My Tribe Quilt

My Tribe Quilt by Amy Friend from Intentional Piecing

The My Tribe quilt seems to be one of the most popular quilts in my new book, Intentional Piecing.  I have to say that I really enjoyed making it as well.  It’s a fun combination of paper piecing and applique.  There are three tee pees that have animals peeking out from behind them!  Such a fun dash of whimsy!  My book outlines the steps you need to take in order to place your appliques appropriately while paper piecing. It takes a little bit of planning but isn’t difficult!

My Tribe Quilt by Amy Friend from Intentional Piecing

I had fun using alternate gridwork here with the addition of those oversize arrows.

My Tribe Quilt by Amy Friend from Intentional Piecing

I have to thank my step father, John, who really went all out for me setting up a campsite in his yard so I could take these pictures.  All his years of collecting canvas tents, wooden poles, furs, baskets, wool blankets, etc. really came in handy!  And to think that I tease him about his collections all the time…I should bite my tongue because those props made for such great pictures!

My Tribe Quilt by Amy Friend from Intentional Piecing

The bottom band of each tee pee is a fussy cutter’s delight.  I used some of Maureen Cracknell’s Wild and Free fabrics, particularly Sun Tracks which is a fun print made of stripes of different motifs. They can be cut to look like they came from different pieces of fabric! This quilt ended up bring kind of an ode to Art Gallery Fabrics! I used prints from so many of their collection. In addition to Maureen’s, I used Hello Bear by Bonnie Christine, Wanderer by April Rhodes, and an older collection, Indian Summer by Sarah Watson.

I look forward to seeing more of these blocks appear! If you use the hashtags #intentionalpiecingbook and #mytribequilt, I will be sure to see them!



  1. This is such a gorgeous quilt. Those tee pees…and you have the best dad ever for setting up your photo shoot! Perfection!

  2. I LOVE your new book!!! The tee pee quilt is on my list to make and I’m not a quilter. I only wish you had chosen a different cover. My teenage girls and I agree that it doesn’t do the book justice. If I hadn’t seen some of the fabulous projects out of this book, I probably would have overlooked it just based on the cover.

  3. What a perfect photo shoot for this beautiful quilt!

  4. Beautiful quilt, and a perfect photo shoot set up.

  5. Great photos!

  6. Nancy Peach says:

    The tee pees are just so cute!! John does have quite an eclectic collection, it’s a good thing!! Your photos look so good in your book but none can beat that happy child’s photo!! It’s my favorite !!

  7. A great quilt and brilliant photos! When I was looking at them I was thinking these are professionally done, well done!

  8. très beau quilt, et je pense acheter le livre, car j’aime beaucoup vos” tee pee”
    et j’aime beaucoup toutes vos créations. merci

  9. This quilt is my newest crush. I cannot wait to make one for my camping-loving family!!!

  10. This is a favorite from your book for sure. I just know I’m going to make this one! Might be an excuse to buy some of Maureen’s fabrics that I have been eyeing.

  11. I love those little critters peeking out from behind the tee pees. Such a fabulous quilt and the photography is exquisite!

  12. Donna Lyons says:

    This is beautiful! And the critters, perfect whimsy!

  13. Beautiful Teepee quilt and I love the pre1840 background “set”. 🙂 I look forward to getting the book.

  14. Since your Tribe Quilt is so popular do you think you will be selling this block by itself in the future ? I really like FPP but I don’t do a lot of it. This block makes me want to try some more.

  15. Loved this quilt. I make a lot of “charity quilts”, I think this one would be perfect for some little boy who needs some love and support. Looking forward to trying your techniques.

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