Baguette Quilt

Baguette, American Quilter Jan 2015

I am pleased to finally share a quilt I made over the summer.  It feels like forever ago!  I call it Baguette and it can be found in the January 2015 issue of American Quilter Magazine.

Baguette by Amy Friend

My quilt was inspired by gem stones and their cuts, specifically the way color can reflect off of a clear diamond and create bursts of color. I chose pastel hues that I tend to notice in my engagement ring.  I also thought it would be a great opportunity to use some of the metallics that are a current trend in contemporary fabric designs. I used a bit of Brambleberry Ridge by Violet Craft for Michael Miller and Shimmer by Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman among others.

Baguette by Amy Friend

This quilt was the second one I made using Warm and Plush, and extra thick batting. I quilted in the ditch along all the strings that made up the gem stones.  Then I outlined the secondary star like design that I created with the quilting (based on the seams from the foundation piecing).  And then I free motion quilted tiny pebbles.  I think I was a bit off my rocker when I planned that because it took forever, however, I love the way it worked and am pretty proud of the effect that I achieved with the quilting here.  The quilting was difficult with the added weight of the Warm and Plush but it was also what gave it the great “pop”.

Baguette by Amy Friend

I am going to show an excess of pictures here because I took a lot for the magazine and might as well share them!

Baguette by Amy Friend

This is the photo that they chose of the quilt hanging in a tree. I like this one too but I am glad that I didn’t have to pick.

Baguette by Amy Friend

I love how these detail shots show the variety of fabrics used in pale pinks, yellows, greys, lavender and blue.  The background fabric is a Moda Grunge in Vanilla.

Baguette by Amy Friend

See the depth that was achieved with the quilting and the extra plush batting? It was worth the effort though I seriously questioned it at the time, especially about half way through!



  1. Ack! It’s beautiful. You are a crazy girl…my shoulders hurt just thinking about all that quilting.

    I have come to the sad conclusion that FMQ is not in me!

  2. Nancy Peach says:

    It is beautiful, you got it with the color and cut of your gemstones!! I love what you did and many of us know that you are a little bit crazy….but the quilting is stunning!! It really makes the whole quilt pop!! I cannot wait to see this one too!!

  3. Interesting quilt. I like how it ‘flows’. It could be a part of a book about modern optical illusions!

  4. Iits beautiful Amy! I love the quilting in the negative space to create another design! I need to try this sometime.

  5. This is amazing. YOU’RE amazing. I don’t know how you do it all! I really love this color palette – subdued, but not low volume. Grayed-down, unique hues. Basically perfection in quilt form 🙂

  6. It looks fabulous, love the quilting

  7. I admired this quilt in the magazine, and it looks even better here with all your photos. And I love the quilting on it – it’s simple, effective and really makes the baguettes pop!

  8. I love this quilt. You’ve done such a great job with the quilting and with the use of the extra thick batting. Creating that secondary design is pure genius! It is also nice to see a color palette that is not seen everywhere. These colors are pretty and restful. And, yes, you are a little bit crazy. 🙂

  9. That so looks like a winter quilt! Looks like when the sun hits snowflakes and you get this jewel tone affect!
    This so looks worth the effort it took!! BEAUTIFUL!!

  10. Judy Tucker says:

    Love the soft colors you picked. If I had to pick a palette of colors that makes me think of you, this would be it! The quilting is awesome–you clearly have a lot of patience! Beautiful!

  11. Amy, this is absolutely stunning! The quilting is amazing. WOW, wow, wow!

  12. What a “gem” of a quilt (pun intended). Your design and quilting is absolutely brilliant. I can certainly see how time consuming this was, but the end result is most stunning!!

  13. What a brilliant quilt! Your detailed quilting is just amazing.

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