Christmas Tree Pattern

I have a paper pieced Christmas themed quilt that I have been working on for a few years now.  I thought it was time to make a little more progress on it so I designed this Christmas Tree block!  I chose whimsical fabrics to suit the other blocks I’ve made so far.  I fussy cut some scallops along the edge of the tree skirt and selected a green print that suggests ornaments.

I also wanted to show how it could be so modern by changing fabric selections. Here I used solids only and I played with the pattern in the tree skirt.

There is also a conveniently positioned horizontal seam should you choose to piece in a floor line.  There are lots of fun options!

The pattern is available as a PDF download in my shops!  Direct links are in my sidebar.  Remember, if you are an international customer, please shop in the Pattern Shop here on my website.

Happy holidays!


Paper Pattern Gift Set–Special Offer!


I do not normally list my paper patterns in my Etsy shop, but rather offer digital downloads. I thought it might be fun to have a limited time offer for holiday gift giving where I made the paper patterns available as gift sets.  I have set up a listing for a Paper Pattern Gift Set.  There is a list of patterns that are available on paper from which to choose.  Simply list three of them in the comments section of your order and they will be shipped to you with free Priority Mail shipping (US only)!  I will include a postcard as a bonus!

Happy holidays!



Coffee Time!

Logan's Coffee Cup

A couple of weeks ago, I started sewing blocks using my Rise and Shine Coffee Pattern and choosing my fabrics to describe each character in the Gilmore Girls series.  My goal is to finish this quilt before the new episodes air later this month!

I have invited all of you to join me and sewalong. It’s not a really official sewalong because I am winging it. But I am inviting you to wing it with me and play along. It’s a lot of fun.  At some point, I will decide that I have enough blocks and have covered enough of the characters and then I will figure out how to assemble the quilt top and will share that information too.

A couple of things to keep in mind if you are sewing along…make sure you have nearly a FQ for each block background, especially if you have a directional print.  Also, because the coffee cup tops and steam are white or near white, you will want to choose colored backgrounds with enough contrast to see the white.

This block is for Logan.  He was Rory’s boyfriend toward the end of the series. They worked together at the Yale newspaper (hence the red newspaper print).  He and Rory jumped from a high platform holding umbrellas in the Life and Death Brigade.  And finally, he was always playing cards with his buddies and he called Rory “Ace.”

Emily's Coffee Cup

This is Emily’s block.  She is Rory’s grandmother, Lorelai’s mother.   The sofa suggests her love of interior decorating and reminds us of all those uncomfortable Friday night dinners that took place over cocktails.  The cocktail print also suggests Emily’s love for throwing elaborate catered affairs.  And finally, the cup is topped with a string of pearls suiting Emily’s station.

Dean's Coffee Cup

Dean was Rory’s first boyfriend.  I chose the text print up top that reads “I love your quirks” because Dean must have in order to hang around those Gilmore girls!  Dean worked at Doose’s market where he offered Rory a soda and held it behind his back to make her guess the flavor. Then he kissed her for the first time.  I chose the aqua print because it reminds me of tire tracks and Dean built Rory a car for their anniversary and told her that he loved her.

That star print on the side is going to be the perfect Stars Hollow sashing!!

Feel free to use my fabric combos or come up with your own for your favorite Gilmore Girls memories.


Cinched Quilt

Cinched Quilt by Amy Friend

I am so excited to introduce my new pattern, Cinched!  Ever since I designed Interlock a couple of years ago, I have been playing around with more jelly roll designs.  I really love Interlock and wanted to design something equally unique and not your standard jelly roll quilt.  Well, it took two years to come up with a design that I liked but I think it was worth it!

Cinched uses a single jelly roll in prints and a single jelly roll a solid (or the equivalent).  It boasts both a bold primary and secondary pattern.  There is hardly any cutting, there’s no squaring up or trimming down, it’s super chain-piece-able, all in all, it’s a cinch to make!

