Gilmore Girls Sewalong Part 5

Jess's Coffee Cup by Amy Friend

If you are wondering what this coffee cup craziness is all about, just refer to earlier posts!

This coffee cup belongs to Rory’s second boyfriend, Jess.  First off, though he cut school and was unmotivated academically, he was super smart and always had a book in his hand.  Now, for the funny part, @stitchmischief reminded me of the episode where Jess went to the Gilmore house for Friday night dinner with a black eye.  Everyone thought Dean did it but Jess wouldn’t say.  He was too embarrassed because a swan had attacked him!  And I happened to have swan fabric!  The black fabric up top reminds me of Jess’s leather jacket.

Taylor's Coffee Cup by Amy Friend

This is Taylor Doose’s cup. Taylor runs Doose’s Market, hence the strawberries.  And he also opened Taylor’s Olde Fashioned Soda Shoppe next to Lukes (with the big window in the wall inbetween!).  I used sprinkles up at the top and a fun ice cream and candy print.  Taylor is also Town Selectman but cute gavel fabric doesn’t exist!


Here is where I am at! I am making 3 more cups and then putting this top together!

If you would like to sew along, the Rise and Shine Coffee Cup pattern is available in all my shops (links in sidebar).




  1. Amy, You are cracking me up. I remember that episode. And now Jess aka Milo, (sorry – don’t know his last name), has a starring role on a new NBC show called, “This is Us.” And he is good.
    This is such a great idea. I can’t wait to see this top put together. Which is Luke’s cup again?

  2. Nice job once again. Love the swans. That episode was so funny.

  3. Ok, I started watching GG yesterday while in my sewing room (finishing the last border pieces on my Glacier Star which is a Judy Neimeyer pattern). I think I watched about 8 episodes and of course, I’m hooked! I love Lauren Graham from Parenthood, so of course, she is great in this too!!! I am looking forward to seeing your finished quilt. How fun that you found just the right fabrics to identify with each character!!! So fun!

  4. I just rewatched that episode with the swan this week! Your cups are so much fun!

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