Observing a Dragonfly

Dragonfly by Amy Friend

I was sent some of April Rhode’s newest collection, Observer, and knew immediately that I wanted to use her Indigo Window Sulphur print for dragonfly wings. I think that the fabric evokes the network of veins that make up the wings and the ethereal quality as well. The color suits too. The fabric that I used for the background is a fabulous choice for paper pieced backgrounds because you do not need to worry about directionality and the seam lines just blend.  I had a blast making this.  Now I have the same problem I always have…what do with the block!  Sometimes, I truly believe it is ok to make a block just to make it.  They are mini masterpieces.

This is my own paper pieced block design. I actually designed the block 3 years ago.  It’s available for sale here. Be forewarned, it’s not the easiest block but worth it!



  1. Gorgeous – absolutely perfect!!!!

  2. Beautiful! Definitely catches your eye. How about a yard sign?

  3. That’s a spectacular use of April’s line!

  4. This block is super cute! Love it!!

  5. Love the dragonfly and the wings are beautiful!! I love t paper piece and will look into buying this pattern!!!

  6. I just love this! It’s so gorgeous!! <3

  7. What a lovely block!

  8. It is so beautiful, you can make a little hanging for the wall…
    I love how Jean Wells hangs her little quilts/blocks!
    I do not make paper piecing, but seeing this things make me want to try… !
    Thank you, from Spain.

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