Ombre Vibes Mini

Ombre Vibes Mini by Amy Friend

A little over a year ago now, I designed a quilt for Sizzix that I called Ombre Vibes. It is available as a free pattern on the Sizzix site.  Sizzix now owns the sample quilt that I made and I have been intended to make one for myself but keep putting it off.  I was asked to teach an Ombre Vibes quilt class this fall so I figured it was now time to make another version!  Sizzix is kindly sending the original for me to share at the class so I made this sample to share another colorway, a smaller size, and a different quilting approach.

Ombre Vibes Mini by Amy Friend

The original Ombre Vibes was made with 6″ finished squares and HST units.  This mini version is half the size using 3″ finished squares and HST units.  It finishes at 27″ square.

Ombre Vibes Mini by Amy Friend

It can be tricky to find 6 solids in a nice gradient.  I chose to start with a FQ pack of Pure Elements by Art Gallery Fabrics and added in the lightest shade of pink for the center and one of the medium pink shades from a Kona bundle in order to achieve the gradient I needed.  The grays are all Kona.  I was so thrilled to find the perfect binding fabric in my stash!  It’s Tula Pink’s Swarm in Jam.  Not only does it match the darkest shade of pink but it includes one of the medium shades too!

Ombre Vibes Mini by Amy Friend

For my original Ombre Vibes, I quilted with tiny pebbles in the center square and then quilted wavy radiating lines from the center to the outer edges.  In order to show a quilting alternative, and since this one was smaller and therefore this approach more feasible, I quilted with a dense diagonal grid.  The lines are all 1/4″ or 1/2″ apart.  They are primarily quilted with a 50 weight Aurifil in light pink but I added some rows of gray stitches too. I think you can see this if you look closely.

I hope you are all enjoying summer!



  1. I love the diagonal grid, it looks great!

  2. Both quilts are awesome and so is the quilting. I love the grid idea you did on this one though. Different and perfect for this quilt.

  3. What a great quilt! I especially love the quilting on this one.

  4. Your Hombre quilt is gorgeous – I especially like the quilting with the varied widths between lines – I cannot quite make out if there is a repeated pattern or if the widths are random – it looks wonderful.

  5. Nancy Peach says:

    This mini looks great, it iis definitely perfect in pink. The quilting must have kept you up all night but it is amazing as always

  6. Loved how the color palette turned out and the uneven spaced quilting…adds a lot of visual interest

  7. Susan Jonsson says:

    Show stopper….This quilt really caught my eye….Love the color and the beautiful quilting pattern…Perfection….Once again I am floored by your creativity and skill…close to speechless on this one!

  8. Barb Brian says:

    Both quilts are fantastic and particularly love the diagionial quilting on the mini!

  9. ~ cheryl mendenhall says:

    Love these quilts, both sizes, and both color palettes. Hope to make a mini with spring green, greys and white. I like the diagonal matchstick quilting – really makes it pop! Thanx for the pattern and photos!!

  10. Yup – you are right… is getting the right gradient shades, but worth the hunt because this quilt is very striking and yet a simple layout. Well done! Just Love It!

  11. Love, love, love this!!! I enjoy your color choices and designs so much. So far I have only sewn bags and other small items. I now have a Sizzix and am hoping to make my first quilt soon! Your posts have been such an inspiration. Thank you!

  12. Karen Fisher says:

    I am unable to get the pattern to down load. Very frustrating!

  13. This is stunning Amy! I have admired the original many times online but must say I like this new one even more! Beautifully done.

  14. Amy, both versions of this quilt are just beautiful!, and your choices of colors for the ombre effect are spot on! I love how the fabric reacts to the quilting you used–just so soft and the right amount of poufiness 🙂

  15. Judy Cinerari says:

    Your quilting is extraordinary – very effective.

  16. Your color gradients are awesome, and I love how the diagonal lines at varying intervals bring the whole design together!

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