Pink Easter Tie

Amy Friendchildren's clothing, holiday1 Comment

He is six, in kindergarten, and loves pink. I was so happy to find this shirt in Marshalls, on sale no less, because it included pink. It seemed to be an acceptable way for a boy to include pink in his Easter outfit without teasing! My son also likes to dress up for holidays and wanted to wear a tie, like he did last year. I decided to try to make one following the great tutorial on The Purl Bee, I asked if he wanted me to find fabric to match the blue, the green or the pink. He chose the pink. I was able to find some material that I thought coordinated nicely without being too pink, you know the bubble gum shade that I am referring to? I think he will look so cute. I couldn’t tie the tie for the picture because I don’t know how! He’ll have his daddy do that on Easter! It was nice to have something to sew for him because he does get a bit jealous over the sewing the I do for his sister. It’s harder to find projects for boys but I do try to even things out the best I can.