Caitlyn’s Little House on the Prairie Quilt


Caitlyn's quilt


Oh, I can’t begin to tell you how happy this picture makes me!  This Little House on the Prairie Sew Along quilt was completed by Caitlyn and her mom, Tiffany.  Can you believe that Caitlyn is only in kindergarten?  Tiffany and Caitlyn have been so much fun during this sew along. They contributed the maple leaf block, shared each block with me on IG, and chatted through email.  Tiffany was nearly always the first to check out the new block patterns and caught a couple of typos in them which saved all of you from cutting mistakes and me from embarrassment.  I just love the energy with which they approached this project and how fun that made it for me and Lily.

We are thinking that we might have to do this again in a couple of years!

If you would like to make a Little House on the Prairie quilt, it’s not too late!  The block ideas and patterns will remain on my blog so you can jump in when you have the time and desire.  The best way to pull up all the posts is to type in “little house on the prairie” in the Search bar near the top of my sidebar.

Thank you again Tiffany and Caitlyn for sewing with us and for allowing me to share the picture of your completed quilt here.  If you finish a Little House quilt, make sure you email me a picture!



  1. Amy, Thank You so much for hosting this sew-along, and for providing these awesome block patterns. This has been a very special experience for us, both in the reading and the sewing. It’s a perfect way to accomplish a quilt with a young sewist: one block at a time, each with an interesting theme, and connected the stories in the Little House series. We will treasure this quilt forever.

  2. A wonderful keepsake quilt. I love anything that gets children interested in crafting and reading. What a legacy to the next generation. I don’t know how you could top this, but perhaps there is another set of books out there, waiting to be quilted.

  3. That is so fun! How wonderful to see kids sewing. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  4. Oh, this is sew wonderful! This quilt is surely a treasure!

  5. Congrats to Caitlyn and Tiffany for creating this remarkable quilt that is sure to be treasured for many years to come!

  6. Look what you did girlie…always inspiring people…good for you and what a great treasure and memories they have made because of you and Lily!:)

  7. How wonderful! Congratulations to Caitlyn and Tiffany for a great quilt.

  8. My daughter and I started on the first block. We are both having a great time. Now when we read books, my daughter is always wondering what kind of block the chapter should be. Maybe you should “block” another book…The Secret Garden?? Matilda?? So many to choose from!

  9. Sweet!

  10. That is totally awesome! What a fun sew along and what a good job they did!

  11. I love it when little girls and boys learn how to sew! It’s a life long skill and one they can be proud of! This quilt is amazing and look how happy Caitlyn is!

  12. Barbara Macey says:

    I have so enjoyed this “sew-along” & to learn that Caitlyn is a Kindergartener makes this quilt all the more special. I imagine that a true quilter has been born. Thank you Amy!

  13. Jenn Swope says:

    I, too, have enjoyed this sew-along series. I loved Little House on Prairie as a child. I think you are on to something by making this connection between classics of children’s literature and quilting projects for children and parents to do together. Congratulations to both of you! I really like Julie’s suggestions of a Secret Garden series.

  14. I just love that you did this…look at all those sweet comments…I am going to do it just for myself because of how I loved Little House Series too…
    Smart girl…you DID GOOD!

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