Knitting Socks Project Bag

Who is making Christmas gifts?  I am!  I just finished this Knitting Socks block from my pattern by that name.  I used a knit-look fabric for the sock.  And I used a script print in two different directions to look like a ball of yarn.  The embroidery details on the needles and down to the ball of yarn are a fun touch.

I added borders to make it large enough for a good size project bag. I fused the front and back to fusible fleece.  The back is heavily quilted in a diagonal crossgrid.  The front is just lightly quilted to secure it.  I hope it is well received!  Now back to work I go!

Yarn Dilemma

My well intentioned husband bought me a lovely sweater pattern by Marie Grace Designs called the Lily Cardigan for my birthday last November. He also bought me the yarn required to make it (see above). I think he over estimates my knitting ability a smidgen but I really love the sweater so I want to make it. Last winter I caught the knitting bug for a spell because I had a little baby to keep warm. I knit a pair of pants for her, a hat, a “suntop” and then hats for her older brother and sister too (out of fairness, you know?). These projects were also meant to get me geared up to start the sweater, to get into the knitting groove so to speak. I chickened out and postponed the project to the summer which is now winding down and I still haven’t started. I think I need another little project to get me going again.

I picked up these four balls of yarn in the 50% off bin hoping that I could make something with them but I need guidance. Does anyone know of a simple hat in an 18 month size that I could make with a ball of any of these? Any other ideas? Here is what I have: 50 g balls of Waterlily Classic Elite Yarns 100% extra fine merino, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran, Debbie Bliss Rialto Dk 100% merino, and a 100 g ball of Ella Rae classic superwash. Help!

Bunny Tail Hat

My son had emergency surgery on his tongue last night. He slipped in the snow about a week ago and hit his chin and bit his tongue. The bleeding increased so last night he had to have it cauterized and stitched. Really. The poor kid isn’t feeling well today and asked me to sit with him as he napped this morning. So, I watched my biggest baby sleep while my littlest was napping in her crib…and I finished this!

This is the Bunny Tail hat from Itty-Bitty Hats. It’s called Bunny Tail because you are supposed to include a pom pom bunny tail above the rolled brim in the center back. I skipped that because it didn’t make sense to me. A bunny has ears on his head but not a tail!

It’s a super cute hat. I wish I could have gotten a straight on picture but my model wasn’t cooperating. I had to distract her from pulling the hat off simply to get these shots!

Boyfriend Hat and a Giveaway Winner

My husband doesn’t like to wear hats. It was a great surprise to me when he started talking about maybe needing me to make him a hat too. He has started thinning (a lot) and his head gets very cold when he is in his workshop in the unheated barn. I decided to try the Boyfriend Hat which has some really fun decreases at the top. I used the recommended Mission Falls 1824 Wool, 100% merino superwash but chose a tricolor called “Granite.” I was hoping that the name of the color alone would help him to like the hat.

He is still trying to decide if he will wear it or not. He likes it but is trying to get past the not liking to wear a hat hurdle. Even though I told him that this style doesn’t cover the ears unless I add an inch, he decided to go with it as the pattern was written. Now he says to me, “Since it doesn’t cover my ears, they might still get cold, and until I lose all of my hair, it might be redundant to wear a hat.” I rolled my eyes.

And last but not least, the little house potholder giveaway goes to:

Lauranie who said…
So now I feel TOTALLY behind…here you are cranking them out and I have yet to cut mine!! It is sooooo cute, now I may want to change mine, hmmmmm!!

I am very happy to send this little gift to Lauranie as she is a faithful reader who always has something nice to say. Lauranie, it will be in the mail as soon as I can get to the post office. You know how difficult that can be sometimes!

"His" Version of the Wool Noggin

I finished my son’s hat. Thank you Pomona for the advice. His hat does not have the pointy top which, although cute for his sister, would not be quite as cute for him. If you are scared to attempt to knit in the round with double pointed needles (as I was until I gave it a try on these hats), you have to go read Pomona’s post on the topic. She took lots of pictures and has great directions. She also links to a great starter’s pattern that I now want to try.
Again I followed the Wool Noggin pattern and used Lamb’s Pride wool. He picked out the yarn for his hat, as did his sister. I think it matches his coat perfectly and it reminds me of butter and sugar corn on the cob. He liked the embroidered star on the pattern so we added one of those too.
I have to remember to stop buying wool for projects because I am allergic. I don’t seem to have a terribly strong allergy but I was tested positive for a wool allergy as a child. If I wear wool, I can only do so for brief periods. Handling it while doing the laundry doesn’t phase me. But knitting with it does. I think that little fibers scatter about as I knit and that is what does it. My throat gets very uncomfortably scratchy and my eyes itch too. But wool is so appealing. What a shame!