Cinched by Amy Friend

I wanted this quilt to be super cheerful and sunny so I used a Blueberry Park Brights Roll Up by Karen Lewis in combination with Kona Snow for the quilt top. The colors that Karen selected to print on are gorgeous and I have always been a fan of her designs. The wind cooperated with me for all of a second so that you can see the backing too. I used a Rhoda Ruth print by Elizabeth Hartman which makes for a great coordinate.

Cinched Quilt by Amy Friend

I quilted in straight lines with a very pale pink Aurifil thread.  It blends very well against the Snow background and isn’t as harsh as white would have been where it crosses through the prints.  I bound the quilt in one of my favorite prints, Creamsicle. Final quilt dimensions are 60″ x 64.”

Cinched Quilt by Amy Friend

I had to include this shot just because it’s pretty and I like it!

Cinched is available now as a pdf pattern in all my shops (links in sidebar).  It’s heading out to the printers so paper patterns will be ready for quilt shops very soon.

I hope you are all enjoying your summers!  This was my last sewing goal for the summer so I am hoping to have a more relaxing remaining few weeks…time will tell. I have never been any good at relaxing.


Plumb Line Quilt Pattern Available

plumb line cover square


My Plumb Line Quilt Pattern is now available as a pdf download here on my website in the Pattern Shop, and on Etsy and Craftsy (links in sidebar).  I hope you enjoy making your own version!  If you do, please share using the hashtag #plumblinequilt.

This quilt is foundation pieced and assumes a general knowledge of foundation piecing. However, it is not complicated piecing and therefore, accessible to someone who is fairly new to paper piecing.  It could look great in prints or even scrappy.  There are so many possibilities!

To read my original post about this quilt, click here.



Rise and Shine Coffee

Rise and Shine Coffee by Amy Friend

I have to confess, I am not a coffee drinker. I like tea….BUT, I already have a tea cup block block pattern and I wanted to explore the idea of steam.  I decided to do that with a coffee cup block for all you coffee lovers out there!

This pattern is not difficult if you know the basics of paper piecing.  There is only one seam that needs to match in the entire block.  I think  you will find that it goes together pretty quickly and is a satisfying little project!

Rise and Shine Coffee by Amy Friend

I have made it in two versions for far!  I thought that the center print here from the Tapestry collection by Sharon Holland felt very coffee like…I am not sure why, but it really works, doesn’t it?

Rise and Shine Coffee Pattern by Amy Friend

If you are interested in the pattern, you can find it in my pattern shop here on my website or on Etsy and Craftsy (links to all in my sidebar!).


Circuitry Quilt

Selvages, Amy Friend

For months now, I have been telling people to save their selvages because I had a pattern coming up that I was excited about.  I would like to share that project with you today!  I have always been drawn to selvages and even more so once companies started adding cute touches to them in recent years!

Circuitry Quilt by Amy Friend from Intentional Piecing

I designed Circuitry to use half low volume selvages (since those fabrics have been so hot lately resulting in tons of low volume selvages!) and half rainbow colors grouped into a sort of spinning wheel pattern. I just love the result and hope you do too!  I feel like it’s a really fun and modern take on the selvage quilt and it’s an easy and fun sew.

Circuitry Quilt by Amy FriendI had to throw in this detail shot because it’s one of my favorites. I took it on an old screen door with a Salada Tea push bar. I am a huge hot tea/ice tea fan so this picture makes me smile.

You can find this project in my new book, Intentional Piecing.  Thanks for visiting!


Vintage Vacuum Paper Pieced Pattern

Vintage Vacuum Paper Pieced Block by Amy Friend

Four years ago, I made a vintage Hoover vacuum block for a paper pieced sewing bee.  The block was very complex with multiple Y seams and partial seams and tiny pieces so I did not offer it for sale.  I have had a number of requests recently to offer the block as a pattern, and I did love the original, sooooooo…I worked on simplifying it will keeping as much of the detail as possible.  The pattern is a little tricky because it does involve one partial seam and one Y seam.  But it is doable!  And at a larger size, 12″ x 12″, the pieces are reasonably sized.

Vintage Vacuum by Amy Friend

The woman who contacted me most recently said that she was making an alphabet quilt and needed a letter “V” block.  This block would be perfect and even has room for an appliqued V in the left corner.

