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I’m so happy to be kicking off the Fleet and Flourish Blog Hop today to celebrate my friend Maureen’s new fabric collection for Art Gallery Fabrics. I love all the fabrics in this collection but her Roadside Guides print really caught my eye and inspired this quilt design. My quilt is made entirely of Pure Element Solids and backed in the Roadside Guides print.  I’ve named this quilt Possibilities.

Possibilities by Amy Friend
When I first saw this print, I knew I wanted to fussy cut it. I decided to do that in two sizes and made two corresponding blocks. I isolated just one log cabin design from the fabric and framed it with a solid for some of the blocks, and used groups of four fussy cut log cabins for the larger log cabin blocks.

Possibilities Quilt Top Detail, by Amy Friend

Because I love the fabric print on point, I designed the quilt so that my blocks are on point.

One of my personal challenges is to try to really mix up the colors I use for my quilt background fabrics–getting away from the safe white and greys. So here I used Pure Elements Grapefruit. I incorporated narrow sashing between blocks and irregular borders and played with the negative space around the edges, clipping the corners of the rectangle with my block placement.

As it turns out, the perfect Aurifil thread match for Pure Elements Grapefruit is #2420 Fleshy Pink. I used a 40 weight thread and stitched in diagonal lines spaced 1/2″ apart. I then stitched on the diagonal as well in the triangle formed in the negative space on the bottom left.

Possibilities with backing by Amy Friend

I bound the quilt in the background solid to keep the eye focused on the design and not to frame it. My finished quilt measures 55″ x 65″.

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Barn Shot

If you want to see the whole collection of Fleet and Flourish, you can find it here.



  1. Gorgeous! Perfect solids with the print! I agree it’s an awesome fabric…so many possibilities….I see this one hanging at QuiltCon next year!!!

  2. This is a gorgeous quilt! I like the beautiful background you have chosen to showcase this fabric.

  3. It’s just amazing, Amy!! Thank you so much for joining in, it’s an honor!

  4. Janelle TD says:

    That is really something. I’ve been working to use colors other than white or beige as background colors as well – you hit this one out of the park! I love the picture on the white barn.

  5. Roadside Guides is my favorite print from Maureen’s newest collection. I love how you not only highlighted the print, but emphasized it with the piecing. This is a favorite for me!

    • This is my favorite project in the blog tour this week. If you’re inclined to make this a pattern or a tutorial, I’m inclined to make this quilt! And it would give me the perfect excuse to buy yards of my favorite print from Fleet & Flourish – Roadside Guides!

  6. Kathy Cummings says:

    Awesome. Great ideas and gorgeous background!
    Thank you.

  7. What a perfect design to use with Roadside Guides.

  8. Amy, Grapefruit just adds to the deliciousness of Fleet and Flourish. I’m a huge fan of Maureen’s first collection Wild and Free, and equally admire Fleet and Flourish. Roadside guide is my next favorite print in this collection, raindrops is my first. Perfect for a log cabin block and your design is spot on. Possibilites is a fitting name.

  9. Oh, this takes my breath away, beautiful!!!

  10. Love what you did with the collection! It’s a favourite for sure!

  11. Barbara Bailey says:

    I love all things Fleet and Flourish and this quilt shows them off perfectly! Great job on the quilting too-PERFECT!

  12. Doris McCarty says:

    Love the binding! Love this line!

  13. wow!!! What an absolutely stunning quilt. It’s beyond gorgeous !

  14. I am not a “pink” kind of girl, but this is just stunning! Love it.

  15. SO PRETTY!

  16. It really makes a splash. Great work

  17. This is a great quilt Amy! A perfect way to feature a print that could easily overwhelm. The setting of the blocks and quilting give the quilt a fresh dynamic modern look. Quiltcon entry 2017?

  18. I love how you used Maureen’s fabric as a jumping off point for your quilt. Wonderful.

  19. That’s gorgeous!

  20. Your quilt really sings — colorful without being kitschy… classy and timeless. Wonderful work!

  21. Julie Mirdoch says:

    WOW! Now here is a pattern that you should write up to sell! I’d be first in line!

    Fantastic, and I really love the unconventional choice of background. Wouldn’t be the same quilt without such a fresh choice. Let me know if you are going to publish it!

  22. Linda Webster says:

    I love your choice of Grapefruit for a background colour. I need to get away from white, off-white backgrounds. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Amazing. Luscious. Wow, I love this.

  24. Absolutely love it hanging on the barn!!

  25. Such a great use of Maureen’s fabric line – i love the modern look!

  26. This is probably my favorite quilts of yours, ever! I love how you nailed the color (pink), but then, you always do!! Between the colors you’ve used and the design, I am once again inspired to just get out of the box – many thanks!

  27. Allison CB says:

    Love the quilt! Great use of the fabric!

  28. this is just beautiful – i love your treatment of the corners and that the negative space differs on each… if you can call that negative space when it’s done in such a stunning pink! and i don’t consider myself a pink person – i may have to rethink that!

  29. Beautiful quilt! Love the way you mixed the patterned and solid fabrics…and the background color is ahhhhmazing!!!

  30. What a beautiful quilt!

  31. Stunning!

  32. Judy Forkner says:

    Love your quilt! The colors, the setting–everything. Just lovely!

  33. Christine Sherman says:


  34. Lori Smanski says:

    your quilt is gorgeous.

  35. What a great, and sneaky, fussy cut! Your design really shows it off, too.

  36. This is such great pattern play! I especially love your personal color challenge and think the grapefruit color is outstanding as a background with the rest of Maureen’s palette 🙂

  37. Oh, that grapefruit! Fabulous quilt!

  38. Beautiful!! Great job and thanks for sharing!

  39. This is a beautiful and bright quilt!

  40. WOW!!!! I think this is my favorite so far!!! you really did a great job of featuring this beautiful fabric, and your piecing and design, turned out fantastic!!!great idea with the diamond quilting on that negative space corner… so much interest, color and texture in this quilt!!!

  41. Just when I think I can’t like a quilt better than the last one dang if you don’t pop another one up!!

  42. Wow, Amy! You got this one just right! The Grapefruit fabric is a brilliant choice.

  43. Beautiful Quilt. Love the fussy cutting.

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