Conquering the Middle Child Syndrom, One Hat at a Time

My middle child, newly so after the birth of her 7 month old sister, seems to be having trouble finding her place. In an effort to make sure she feels equally loved, I knit her a hat since her baby sister just got a few hand knit things. Of course, now her brother wants a hat and since I haven’t made him anything in ages, I am making one for him too! This project allowed me to try a slightly different picot cast on and was my first dpn project. In college, I did knit some socks using dpn but it was so long ago that I really don’t remember. I used Lambs Pride wool and followed this pattern for Wool Noggins. My hat is a bit pointy at the top and it is not in the pattern picture. I am now thinking that I pulled the stitches too tightly when finishing it off. Can those who knit confirm that for me? In this case, I really don’t mind because I think it makes the whole thing look pixie-like which I like. However, it won’t do for big brother’s hat!

Knitting Needle Roll

I’ve been wanting to make myself a knitting needle roll for awhile now. I made one about 8 years ago but that was before I knew how to bind the edges nicely. It was also too long and too tall. Since then, I have made two for gifts and keep thinking that I would like to replace mine. I finally got around to it last night. The best thing about my new knitting needle roll is that my son carefully chose the fabrics as my birthday present. He gave me two fat quarters of the same print, one in yellow and one in pinks. When he came downstairs this morning and saw it he said, “Mommy, this is beautiful!” I thanked him and asked if he knew what made it special. He asked, “You made it?” I said, “I did, but that isn’t what I was thinking.” Then it hit him and he excitedly asked if that was the fabric that he gave me. He feels very proud of his choices now. He asked to help put the needles into my “new holder that I gave you the fabric for.”

Picot Cast On!

I had some yarn leftover from the knitted top that I made for Penny and found a hat pattern that I dared to try. This is my first knit hat and my first attempt at a picot cast on. I just love the look of picots, though I had no idea how to make them. I read about them in my Knitting for Dummies book but it was a video that I found on line that really made it click. It’s so simple once you know what you are doing! I thought that this pattern, the Beanie Hat from Louisa Harding’s Natural Knits for Babies and Moms, was the perfect match for the top. It is a touch on the big side but I am happy about that because the top is too. Hopefully she will get lots of wear out of both pieces before she outgrows them. Now my yarn is all gone so it is back to sewing I go!

Penny’s Knitted Top

I just finished up a little knitted top for Penny. It is a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn called Child’s Sun Top. I didn’t use Lion Brand Cotton-Ease yarn, however. I used some really pretty, soft yarn that I found on clearance. It is Classic Silk from Classic Elite Yarns. The color is Primrose, with Stream used for the flowers. The french knots are just Peaches & Cream cotton yarn in Natural.
I really love this pattern because it was so easy for me to do! It wasn’t stressful or too complex and I still ended up with an adorable baby top. I think that she has a good deal of room in it so it may last till summer when it would actually become a sun top. Until then, it layers nicely.

Last Felted Eyeglasses Case

I used Palette Yarn, 100% Peruvian Highland wool, 2-ply fingering in Garnet Heather for this one. It is a little bit bigger than the last two that I made because this one is meant for regular size frames rather than reading glasses. My husband made another toggle button. This was made from a dogwood tree that we had to cut down on our property a year or two ago. I learned how to make needlepoint flower petals for the embroidery here. I think it looks sort of sunflower like, though that wasn’t intended. I just picked colors that I liked against the red. I think that this is the last handmade Christmas gift for the year. Phew! I might fit in a couple of ornaments though if I find some inspiration. Mostly, I will be baking.

Felted Reading Glasses Case

My friend surprised me with this felted and embroidered pouch for my birthday a few weeks ago. She found the directions on Ravelry. It is called the Beginner’s Lucky Pouch, by Hattie B. Holtapp.
She inspired me to try my hand at felting for a few Christmas gifts.

These are the two projects that I have made so far, resting on another birthday surprise, a scarf knit by my mother in law. Isn’t it pretty? I modified the Beginner’s Lucky Pouch a little bit to be the perfect size for a pair of reading glasses.
I purchased my yarn from Knit Picks. The yarns are Palette Wallaby and Palette Clematis Heather, fingering weight 100% Peruvian Highland Wool.
Here is what I did:
I cast on 45 stitches on size 4 needles.
Using the garter stitch, I stitched 4 rows.
On the next row, I knit 19 stitches, cast off the next 7, and knit the remaining 19.
On the following row, I knit 19 stitches, cast on 7 stitches, and knit the remaining 19.
I then knit until my piece measured about 10 inches and cast off.
I folded the bottom edge up, stitched it to form the sides, and threw the piece in to the laundry with some towels in hot water and hoped for the best!
When it came out of the laundry, I pulled it into shape and rested it on my radiators to dry in a jiffy.