If you are interested, the block is available in all my pattern shops and the links are in the sidebar.


Nibbles Paper Pieced Pattern Now Available!

Nibbles Paper Pieced Pattern by Amy Friend

I’d like to share my latest paper pieced block pattern with you today…just in time for Easter and spring in general!  This is Nibbles, a little bunny who can’t stay away from the carrots in the garden.  There is so  much room for whimsy in this block, especially in the soil. I used this great burrow print in my stash. It’s an older print by Birch Fabrics. I am not sure if you can find it anymore but I swear that I have seen some cute worm prints that could also work.  And honestly, the burrow print was just a lucky find in my stash. When I mocked up this design, I planned to use a Grunge brown for soil and a lighter brown for the bunny.  That will work too!

Garden Blocks by Amy Friend

I made this block 10″, the same size as all my garden themed blocks above so that they can be used together. If you prefer to use a 12″ standard block size, simply enlarge your pattern pieces by 120% on the photocopier.  Take note that the seam allowance as marked on the outer edges of each section will also be enlarged.  When you are trimming your sections down, just make sure you trim to 1/4″ rather than following that new seam allowance line.

Nibbles Paper Pieced Pattern by Amy Friend

I really had fun sewing this block and I hope you will too!  The links in my side bar will bring you to my Pattern Shop here on my blog, Etsy or Craftsy.  The pattern is now available for sale in all those places.

I can’t wait to see your version.  If you make one use the hashtag #nibblesquiltblock.


Chocolate Bunny Paper Pieced Pillow

Chocolate Bunny Pillow by Amy Friend

Art Gallery Fabrics sent me some of Pat Bravo’s new EssentialsII recently and I felt compelled to make my Chocolate Bunny paper pieced block using the floral print. It’s such a great print for paper piecing because the seams just disappear.  I used another EssentialsII print for the border.  I like the contrast of the geometric and floral.  If you’d like to make a bunny pillow before Easter, there is time! I made this in just one afternoon. The pattern is available in my Etsy and Craftsy shops as well as in my pattern shop here on my website.


Flashing Lights Pattern in McCall’s


I’m pleased to announce that I have a quilt design featured in the January/February 2016 issue of McCall’s Quilting.


The quilt is called Flashing Lights and it is made from Kate Spain’s fabric collection, Canyon, for Moda.  Canyon is paired with a Moda grey crossweave in this sample made by Sarah Dalrymple (thank you Sarah!).  The design is a simple traditional block called the Anvil but it showcases a collection like this so nicely!

Flashing-Lights-600pxThe beautiful quilting was done by Maggi Honeyman.

If you would like to purchase the magazine, you can find it here along with a free baby quilt size download.

Subscription issues began shipping November 10, 2015. By November 24, 2015 the issue will be available on newsstands, as well as in print or digital download format on Quilt and Sew Shop. This quilt has been kitted if you are interested in that option, while supplies last.


Interlock Quilt Pattern

interlock square

Just popping in to let you know that my Interlock Quilt Pattern is now available as a stand alone pattern. You can download it from any of my shops (Etsy and Craftsy links in sidebar or Pattern Shop link above).  If you are a shop owner, you can order it wholesale from Checker or United Notions, or directly from me.  This is a jelly roll pattern and it is easy enough for a beginner! I really love this design.  It’s something new in jelly roll designs and looks great no matter what fabric collection you choose.


Color Injection Quilt Pattern

color injection 650dpi

It took a little prodding, mostly because I was putting off the side triangle/corner triangle math, but I have finally released the pattern for this quilt.  I had originally called this quilt my Irish Chain Variation. How boring!  It has been renamed Color Injection, thanks to @mirandaevans01.  The name is perfect because this quilt was inspired by an Amish design but I injected some color into the negative space, in the form of a bold red gradient.  I thought that the name was a perfect fit.  The pattern is available in my Etsy and Craftsy shops (see buttons on sidebar) for US customers only.  Domestic and international customers can purchase the pattern right here on my site by clicking on the Pattern Shop link above.

The pattern is rotary cut, simple squares and triangles, and easily pieced following very clear full color diagrams.

