Good Neighbors Pincushion Party


I’m so happy to help spread the work about Amanda Jean Nyberg’s debut fabric collection for Connecting Threads!  Her collection is called Good Neighbors and it’s full of colorful prints that remind me of Amanda’s signature scrappy quilts.  Good Neighbors is now available for sale and you can buy it here.

I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda at Quilt Market and she is so sincere and kind, that it is a joy to help her celebrate her name on the selvage!

Good Neighbor's Pincushion by Amy Friend

I fussy cut and paper pieced…shocking right?  Amanda’s collection includes warm bright pink, orange, yellow and red as well as cool blue, green and grey. I gravitated toward the later and started with a fussy cut flower.  Then I paper pieced a hexagon in log cabin style. I think that those little strips finish at about a 1/4″.

Good Neighbors Pincushion by Amy FriendI used a grey linen solid for the sides and bottom and filled the pincushion with bird grit and gravel that I had on hand from a prior pincushion making experience.  I like it because it helps keep my pins sharp, just like crushed walnut shells.

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  1. Diane Beavers says:

    Amy, of course I expected your pinnie to be Paper Pieced:) It’s a cool shape the hexie and very functional too (bird gravel and grit is what I’ve been using too as I’m afraid to go in the reptile section of the pet store to pick up the lizard litter LOL) Love the cheerie-ness of Good Neighbors.

  2. Hi, Amy. I’m new to your blog but love what I see. Your pincushion is adorable. Hope you don’t mind if I take a look around as I am curious what other tips you might have to share. I used walnut shells in my pincushion but I like your suggestion too.

  3. Oh, this is the cutest pincushiion, ever! And in my favorite color combination of blue, green and gray!

  4. What a darling pincushion – you do beautiful work.

  5. Patricia Cash says:

    Darling pincushion and love the colors you used.

  6. Elaine in North Tx. says:

    I just love all of the pincushions.

  7. I think this is my favorite pin cushion so far. Your choice of colors spoke to me.

  8. The detail and tiny pieces are so worth while. The finished pin cushion is wonderful.

  9. Anita Carol Gambrell says:

    This is a cute one too! Loving all the pincushions on this blog hop!

  10. Debbie Miller says:

    Love hexies and paper piecing-too cute! Gorgeous color combo-thanks for the pincushion idea!

  11. My favorite pincushion so far, very pretty!

  12. The hexi pincushion is just too cute. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Love your pin cushion and this hop. I hadn’t heard of using bird grit, I have used walnut shells.

  14. Mary Knight says:

    I love you hex I pin cushion. I never have heard of that. Use for walnut shells. A winner!

  15. Your pincushion is just plain gorgeous! And I love your color choices 🙂

  16. Gorgeous pin cushion and lovely first fabric line by Amanda!

  17. Love your little pin cushion. The scale is so sweet and really shows off several of the prints. By the way, I’ve never heard of bird grit and gravel in a pin cushion. Just exactly what is bid grit and what type of gravel did you use?

  18. OOh, I love the combo of paper piecing and regular piecing – brilliant idea, I may have to try a version!

  19. What a great pincushion — fussy cut hexagon and linen. So cute!

  20. Amazing pin cushion, love the colors, the paper piecing, the precision.

  21. Such a cute design and I love your color choices!

  22. It looks wonderful Amy and the filling sounds perfect, without the risks of allergies which can be a problem with walnut shells.

  23. What a beautiful pin cushion.

  24. Your pincushion is very pretty!

  25. Cute pincushion!

  26. I never heard of using bird grit or gravel for a pin cushion… Great idea! Lov your pincushion, those colours are great!!!

  27. I love your pincushion!

  28. Cute pincushion!

  29. Your pincushion is adorable!!

  30. Lori Morton says:

    LOOOOOVE your Pin Cushion!!! Beautiful colors & sooooo pretty! Thanks for info about Bird Grit too…would not have thought to use that! 🙂

  31. So so pretty. The little hexie is perfection ; )

  32. Nancy Peach says:

    It’s a very cute pincushion, great fabric choices!! Paper piecing is the perfect thing to do.

  33. Awesome pin cushion and fabric! I’m definitely feeling inspired. I so need to make a pin cushion now! 🙂

  34. I’m really enjoying this pin cushion party! Each day I look forward to the next one. I really like your color choices and design.

  35. I am loving following this pin cushion party! I would love to see one full graphic at the end with all these lovely pincushions…everyone’s are so different, unique and CUTIE CUTE CUTE!!!!

  36. Oh my gosh, I love this pincushion! You wouldn’t happen to have a tutorial on how you made this would you?

  37. Great pincushion! I would love a tutorial too! Amanda Jean’s fabric is great! Very usable/blendable!

  38. Joyce Carter says:

    Your pincushion is sooo cute. Thank you for sharing.

  39. Stephanie in MI says:

    I love AJ’s new fabric, and I love what you did with it!

  40. Your pincushion is super cute. I can’t believe how tiny your strips are! I’m not sure if you’re giving away a charm pack or not but I don’t mind saying again how much I like Good Neighbors. I really hope that Connecting threads will expand the line by including more colors into these patterns because I can see them becoming staples in my stash!

  41. 1/4″ strips ?? I can’t imagine trying to do that myself! Your pin cushion is simply adorable. Thanks for sharing with us.

  42. Karen Thurn says:

    Super cute pin cushion! I didn’t know one could use bird grit and gravel. I’ve used crushed walnut shells. What are those little strawberry cushions filled with that sharpens needles?

  43. Bird grit and gravel — ingenious. Love to know there are alternatives to walnut shells. Love your pin cushion. So cute!

  44. Such a fun blog hop. Darling pin cushion.

  45. Very cute – great design!

  46. Great pin cushion. Love seeing how creative everyone is.

  47. Cyndy Knapp says:

    I love your hexi shaped pin cushion. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us.

  48. Oh!! I *love* your beautiful pincushion!!
    I have to make this!!
    Thank you for my next project!

  49. Amy, I love that you were predictable and made a pincushion true to your style. I LOVE the results…it’s perfect! Of course I love the tiny pieces! 🙂 Thank you so much for being a part of the party and for your kind words. I appreciate it very much! xo

    Amanda Jean

  50. I have enjoyed seeing all of the creativity that has gone in to the pincushions. The fabrics are super and I love your pincushion, it is one of my favorites.

  51. suzanprincess says:

    I love your use of the Good Neighbors fabrics, my favorite line. If I had your pincushion I’d want several extra in assorted sizes to use as decorative accents around the house, and a few for Christmas ornaments as well.


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