Knitting Socks Project Bag

Who is making Christmas gifts?  I am!  I just finished this Knitting Socks block from my pattern by that name.  I used a knit-look fabric for the sock.  And I used a script print in two different directions to look like a ball of yarn.  The embroidery details on the needles and down to the ball of yarn are a fun touch.

I added borders to make it large enough for a good size project bag. I fused the front and back to fusible fleece.  The back is heavily quilted in a diagonal crossgrid.  The front is just lightly quilted to secure it.  I hope it is well received!  Now back to work I go!


  1. This is another winning pattern, Amy! A friend called me yesterday and she is going to teach me to knit socks via Facetime or Skype starting in January, so I will definitely be buying this to make a thank-you knitting bag for her.

  2. Renee' Turner says:

    So cute Amy.
    I’m a knitter as well.

  3. Take it back if it isn’t well received!!! It’s beautiful, Amy, and perfect for a knitter.

  4. Really fun design!

  5. Love this bag and the pattern is perfect! If they don’t like it ~ I’ll take it!

  6. Gah! It’s so fabulous!

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