Irish Chain Variation Complete

Irish Chain Variation by Amy Friend

I have finished my Irish Chain Variation!  As I mentioned in a recent post, this quilt was inspired by an Amish quilt on the back cover of the book A Gallery of Amish Quilts.  The original quilt was all yellow and blue.  I obviously went with white and black and then broke into the negative space with reds in an ombre progression. I had been calling this a Nine Patch Variation because that’s what I thought it was…then I read the caption on the original quilt and it is an Irish Chain.  So I guess I will now call this my Irish Chain Variation.

Irish Chain Variation by Amy FriendThe fabrics used are Kona Pepper and Kona White, along with various shades of red to salmon in Free Spirit Solids.  The finished dimensions are approximately 63″ x 75″.

Irish Chain Variation by Amy Friend

The quilting was done in irregularly spaced but straight (as possible) lines to form a diagonal grid. I debated thread color a lot. I ended up going with a soft gray Aurifil which blends well in the white and red areas but certainly shows in the black. I didn’t want to change threads and do freemotion quilting inside the black shapes because it just wasn’t the look I was going for.  I sort of like the overlay of lines.  It adds another dimension to the quilt.

Irish Chain Variation by Amy Friend

I chose to use the solid white for the binding, a foolhardy choice, I know. But I like how it blends with all those setting triangles.

Irish Chain Variation by Amy Friend

And here is one last picture for fun.

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  1. gorgeous! so modern looking too. Love your version of Irish chain…

  2. Nancy Peach says:

    Amy, I love how this all came together. Great choice for both thread and quilting!! It certainly does give it another dimension. Great job as always!!

  3. Beautiful kiddo! Yes, it is always hard to pick thread color with such dramatic differences but I think you chose wisely. I like how it stands out on the black more than the white and red.

  4. I really love this quilt, it is so bold and has just enough going on without being too busy. I expect you will see the thread less once you wash it, grey was a great choice, it adds just the smallest additional detail. I think the white binding is perfect.

  5. I love that touch of red. Really makes it pop.

  6. Beautiful! I love how the grid shows on the black fabric.

  7. Susan Jonsson says:

    An eye grabbing stunner of a quilt. Just plain fabulous….and then some!

  8. Love the quilting you chose

  9. The choice of grey for the quilting thread and the irregular grid are perfect! With the pattern of the quilt top being very regular, the irregular grid adds great design interest. Just perfect! 🙂

  10. Beautiful work, a stunning Modern Quilt. I would like to make an Irish Chain Quilt one day.

  11. Wow it’s stunning, so effective.

    Peg x

  12. Oh boy that is totally awesome! Love how you used your solids with this pattern and the quilting is perfect with this. Don’t worry about the white binding, it will do wonderful!

  13. Amy, I love this so very much!! Beautiful!

  14. Amy, Very nice! It’s an inspiration. I love how you took a very simple block, limited colors and really made it pop!

  15. Karen Thurn says:

    Wow! This Irish Chain is gorgeous! I love how modern it looks. The white binding was definitely the right choice. Of course, I’m partial to black and white quilts as I have two in my upcoming project bin to do and probably 2 more in my head that I want to make. Thanks for sharing. How do you ever get all this done? I’ve also been following the Little House blocks and lovin’ how you are working with your daughter. She’s really changed (looks more grown-up) from the first post of the block to the last one you did.

  16. Oh Amy, I’m in awe; this quilt turned out beautifully. I thought it was really pretty and interesting before, but it’s even better with the stitching!!!

  17. Gwendoline Steele says:

    This is just perfect for my grandson who has recently started university
    Will you be selling this in a pattern?

  18. That is such a great quilt!

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