May Is For Makers Campaign

MayisformakersI am joining the May is for Makers campaign initiated by Lindsey from LR Stitched.  She is challenging us to buy one pattern each of the 5 weeks in May from indie pattern maker.  Why purchase a pattern from an indie pattern maker?  This is an issue near and dear to my heart as I work hard to build a career in design.  Designers pour so much of their creative energy and talent into their work, along with time spent designing, calculating yardage, testing patterns, photographing finished projects, writing, sharing, fronting the cost of printing the patterns on paper, etc. all in order to produce patterns that people love to sew.  While all that work makes us incredibly happy and fulfills a creative need, it is also work, and it should pay the bills.

Pattern sharing and photocopying is rampant and painful for designers.  Free patterns and tutorials have come to be expected yet take incredible amounts of time.  Every time you purchase a pattern from a designer, you are supporting them and their families.  You are thanking them for sharing their talents with you. You are providing them with an income so they can continue to create and produce great patterns.

I really feel like this is an important issue to highlight.  And I am happy to step up and join this campaign to show my support of 5 other designers.  I want to make sure no one thinks I am seeking pattern sales.  I am doing this to raise awareness and to show my support of fellow pattern designers.

So I pledge to purchase 5 patterns this month from indie pattern makers. I have started my search for patterns I might enjoy and look forward to sharing my purchases with you.  If you have any suggestions for me, I would love to hear them!  What should I buy?

Who is in?  Join us!



  1. It’s been a while since I’ve commented, but this is such a great idea so I had chime in. This is the same concept as buying local; you’re directly supporting an individual, not a corporation. I will certainly continue to buy indie, and I’ll do my best to buy five in May (honestly, my wish lists have far more than five already!).

  2. Very well written, today I found a great pattern by a designer that I didn’t know, she is Nydia Kehnle and the pattern is called Perception (the Handcrafted Version).

  3. @handmadebyjaia says:

    This is such a fabulous idea! I love indie patterns and I’ll pledge my support so that the fabulous makers can keep on making!

  4. I do buy patterns quite often but plan to join in, I have benefited from so many tutorials and free patterns but want to express my appreciation for all of the work you designers do.

  5. Kelly O. says:

    I too plan to participate… I have several on my list… Braque and Metro will be my first quilt patterns and then I plan to purchase 3 project patterns..

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