never read the Little House books as a child, but your sweet project spurred me to borrow them from my daughter and read them. I am on book 2 now. Even my grandson has read some of the books and of course, Farmer Boy was his favorite. Keep stitching, Lily!

  3. Great work, Lily and Amy! This block has an Art Nouveau look about it or something from the Arts and Crafts era. Paring down these objects to simple form in order to make them child-sewing-friendly is an artistic feat1

  4. Your fabric picks have been spot on for all your blocks! I love this one and Lily is doing so good!!

  5. What a great picture of a budding seamstress! The block is a great representation of wheat and Lily did an awesome job of stitching the leaves and stems.

  6. This quilt will end up being so special and what a wonderful way to bond with your daughter. I still have fond memories of my granny teaching me to sew on an old pedal (manual pedal, where you had to rock it to and fro) singer sewing machine. I kept the machine a few years after her passing and then gave it to an aunt for her granddaughter. I think Lily did an AWESOME job once again on this block. WAY TO GO LILY!!

  7. Suzy Armstrong says:

    A new book has been written about the Little House series. You can find more at this link:

    The books were read to my sixth grade class and we took on the personalities during our playground time.
    Such great memories!

  8. What an awesome Sew Along!! Lily is so talented already!! Her blocks are gorgeous!!
    I am loving looking at every block that she makes! I have a great-niece (age 9) that would love to learn to sew , and make these blocks, too! Thanks for this delightful sew along!

  9. This block is awesome! I can’t believe she just started piecing this summer. Her blocks are so perfect!

  10. Great idea for the wheat!

  11. What a wonderful wheat block! Great job, Lily!

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