I’m very pleased that this quilt was chosen to hang in the Texas Quilt Museum this winter for a modern quilt exhibit. If I had thought of it, having a quilt hang in a museum would have definitely been on my bucket list, so this is pretty neat.

Thank you for all your encouragement!


Garden Stroll Quilt

Garden Stroll Quilt by Amy Friend

I finished my Garden Stroll Quilt last night.  This is a paper pieced quilt with lots of interesting negative space but block based putting it squarely in the modern traditional category, I think!  All of the blocks are pieced but you get a break on the blocks with just the chartreuse diamonds because they are simple and quick.

Garden Stroll Quilt by Amy Friend

The quilt is made using 5 solids–blue, chartreuse, light pink, medium pink and dark pink.  You could make scrappy flowers from prints too!  I was going for a bold, graphic look so I felt that solids would do that best. I wrote about my color palette recently if you missed it, you might find it interesting.

Garden Stroll Quilt by Amy Friend

I chose to quilt with organic, wavy, vertical lines using a medium shade of grey Aurifil that I thought blended pretty well through the range of colors.  I hoped that the wavy lines would give the sense of a stroll through meandering paths in a garden and add some movement to the quilt.  I like the fact that they do a good job of obliterating the block seams from just a short distance away.

Garden Stroll by Amy Friend

I picked up a fat quarter stack of Honeymoon by Sarah Watts for Cotton + Steel while at market this spring. It was sitting out in my sewing room (due to lack of space in the fabric hutch!) and caught my eye.  I thought it would make the perfect backing for this quilt. I ordered some yardage from The Fat Quarter Shop.

I will have this pattern available for sale shortly both as a pdf and paper pattern.  This quilt measures 60″ x 67 1/2″ finished.

Patterns Available on Paper

Printed Patterns by  Amy Friend

I am very pleased to announce that four of my paper pieced quilt patterns are now available on paper (they previously existed exclusively as pdf downloads). If you are a shop owner and would like to order wholesale direct, please see the Wholesale link at the header of my blog. You will be able to order my patterns through the distributors as well, hopefully within the next couple of weeks. Please feel free to email me with any questions.

All of my patterns are printed in full color with a gloss finish. The paper piecing templates are included at full size as a separate insert so that you can just copy them and get started right away without needing to worry about enlarging by the correct percentage.

cover square

I need to thank Daniela who was my graphic designer and designed the template for me. She used the watermark/logo designed for me quite awhile ago by Sally. I would highly recommend both of them if you are looking for design services. And finally, I have to thank Laura for her help proofing my patterns before they went to the printers.

I hope that you will ask your local quilt shops to please stock your favorite pattern! Thank you.

Pointed Statement Pattern Available

cover square

My Pointed Statement Quilt Pattern is now available as a pdf.  You can click on my Pattern Shop button above, or on the links in the sidebar to Etsy and Craftsy in order to purchase it.  Thank you!


Free Sew Me A Song Pattern and Giveaway

Sew Me A Song free pattern by Amy Friend

I’m so happy to be sharing this free paper pieced block pattern today!  I designed this block THREE years ago now for my friend Becca when she left Sew Fresh Fabrics and started her own business, Sew Me A Song.  This sweet little bird singing while perched on a needle is her shop logo. I made the pattern as a moving away/opening a new shop gift for her.  Though she liked it and made the block immediately ago…it languished!  Becca needed a little encouragement so I told her that I wanted to share it on the blog.  Over the last couple of months, Becca decided to remake her block and built up a medallion quilt around it!

Medallion quilt by Becca of Sew Me A Song

Isn’t this such a cheerful quilt?  Becca used only fabrics from her shop.  Some of them may be out of stock at this point but they were all sold in her shop at one time or another.  Her favorite border is the four patch on point.  I can’t decide if I like that border or the pluses best.  When she finishes up this quilt, she will likely use it as a shop sign when she vends for guilds, etc. I think it is a fabulous finish, well worth the three year wait.

Becca has given me her permission to name the block Sew Me A Song and share it with all of you!  You can download it for free in my Craftsy shop.

giveaway 2b

We are celebrating with a giveaway!

