Little House on the Prairie Sew Along Complete!


Little House on the Prairie Quilt

I’m happy to share my 9 year old daughter’s completed quilt!  If you have been sewing along with us, you know that Lily and I have been reading the Little House series.  As we read, I design blocks to go with the story and she sews them.  She selected her own fabrics.  I cut.  She sewed.  She learned a bit about traditional piecing, hand stitching, applique, templates and even paper piecing so it was a great learning experience.  She put a lot of time and effort into the quilt.  I did the final steps myself; I sewed the top together, basted, quilted and bound.  We were under a little time pressure because her quilt is going to hang at the public library next month. Also, I think that all of that would have been frustrating for Lily. This way, we ended on a high note and she is eager to do more sewing.

Lily chose her sashing and cornerstone fabrics as well as the layout.  All the blocks are in the order in which they were sewn except we switched the pumpkin and the barn, both blocks from Farmer Boy, because the pumpkin and blackbird would have been in the same row with the same background fabric.

If you choose to sash and use cornerstones like Lily, cut 30 cornerstones 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ square. Cut 49 sashing strips measuring 2 1/2″ x 14 1/2″. You will need approximately  1/4 yard for cornerstones and a yard and a quarter for sashing.

If you are just learning about our sew along and would like to make a Little House quilt, scroll down my blog and look on the sidebar for a search button (down a ways) and type “little house on the prairie” and all the block patterns and blog posts will come up.  Tag your pictures on Instagram with @duringquiettime and #littlehousealong. I can’t wait to see them!



  1. Oh my, my, my it turned out smashing! I’m glad you all were able to put them in order! So…where is the label?:)

  2. Congratulations to your daughter! How excited she must be to see it at the library. So cool!

  3. Kathleen O'Grady says:

    I have been following your progress from day one and am so impressed! What a wonderful thing you have done! I will for sure miss seeing the progress and what will come next. Both of you should feel very proud!

  4. Cindy Dahlgren says:

    She did such an amazing job creating and sewing this quilt. I wish I had a daughter that age, I would surely be doing this with her. Such a wonderful way to nurture the love of reading along with the love of quilting, all together. Kudos to you Mom for doing this with her, and not for her. CDahlgren at live dot com

  5. It is so cool to see such an awesome quilt made mostly by a little girl. The block design is perfect. I loved that series of books and it’s nice to know that the next generation is reading them too. I’ll have to ask my granddaughter if she has read the series. Maybe we could do your quilt together. I wish she lived closer so I could teach her to sew. Congrats on the great job Amy.

  6. What an attractive quilt! I’m sure it’ll get lots of accolades at the library!

  7. You both must be so proud! It’s beautiful. I have loved sharing in this journey with you. Thank you.

  8. IT is SENSATIONAL!!! And how cool is it that it will hang in the Library!! HOoray to both of you!!! HOw talented you are Lily. XXOO Cat

  9. Lily and you have made such a wonderful quilt, I’ve been enjoying seeing the blocks as you go.

  10. Just lovely! What a great collaborative effort. You both must be thrilled!

  11. This was such a good idea. Your daughter will remember this experience with her Mom forever. The quit is a beauty.

  12. Wow! Amy and Lily this is rather impressive seeing all the squares put together. I’ve enjoyed watching Miss Lily progress to a fine young seamstress and seeing the wonderful memories you both shared. Can’t wait to see what you both come up with next!

  13. It is so fresh and happy! Lily must be very proud of her achievement give her my love.

  14. Judy Tucker says:

    This is so awesome! Congratulations on finishing your first quilt Lily! Great job! I hope you had fun reading the books too. Amy– your designs are all wonderful and they look great all together! What fun! Well done you two!

  15. Lily did such n amazing job on her quilt ~ just love how it came together! And, what a lovely Mom you are to encourage her! I love that as you read the book, you designed the blocks!
    I told a friend about this quilt ~ her granddaughter wants to learn to make quilts and thought this one would be lovely!

  16. I am so proud of “my girls”! Great work, Lily and Amy. This has been such a wonderful experience in so many ways.

  17. Lily did such an awesome job! Her quilt looks amazing and what fun for both of you! This is a memory she will never forget!

  18. How pretty. Lily did a great job in both her fabric choices and the sewing. Everyone will love it at the library. Great work Lily!!

  19. The quilt is beautiful. My nine year old will be more than impressed and as inspired as I am. Fantastic job Lily and mom.

  20. That’s such a great project you’ve developed for her. Excellent idea. Tell her we love it!

  21. Excellent job, girls! Thank you for all of the inspiration!

  22. Congratulations on such a great project finish. I’ve enjoyed following Lily’s progress through the book series with each of her blocks. It brought back my memories of reading the books so many years ago. I hope her love of reading and sewing will bring her a lifetime of enjoyment and accomplishment.

  23. I have really enjoyed reading about these block as they’ve progressed. What a wonderful heirloom this will be for your daughter, such a great story to tell as she grows up. The library is such a fitting location to showcase it.

    Merry Christmas, God bless!

  24. congratulations to you and Lily. this is such a marvelous accomplishment and a truly fantastic quilt! such an encouragment to me…and my own children. thanks for bringing us all along on this journey with you

  25. Fabulous on so many levels – love the reading, quilting connection and creating this memory together.

  26. The pair of you did such a great job with this, well done!

  27. I have really enjoyed following along with you and Lily. What a truly special experience you have had! Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  28. Nancy Peach says:

    Lily has done a wonderful job…an amazing fiirst quilt!! You two make a great team….can’t wait to see it when Lily comes for show and tell!!

  29. WOW Lily – You and your mom did such an amazing job on this quilt! I can’t wait to show this to my daughters and hope to convince them to make one too. I already want to make one of my own as well! Great job!!!

  30. What a great job she diid! The quilt looks fantastic 🙂

  31. This quilt is beautiful! I’ve loved following its progress. Your daughter should be very proud with what she’s made! As I’m sure you are of her!

  32. This is so lovely!! What a great memory you both made- and fostered a love of reading and sewing!

  33. Boy, where have I been. I have only been looking at flickr but you do not post everything there. HOW EXCITING!! What an accomplishment for her and way to go mom! which library is this?? XXOO Cat

  34. The quilt Lily has made is adorable , great pattern . I loved those books as a young girl and have the collection on my shelf , they bring back wonderful memories .

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