Gilmore Girls Sewalong Part 4!

Mrs. Kim's Coffee Cup by Amy Friend

I am continuing to make coffee cups using my Rise and Shine Coffee pattern (available in my Etsy, Craftsy and website shops) to suit the personalities of the main characters in the Gilmore Girls television series.

You know this is Mrs. Kim’s cup, right?  Mrs. Kim is Lane’s mother.  She owns an antique shop in Stars Hollow.  She is very strict and religious, often hosting Bible study in her home.  She also helped Lane’s fiance rewrite a pop song to help him find his potential and demonstrate that he could support Lane.

Lane's Coffee Cup by Amy Friend

This is Lane’s coffee cup.  Lane is Mrs. Kim’s daughter and Rory’s best friend. She was raised in a strict household where she hid things like rock CDs and tshirts under her floorboards (see the tiny floorboard strip?).  She joins a band where she is a drummer. That’s how she meets her husband Zack who loves her signature glasses and misses them when she tries contacts.

Christopher's Coffee Cup by Amy Friend

This is Christopher’s coffee cup.  Christopher is Rory’s Dad.  He owned an Indian motorcycle (and yes, that’s an actual Indian motorcycle fussy cut that I tracked down!).  After a long period of absence, he appeared at the house with a dictionary for Rory. I highlighted the word “time” in the dictionary print because Lorelai and Christopher always had such bad timing.  Christopher and Lorelai got married spontaneously on a trip to Paris.  The marriage didn’t last.

Miss Patty's Coffee Cup by Amy Friend

This is the last cup for today and it has to be Miss Patty’s, right?  Miss Patty runs a dance studio in Stars Hollow.  She is always alluding to former romances and shooting looks at young men.  I used arrows to suggest cupids arrows and romance.  The musical notes are for Miss Patty’s past as a singer.

I’m having lots of fun with this and hoping that you are too! I plan to sew 3 more cups and then make these into a quilt top!




  1. I love these! I am a great fan of the series! do you plan to make a quilt out of all of these gorgeous blocks?? how will you make them work together in the end? I am just curious because I am really discovering the world of fussy cutting thanks to you!:)

  2. oh .. and : the seam ripper!!! please! where did you find it? I have seen similar ones on IG but I can’t, for the life of me, remember who makes them!

  3. Thanks for The Gilmore Girls story with the cups. I like the series and have been watching them on Netflix. I smile reading your newsletter. The Gilmores are like old friends. So enjoying this, Your cups are really good, too. A big coffee lover, so the cups are great. Thanks!

  4. I am so enjoying your Gilmore Girls cups and the story behind each cup. I get your newsletter and I watch the Gilmore Girls on Netflix, so this is just so good! I love the details. I can see these cups in a table runner and place mats. Very creative!

  5. I really like it! I’m looking forward to the finished quilt!

  6. I finally watched my first episode of the Gilmore Girls. Within minutes of the pilot I saw why you are making coffee cups. As a coffee lover, I love the pattern but now I get it. I cant wait to see the finished quilt and am planning to start collecting novelty fabric to make my own although I haven’t decided on a theme yet.

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