Becca is offering a Fat Eighth Stack of these beautiful fabrics from her shop. International entries are permitted.

giveaway 1b

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We’d love to see your block should you make one. Please use the hashtag #sewmeasongpattern.

And thank you Becca, your quilt is beautiful. It is just so cheerful that I can’t help but smile when I look at it!


A Pillow to Gift Tutorial

A Sweet Life Pillow by Amy Friend

Today I am sharing this pillow made from Pat Sloan’s new collection from Moda called The Sweet Life. I was immediately drawn to the text prints and the plus prints so I made sure to include both here.

The Sweet Life Pillow by Amy Friend

I used my From Santa pattern in the 10″ size for the package block. I have long been wanting to remake this block for another gift giving occasion and this was my chance.

Invisible zip

I finished the pillow with my usual favorite, an invisible zipper.

You can find the tutorial for this pillow on the Thermoweb blog. I used my favorite Thermoweb produce, HeatnBond Fleece Fusible.


Haberdashery Quilt Pattern

Haberdashery Quilt Pattern by Amy Friend

I have been asked by several people to consider making my Haberdashery Quilt Pattern available. I listened and here it is! I hope you love it and I look forward to seeing your versions of the pattern.  The pdf pattern also shares an alternative layout that’s lots of fun.  What do you think?

Haberdashery Quilt Pattern Alternative Layout by Amy Friend

I feel like the alternative layout is a little more traditional and expected but I love it just the same. It creates ring shaped forms and interlocking stars.  My fabric cutting directions will allow for the use of directional prints as well, in case you want to mix things up and not do a two color solid quilt as I did.

The pattern is available in my Etsy and Craftsy shops for US customers and in my Pattern Shop (see sidebar or header) for everyone.  I have received some questions about Paddle, the checkout for my shop.  You do not need to set up a new account. You can check out as a guest.  If you set up an account,  you are doing so with me, not Paddle, and I have no intention of ever selling/sharing or trading your information.  I promise!  Paddle is just the checkout.  They collect your money using Paypal so you just use your established Paypal account as you do when you check out of Etsy and Craftsy.  They pay any VAT taxes as the merchant of record.  Then they transfer money to me on a monthly basis. I hope that makes you feel comfortable!  Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.


Baguette Quilt Pattern Available as PDF


I have been working to add some of my recent patterns to my pdf offerings.  I just listed Baguette in all of my pattern shops-Etsy, Craftsy and my own pattern shop (not just for international customers-for anyone).  See links in the sidebar!

Baguette by Amy Friend

I still love, love, love the quilting that I did on this one, especially now that it is done!  It was rather back breaking!

Next up will be my Haberdashery pattern. I have gotten lots of requests for it.  Thank you for your patience!


A Couple of Updates-Bookkeeping!

Sweet Tea Pattern by Amy Friend for BasicGrey

I just wanted to pop in to let you know that my Sweet Tea Quilt Pattern for BasicGrey is now available as a PDF download from any of my three pattern shops.  See the links in my sidebar for Etsy, Craftsy and my pattern shop.  Just as a reminder, currently my Etsy and Craftsy shops are for US customers only due to the VAT. (I do know that Etsy is now handling the VAT but my Paypal settings remain US only so I can keep my Craftsy shop open.)  However, my pattern shop here on my blog is open to everyone, international and domestic with all the same pattern offerings. I have been having a little trouble with some of my pattern download links going to spam.  We took measures yesterday to make my links less “spammy” which should help. However, if you don’t receive your pattern download link immediately, shoot me an email and I will send it to you.  No worries!

Also, I wanted to draw your attention to my header.  I have added a “Completed Quilts” category and most of my quilts are up there now. I still have some to add but from now on, I will add each quilt there as I complete it.  If you are trying to remember something about one of my quilts, click on the picture and it will bring you to one of my blog posts about that quilt.  Searching in the sidebar will bring you more posts if there were multiple posts written.

Thanks for stopping by!


Parisian Dress Shop Window Pattern

Parisian Dress Shop Window SquareCover

I just listed a new paper pieced pattern in my shops! I designed this block for Charise for the Cocorico Bee.  Her theme is Paris.  I decided to design a dress shop window.  The window has curtains inside and an awning above.  In the window, you can see a dress form with a fancy dress that I would love an occasion to wear!

