Maker Quilt Complete

Maker Quilt by Amy Friend, Melinda Newton, Charise Randell

There is so much negativity surrounding the internet but so many positives too. Without the internet, I never would have known Melinda Newton and Charise Randell who made this quilt with me.  For that, I am so grateful!  I explained a lot about how this quilt came to be in this post so I will not repeat it today. But these ladies went above and beyond, making beautiful blocks for my quilt.

Maker Quilt by Amy Friend, Melinda Newton and Charise Randell

I just loved piecing together all the blocks of different sizes and having a little fun changing background fabrics here and there.

Maker Quilt by Amy Friend, Melinda Newton and Charise Randell

Melinda made such a massive needle block…I knew I wanted to highlight it. I quilted the rest of the quilt with 1/2″ diagonal lines but within that block, I quilted in a diagonal grid. I added that quilting element in two other small patches on the quilt too but they really show on the mustard solid.

My finished quilt measures 47″ x 56″.


I am not always good about labeling my quilts but I am trying to improve in that department.  My backing fabric is a Hope Valley print from my stash, with a little scissor print inserted above the label for fun. The binding is a Carolyn Friedlander print of just the perfect color for this quilt!

Thanks again Charise and Melinda; this was such a great collaboration.


  1. This is a beautiful quilt and all the better from the collaboration with friends.

  2. This is really fun and such a terrific collaboration. A couple of my favorite elements – besides the blocks themselves of course – are your grid stitching on the needle and those bits of contrasting sashing. Very nicely done!

  3. Thanks for the smile 🙂 Such a fun quilt! I love the zipper.

  4. A quilt coming together with help from friends is a real treasure! It’s beautiful, Amy!

  5. Lisa C in Dallas says:

    Such a precious quilt! And that scissor print added the perfect touch.

  6. What a beautiful quilt! The sewing themed blocks look great together. I am sure your collaborators are honored to be part of this!

  7. Gorgeous. What a wonderful story.

  8. LOVE the muted colors!

  9. I love absolutely everything about this quilt – you (all) must be so, so proud!!

  10. What a beautiful collaboration, stunning result!

  11. This is one of the most beautiful quilts I’ve ever seen!

  12. Beautiful! It’s so nice to have friends (in person and online) that are creative and share that with you. I’m lucky to be in a lovely group of quilters and knitters. We are always sharing things with each other and this year we’re doing a secret quilt project ~ making blocks and then sharing them at the end of the year! Everyone’s picked out what blocks they’d like and possible color ~ I think it’s going to be a whole lot of fun to see what everyone’s done!

  13. Nancy Peach says:

    Once again, a stunning group quilt. Very creative of all of you, where will it hang? Not enough wall space in your sewing room is there??

  14. Very clever to add the cross-hatch in the needle block. What a great quilt made by great friends.

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