Scraps, Inc. and Twinkle

Twinkle by Amy Friend


I was so excited to be invited to contribute to Scraps, Inc., a collaborative book published by Lucky Spool. Working on this book was a wonderful experience with lots of collaboration so I truly felt part of the process. And I was honored to be in such good company. Contributors to this book are: Alex Ledgerwood, Allison Harris, Amy Ellis, Amy Smart, April Rosenthal, Beth Vassalo, Camille Roskelley, Faith Jones, Jeni Baker, Kati Spencer, Lee Heinrich, Melissa Lunden, Sherri McConnell and Susan Beal. I bet you can all find one of your favorite quilters in that line up.  I know I can.

Twinkle by Amy Friend

My quilt is named Twinkle and is, you guessed it, paper pieced. I arrived at this “new to me” color scheme through the inspirational mood board provided by Lucky Spool at the beginning of the process. I quite like the colors but didn’t have enough of them in my stash so I asked my guild, the SMQG, for contributions. Several of the members were kind enough to bring me scraps in these colors. I used so many different prints in this quilt! I have to say, that made it really fun to piece. I didn’t get bored even though I worked on this quilt for weeks.  There was a method to my madness. I sorted my scraps into 7 color groups and then assigned each color to a section of my paper pieced foundation. But it was so fun picking from each pile to assemble the blocks.

Twinkle by Amy Friend

I threw in some fussy cuts here and there including little bicycles and foxes.  And I used some of my favorite text prints too.  The resulting pattern has small dark charcoal pinwheels where the wedges meet at one end and light grey pinwheels at the other.  I quilted with diagonal lines set 1/2″ apart.
Scraps Inc. Cover


Lucky Spool is offering this book at 30% off right now using the code “SCRAPS30.” Enter that code where it says “Coupon Code” at the time of check out.  The code will expire on 12/1/2014 and can only be used on this title.  The discount is taken off the original price of $26.95.

photo courtesy ©Lucky Spool Media, LLC.

photo courtesy ©Lucky Spool Media, LLC.

Scraps, Inc. is full of beautiful quilts by talented quilters and designers. My favorite picture in the whole book is this one–and it’s not because my quilt is in it! It’s because the four quilts look so pretty together and yet so different from one another. I think that’s where the shared mood board and color guidance really came into play. One of my favorite quilts in the book is Sunset Tiles by Jeni Baker which you can see here on the bottom right.

I hope you will pick up a copy and do some scrap busting. I know that’s a New Year’s resolution I often hear among quilters and the New Year is almost here!



  1. Ordered! I am drowning in scraps, particularly blue and green, which I think would be perfect for Twinkle! Another one to add to the “one day” list.

  2. Sounds like a fun book! And, wow, you already have so much snow. It is way colder than usual in South Carolina right now. It’s going to be a cold one!

  3. A gorgeous quilt!

  4. This book is going on my wishlist! Love your quiltM

  5. Wow . . . I really like this quilt. Great colors, great design. Really like the darker little pinwheel formed in the center.

  6. It’s gorgeous and I love the color scheme! It feels fresh and unexpected.

  7. LOVE IT!! and ordered the book too. I love the quilting you did in this. As always, totally perfect!

  8. Judy Tucker says:

    Great quilt, Amy. Books coming out of Lucky Spool are some of my favorites! Thanks for the code of the discount. I ordered mine. (Shipping is free too). FYI–It’s out of stock at the big on-line store with at A name. and there is a banner on the page stating that it a #1 best seller in quilting books! : )
    Can’t wait for it to come!

  9. Very pretty and congrats on the book. I have been quilting many years and find it fun to see what are ver retro designs to me being called modern! Love your blog

  10. Love the alternating pinwheels in this, great effect!

  11. What a wonderful way to use scraps!! I applique but there is no way I can possibly use all the tubs of scraps I have. Beautiful quilt, I love it.

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