Parisian Dress Shop Window by Amy Friend, detail

The white dress has a fur collar with matching belt and a flutter hemline.

Parisian Dress Shop Window by Amy Friend, detail

Outside the shop there is a sign that you can fussy cut. I found the perfect fussy cut from a Riley Blake Lost and Found 2 print.  You can purchase that print as well as the text that I used for the building exterior at Sew Me A Song.

Parisian Dress Shop Window by Amy Friend

I had so much fun designing and sewing this block. I look forward to seeing other versions sewn.  You can purchase the pattern in my Etsy or Craftsy shops if you are a US resident (see button in sidebar) or at my Pattern Shop (see button in side bar and header) regardless of where you live.



Easter Island Moai Paper Pieced Pattern

Easter Island Cover squareb

Early this week,  I received an  interesting commission to create a Moai paper pieced block with the option of adding a bird sitting on top of the statue’s head.  I don’t accept commissions like this all that often.  I nearly had to turn this one down because my first attempts at creating a Moai were not successful. Then it clicked and I am happy with the results.

I was so surprised when my eleven year old son saw what I was working on and said “Oh, awesome, that’s a Moai from Easter Island!” followed closely by “Do you get to keep this?” which is code for “Is there any chance I could have it if you don’t have to send it off somewhere?”  Apparently he had read all about these monolithic statues in his National Geographic for Kids.  Pretty cool!

Easter Island Moai Paper Pieced Pattern by Amy Friend

The pattern includes the Moai head alone as a finished block in three different sizes: 6″ x 10″, 9″ x 15″ and 12″ x 20.  I think he would look so perfect in Moda grunge.  It has the uneven texture that would give more dimension to the block and make it really look like stone. I was determined to make my prototype from fabrics I had on hand though.

Easter Island Bird Paper Pieced Pattern by Amy Friend

The adorable little bird is really too tricky to make in sizes that would correspond to the smaller two Moai heads so it comes in just one size, 12″ x 5″ to correspond to the largest Moai block.  You could actually make this little bird and put it on top of just about anything…a branch, a telephone line, a roof top.  It has lots of possibilities on it’s own.

Easter Island Moai Paper Pieced Pattern with Bird by Amy Friend

When the larger Moai block and the bird are joined together, you get this, a monolithic statue with a little whimsy.

The pattern is available in my Pattern Shop (worldwide sales) and in my Etsy and Craftsy shops (US customers only).  See the shop links in my side bar.


My VAT Solution

VAT solution

I am sure that most of you have heard all about the changes to VAT as of January 1, 2015 as there has been lots of chatter about it online in the past month.  In a nutshell, the EU legislation is changing and will affect all digital sellers worldwide.  The VAT is no longer paid in the seller’s country but is now payable in the buyer’s country too.  There are very low thresholds in many of the EU countries, sometimes even zero.  If I were to continue to sell my digital patterns on Etsy and Craftsy, where there is currently no way to handle the VAT, I would be responsible to submit quarterly VAT returns to every country I sold to and I just don’t have the ability to do that as a one person small business.

I know many sellers are closing their pattern shops entirely or limiting sales only to US customers. I contemplated that myself but I would say that half of my customers live outside of the US.  Not only do I not want to lose those sales, I don’t want to exclude them from the ability to purchase my patterns.

I did adjust my Paypal settings to block all outside of the US sales.  Therefore, only customers from the US will be able to purchase my patterns from Etsy and Craftsy.  But for those of you in the US who are used to shopping that way, I want to allow you to continue to do so.  In fact, I earn the most money per pattern from Craftsy sales so I appreciate it when my customers shop for my patterns there.

Thanks to help of my wonderful friend Sally, I was able to set up a new shop on my blog.  You can access it from the “Pattern Shop” button in the side bar of my blog and from the new header at the top of my blog.  All my digital patterns are available for sale right here on my blog using a Paddle checkout.  Paddle is the ‘merchant of record’ and that makes them responsible for collecting/storing customer data, applying the correct VAT rates to purchases and filing the returns too.  It’s a bit less economical to use Paddle due to the higher listing fee and percentage of sale that they charge but it is so worth it not to have to manage the VAT myself.

