Little House on the Prairie Sew Along; Blackbird

Little House on the Prairie Blackbird Block,

Lily is back to school now which is putting a hamper on our sew along process!  She has been reading Little Town on the Prairie when she can and is a little more than half way through it.  She told me that she liked one chapter in particular where the blackbirds were eating the corn crop.  The Ingalls family was depending on the money from the corn crop to pay for Mary’s college.  Laura alerted her father to the damage when she went to pick corn one day.  He got out his shot gun and shot so many birds that they decided to start eating them.  One day, Ma made a chicken pie, substituting blackbirds for the chicken.  Lily really wanted to make a blackbird block.

Little House on the Prairie Sew Along,Blackbird

I  love her fabric choices.  She used the same background fabric that she used on her pumpkin block because it looks a bit like corn stalks which is perfect for the story.  I also like the Kona Papaya solid.


This block uses templates.  Please remember to cut your templates with the fabric right side up and template right side up.  Look at the diagram on the pattern to figure out the direction of the pattern piece and order of assembly.

Download the free pattern templates here. Please remember that these patterns are free for personal use only. Do not use them for profit.

I hope you are enjoying the sew along!  I plan to share some readers blocks soon.  If you would like your blocks shared, please send me an email with a link or pictures.  My email is amybfriend at gmail dot com.



  1. Kathy Helton says:

    I just finished making some pillows from your pumpkin block! They look great, thanks!

  2. Beautiful!

  3. These blocks have been so wonderful. I have enjoyed watching what a great job that your daughter has been doing with them. Maybe one day I will be able to do the same with my granddaughters. Thanks for sharing part of your life!

  4. I am so impressed with these blocks, what a wonderful little quilter your daughter is, this is going to be such a loved quilt when complete

  5. Yet another wonderful block! Lily’s fabric choices and her care in sewing is amazing as is your ability, Amy, to simplify an object to create a design that is simple enough for her to assemble. What a team!

  6. She is doing such a great job on her blocks and you are too in creating them, mama! Sew on =)

  7. Another lovely job, and that fabric really does give the impression of a corn field :o)

  8. I just ran across your quilt along, wonderful!! Your daughter is doing a great job. I have been reading the little house books to my girls for over a year! My girls are always looking for projects. How many block do you plan on making in total?

  9. Love the lines of the design, and colors you used!

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