Little House on the Prairie Sewalong; Bunny

My cute little second grader finished up her fourth block in the Little House on the Prairie Sewalong over the weekend!  When we finish a block, I am never sure who feels more victorious, me or my child.  It’s a lot of work to sew with a child, there’s no getting around that!  But it is very rewarding too.

This block is supposed to represent Pet and Patty, the two horses that Pa bought to pull the wagon from the little house in the big woods to the little house on the prairie.  But, in the book Little House on the Prairie, there is a new baby colt named Bunny, as well.  So, Penny has decided that her block is Bunny.  She chose a textured solid background for her block and went right for one of my favorite stashed woodgrain prints for the mane and tail. She thought that they looked like hair and I couldn’t disagree with that good choice.

This block is sewn with templates. I precut the pieces for Penny and then had her tell me which order she thought that we should sew them in by looking at the key on the pattern sheets.  She was very good at it and could see right away what she had to do. I was impressed. I did all the pinning because there are lots of angled pieces in this block and they are tricker to pin.  She did all the sewing though and did a fabulous job!

We hope you will join us and sew along!  All the instructions for this block can be found in my earlier post right here.


  1. Hi Amy

    I think your little girl is doing a great job with her quilt blocks, and you are doing a great job of encouraging her both to enjoy sewing and reading. Both of which are things I enjoy also.
    Please pass on to her how well I think she is doing both in what she has made but also for her continued perseverance in continuing to do them. She has a good eye for colour and pattern in her fabric choices. Both of which are things I enjoy also.


  2. Sewing with kids is a special kind of challenge, isn’t it?! We are enjoying sewing along with you (so to speak) though. It’s been interesting to see how differently my girls approach their sewing. Thank you again for sharing all the blocks!
    They’ve decided they want to make their quilts twin size, so we’ll be adding a few more blocks. Of course the books offer plenty of ideas 🙂 (I just posted *my* Lily’s first 3 blocks, if you want to see them)

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