Curious by Amy Friend

As I made my Melon Ice table runner recently, I was reminded of how much I like the diamond shape. I wanted to explore it a little more in a minimalist design using large scale piecing.  I drew several diamond designs and settled on this one.  While it is a simple design, I contemplated the placement of the diamond quite a bit.  The finished mini measures 20″ x 20″ and I used Art Gallery Pure Elements Solids.
Curious by Amy Friend

I quilted using a 50 weight Aurifil thread, in a diagonal grid, with lines spaced just over a 1/4″ apart.

Curious by Amy Friend

The texture is really amazing.  It was worth the three solid hours of quilting.

It was a fun exercise for me and I think I will work on a few similar projects because I enjoyed it!  I am naming this piece Curious after a comment made by a friend on IG.



  1. I love it, the colours and the shape and the layout and the quilting. I started exploring circles with a mini quilt much this size. It is fun to just explore a simple shape and see where just a few additional elements might take you. I really do love the quilting on this, I might have to try it myself.

  2. I couldn’t tell you why I love it….but I do!!! I think that’s the best kind of love, too.

  3. Dianne Ritter says:

    It’s lovely Amy. The choice of colour the placement and the quilting – all simply wonderful. Excited to see more of your exploration of this shape!

  4. Wow! So beautiful and it makes you feel such a serenity just by looking at it!

  5. That is super cool!! The quilting really makes it move.

  6. Hi Amy, I was ” curious” as to the reason why you made this… I know. It looks incredible with all that quilting! It is hard to imagine how dense the quilting is but it looks so amazing!!

  7. Anne Rhodes says:

    Fantastic! I’m wondering what stitch length you used.

  8. Oh I love this, and I bet the quilting feels fabulous!

  9. This is beautiful in its simplicity. And the quilting is absolutely perfect!

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