Gilmore Girls Sewalong

Rory's Coffee by Amy Friend

So, I had this crazy idea…I really love the Gilmore Girls television series. I just rewatched them all on Netflix in anticipation of the new episodes coming in November!  If you have watched the show, you know that coffee is a major theme!  I thought I would use my Rise and Shine Coffee pattern and personalize it for each of the characters in the show.

This is Rory’s cup.  Rory wrote for her school newspapers and wanted to be a journalist so I used a newspaper print and keyboard print.  The blue and white band at the top is for Yale, her college.  You can’t see this in the picture but I used a white on white text print for the top of the cup too!

Sookie's Coffee by Amy Friend

This is Sookie’s cup!  Sookie is the cook at the inn where Lorelai is the manager.  She is an obsessive cook and baker!  I used a great Japanese cooking print and a recipe text print.  The row of pluses at the top symbolize those positive pregnancy tests that took Sookie by surprise!

Luke's Coffee by Amy Friend

Luke owns the diner where all the coffee is served.  So, I made his cup first.  The plaid stands for his uniform of choice, flannel, plaid shirts.  And the coffee and pie are staples at his diner.  Finally, the diner is in what used to be Luke’s father’s hardware store so there is a little bit of woodgrain.

This is such a fun project and I invite you to join me if you are so inclined!  I will post the blocks as I make them on IG and Facebook and here in little batches.



  1. Watching Gilmore Girls while reading this what a great idea your blocks are amazing. Laurie

  2. How cool. I have only just discovered the Gilmore Girls on Netflix and have been loving it. What a great idea. I love your choices. I’ll be looking out for them. Happy stitching, with a coffee of course!

  3. Cynthia Yuh says:

    I admit it, I am a Gilmore Girls follower too!! I LOVE your coffee cups!!! So very appropriate for the individual characters!!! I would love to see the finished quilt!!!

  4. What a cute idea. I will love seeing the cups you come up with for the rest of the characters.

  5. I love this idea Amy, I am also a Gilmore Girls follower. I watch at least one episode at night and have all the seasons on DVD. Your paper piecing is beautiful !!!

  6. Sharon Jones says:

    Those coffee cup blocks are awesome.

  7. Christine Mott says:

    Love this idea and the Gilmore Girls. We have all the CD’s and will have to sign up for Netflix to see them.

  8. Super cute idea to customize the blocks to each character. Very excited for the show to return in a month. YEAH!!

  9. THESE ARE AMAZING! You are a woman for my own heart. I two just rewatched the series and I love the combination of two of my favorite hobbies: watching gilmore girls and sewing! SO COOL

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