I could not have done this without Sally’s help and would recommend her services if anyone is looking to set up something similar and needs to hire help.  You can find her contact information here.

The new system is not without kinks. It has all been done very rapidly over the last few days.  As of right now the check out process is working smoothly. The customer receives an email with a link to download the pattern and can save the link but it won’t open. I know, not very helpful right? But if anyone places an order before that problem is solved (Sally is working on it), I will promptly send you an email with the pattern attached. It should be resolved soon along with any other problems in the process that we haven’t identified yet.  I will make another blog announcement once the download problem is resolved.  In the meantime, don’t hesitate to make a purchase.  Know that I will send you and email with the file asap.

Thank you to all those who support my pattern sales! If you have purchased my patterns in the past, I would love it if you would visit my new Pattern Shop and leave a review for one or more of your favorite patterns. If you click on a pattern, you will see a “Review” button next to the “Description” button. It should be easy to choose from 1-5 stars and leave a brief comment. I would appreciate it!

Happy New Year!

Baguette Quilt

Baguette, American Quilter Jan 2015

I am pleased to finally share a quilt I made over the summer.  It feels like forever ago!  I call it Baguette and it can be found in the January 2015 issue of American Quilter Magazine.

Baguette by Amy Friend

My quilt was inspired by gem stones and their cuts, specifically the way color can reflect off of a clear diamond and create bursts of color. I chose pastel hues that I tend to notice in my engagement ring.  I also thought it would be a great opportunity to use some of the metallics that are a current trend in contemporary fabric designs. I used a bit of Brambleberry Ridge by Violet Craft for Michael Miller and Shimmer by Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman among others.

Baguette by Amy Friend

This quilt was the second one I made using Warm and Plush, and extra thick batting. I quilted in the ditch along all the strings that made up the gem stones.  Then I outlined the secondary star like design that I created with the quilting (based on the seams from the foundation piecing).  And then I free motion quilted tiny pebbles.  I think I was a bit off my rocker when I planned that because it took forever, however, I love the way it worked and am pretty proud of the effect that I achieved with the quilting here.  The quilting was difficult with the added weight of the Warm and Plush but it was also what gave it the great “pop”.

Baguette by Amy Friend

I am going to show an excess of pictures here because I took a lot for the magazine and might as well share them!

Baguette by Amy Friend

This is the photo that they chose of the quilt hanging in a tree. I like this one too but I am glad that I didn’t have to pick.

Baguette by Amy Friend

I love how these detail shots show the variety of fabrics used in pale pinks, yellows, greys, lavender and blue.  The background fabric is a Moda Grunge in Vanilla.

Baguette by Amy Friend

See the depth that was achieved with the quilting and the extra plush batting? It was worth the effort though I seriously questioned it at the time, especially about half way through!


Interlock in Modern Patchwork

Interlock by Amy Friend

I have another new quilt to share today. I was quite busy over the late spring to summer period but only now able to show all these projects.  This quilt is called Interlock. It’s a jelly roll friendly pattern that I made here using Persimmon by BasicGrey for Moda. I used Warm and Plush batting.  Have you tried it before? It’s a new product that I found while at spring market. It’s like White and Warm but is 50% more plush. I wanted to use it to make quilting more pronounced. Here I used a fairly tight meander in the negative space and left the interlocking prints unquilted so they popped. It would certainly make for a satisfyingly warm bed quilt too. It’s a little harder to use because it’s heavier and thicker so it adds to the weight of your quilt as you are quilting it. It also throws a lot more lint during the quilting. I think I will use this batting on my bed quilt whenever I finish it….

Interlock by Amy Friend

I love the way this quilt looks in Persimmon but I think that the pattern is very versatile and could look great in so many fabrics. I look forward to seeing more variations of it.

Interlock by Amy Friend


You can find the pattern in Modern Patchwork Winter 2015 issue.  I like how they styled this photo of my quilt!