I decided that I wanted to learn a proper needlepoint stitch, besides a French knot, so I learned the chain stitch to embellish these cases. I have one more case to make. This one will be slightly larger for bigger glasses. I am going to cast on 50stitches and make my piece 11 1/2″ long.

The piece of partly shaped wood in the picture above is going to be a toggle button. My husband is making it for the eyeglass case with the bird on it. It will be a present for his grandmother.

I fear I have another crafting addiction.

It’s that time of year

I’m still here. I haven’t posted in a week now because I have been busy working on my mother’s Christmas gift and she told me that she checks my blog on occasion so I won’t be sharing that project until after Christmas. I haven’t finished it yet but took a break in order to complete a few little projects. I made this manicure kit as a gift. I used quilting scraps and constructed it similar to a crayon roll. I got the original idea from a tutorial on Sew, Mama, Sew where the it was constructed with interfacing and turned rather than bound. I am going to try it that way next because I think I might like it better that way after all. Also, I am working away on knitting Penny’s second and last pair of pants. That means that another cute baby photo will be coming…but don’t hold your breath. It will be awhile still!

Penny’s Purple Pants

Penny’s knit pants are done! And they fit which is even more exciting! I used a free pattern for Baby Bell Bottoms from Blue Blog Patterns and the recommended yarn, Knit Picks Shine Sport, in Serenade. This pair was made in size 12 months and they are perfect. They are a little long which is just what I wanted because her ankles keep getting exposed when I pick her up or put her in the baby carrier and she gets cold! When I knit the pink pair, I think I will make them an half inch or inch longer from crotch to waist because this pair is a little low rise. We will just say it is the style!
The knitting went better than I expected minus one little set back on Sunday. I had the two legs knit. Then it took me all day to finally get out of the house and coordinate with my friend so that she could help me put the legs on the circular needles. There was a little confusion at that point and when I got back home and started knitting enough to really see what was going on, I discovered that the purl side was showing up on the knitted side. I was all discouraged because I didn’t trust myself to back it out without messing up. Again, I tried to coordinate a trip to my friend’s house but Penny decided to finally take a good nap that morning and I wasn’t about to ruin it. I gathered up courage out of my frustration and backed it out and I am happy to say that I was successful! I lost one stitch but found it and got it back on the needles. Then I figured out the directions and was able to continue.
I am a little bit worried about the bell bottoms stretching out though because as soon as I put the pants on Penny, she lifted her legs up to find her toes (her new favorite pastime) and she found the hem of the pants and started pulling on them! I hope that they will tighten back up when washed and dried and that she will lose interest in them quickly!
My next project is a quilting project so I will not be gone for another whole week this time!

Babies=Knitting Projects

As I have mentioned before, I am not a big knitter. I hope to be someday but so far it hasn’t really clicked for me. I do ok but I am slow. And if I make a mistake, I can’t figure out how to resolve it on my own. But for some reason, my babies compel me to knit for them! I knit my son two roll neck sweaters when he was a baby. Then when my daughter came along, I knit her a cardigan and a roll neck sweater. Well, Penny is no exception. Now that it is getting chilly, I am worried about keeping her warm and cozy. She is also long but thin so finding pants to fit right now are a challenge. I found a cute, free baby pants pattern on Ravelry and ordered the yarn for not one, but two pairs. I have one leg done now thanks to my copy of Knitting for Dummies. And I have started on the second. Once I get to the knitting in the round step, I will be calling on my friend (the one who knit Penny’s adorable hats) for assistance. If I ever get these done, I will be back with my next sewing project! Until then, I will be working on Penny’s purple pants. Say that 10 times fast!

Penny’s Hats!

My friend, Alyson, knit Penny four adorable hats that I just had to share! Aren’t they the sweetest? Only three are pictured because the fourth is still too big. I just love all of them. It’s been chilly enough this week for hats too. In fact, she was sporting the strawberry hat this morning at the bus stop, along with her sleep sack! These hats will help me to accept the return of chillier temperatures.

Edited to add: More information on the hats from Alyson:
The strawberry hat is called the “berry baby hat” and is a free download on ravelry.
The pink cotton hat is called “sweet and simple baby hat” (free on ravelry.)
The long tailed hat was based loosely on and a similar hat in the book “itty bitty hats” by Susan B. Anderson.