Flower Hairclip Hanger Tutorial

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This is an easy little project but it looks cute and is practical too, especially if you share my hairclip making addiction! I first made it as a quick birthday gift for a little girl in my son’s kindergarten class with a few hairclips on it. I thought it made a nice gift and is not too time consuming. The possiblilities are endless. The top doesn’t need to be a flower. It could be a ladybug or an animal head, etc. Please post links to your hairclip hangers in my comments section. I’d love to see them.

Materials list:
7” x 13” piece of fabric
scrap of felt or fleece or other non fraying material
6” length of narrow ribbon (3/8” grosgrain used here, can use narrow rick rack)
30” length of wider ribbon (7/8” grosgrain used here)
fray check product such as Aleene’s STOP Fraying
decorative button

1. Cut out pattern pieces A and B. See here for pattern: hairclip hanger.pdf
2. Place pattern piece A on the 7” x 13” piece of fabric that has been folded in half, right sides together.
3. Fold the ribbon that will be used for the hanger and place it at the top of the flower and pin. Fold up the longer ribbon and pin the excess together (use a safety pin if you are smart). Place it at the bottom of the flower and pin.

4. Stitch close to the pattern edge, leaving a small opening to turn.
5. Trim and clip the edges. Turn flower and press.

6. Stuff and handsew opening.
7. Sew on button. I hid the knots under the button to made a more finished looking back.

8. Cut 2 or more leaves using pattern piece B, from non fraying material. Pin along ribbon.
9. Using embroidery floss, I made simple stitches around the edges of the leaf and down the center. These stitches served to attach the leaves but also as embellishment. You could choose to be fancier with your embroidery.

10. Cut the bottom edge of the ribbon at an angle and use the fray check product along the raw edge.
11. Hang and fill with hairclips!