Caged Quilt

Caged Quilt by Amy Friend

I recently finished my latest large scale paper piecing project, the Caged Quilt.  These blocks are BIG–nearly 3 feet long.  It made for tricky piecing but the paper piecing technique allowed for great precision which is what I was going for.  The finished quilt measures 50″ x 64″ and is made using five different Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Elements Solids, carefully chosen and placed to create a sense of depth and dimension.

Caged Quilt detail by Amy Friend

I created this design based on something I doodled in my sketchbook months ago.  After playing around with the design, I arrived at this layout and configuration. I think it has a strong Art Deco feel to it with the precise geometric design and bold colors.

Caged Quilting Detail by Amy Friend

I kind of didn’t want to quilt this piece at all because I loved the crisp, clean lines. I wanted to quilt it in a way that didn’t detract from that at all so I went with 1/2″ spaced lines using Aurifil 50 weight thread (their finer thread so it blended more than the 40 weight would have).  I wanted the piecing to be more prominent than the quilting.  I chose a light grey thread.

In this detail shot,  you can see a bit of the backing fabric–it was just perfect for the angularity of the pieced design!  It’s one of Pat Bravo’s Essentials II prints.

Caged by Amy Friend

I am really pleased with the execution of this design.  You just never know for sure until you try it, right?  I am happy that it turned out the way I had hoped.



  1. This is absolutely beautiful.

  2. It’s so graphic and striking, a great design. I also really love the colours you used.

  3. Wow that’s great! The stark difference in value makes different parts of the design show up–very cool!!

  4. This is fantastic! I love that you used foundation paper piecing on a large scale rather than a small scale.

  5. Very unique!

  6. Jaw dropping beautiful! I pray that you will develop a pattern for us to purchase.

  7. JoAnne Davidson says:

    I think this one is my favorite of all your designs. Simple yet stunning. Great color choices.

  8. That is stunning! Now make it small…ha!

  9. Just curious…how did you deal with the larger scale? (Did you have go behind 8×12 printing?) It’s a fabulous quilt.

  10. Nancy Gaddy says:

    This is exactly what I have been wanting to use in my family room. I do hope that you have a pattern available soon.

  11. Diane Sheckells says:

    Wow! What a strong design.
    Do I see a series starting to happen here?

  12. Beautiful Amy! The dimension is cool!
    Do I spy a special quilt display rack on the side of the barn? : )

  13. Gorgeous! I love everything about this quilt! Great job!

  14. This is gorgeous!! Are you planning on selling the pattern?

  15. Such a cool design! Love it!!

  16. I love this quilt!

  17. Fantastic design – I love it. I hadn’t noticed the Art Deco vibe until you mentioned it. I was getting a powerhouse 80s feel from it until then! Either way, it’s an amazing quilt!

  18. This is fantastic love the design

  19. Really stunning !

  20. Terrific design, and with the paper piecing it looks so perfect. You did a fantastic job. The design is lovely and the piecing precise, which is what the quilt needs.I even like the way you quilted it.

  21. I love that it looks 3 dimensional, and the crispness of your quilt–it is beautiful!

  22. It’s beautiful. Paper piecing is the way to go for such precision.

  23. Just stunning! The simplicity of lines and subtleties of color hues makes for striking drama in this piece.

  24. Wow that is stunning. I can’t imagine paper piecing something that large but it looks fantastic

  25. Love the distance photo of the quilt on the barn with the green foliage! Beautiful!

  26. Amy, this quilt design is fabulous! It speaks to my love of simplicity, and bold graphic design. You really nailed this one, and I hope we get to see it in person at QuiltCon East. You’re definitely a skilled designer. Yay you!

  27. Charlotte Lamb says:

    Is there a pattern I may purchase?

  28. I love the crispness and use of color! Your work is stunning!

  29. Super gorgeous! You nailed this one. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Wow! That’s beautiful! I love the batprn too. Awesome place for quilty photos

  31. What a stunning quilt! Your doodles must be quite wonderful…

  32. Wow!

  33. This pattern just pulls me in to stare at it, wonderful. I am confused by the size, if a block is tip to tip of triangle through the lines,and is stated as 36″ each, I come up with 2 blocks being 72″. Whatever size, it is amazing. Blessings.

  34. Barbara gearin says:

    Caged quilt….. SHARP!!!

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